The Amazing Race 13 Episode 4

Having proved to be one of the strongest teams in the first two legs, Mark & Bill misread a clue telling them to travel by foot, which was enough to eliminate them in The Amazing Race 13 Episode 3.

With the football game going into overtime, The Amazing Race will be off to a late start as usual. A live blog will begin around 8:45 when 60 Minutes is over.

Kelly & Christy take the time at the pit stop to confront Nick & Starr. Yes, again.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Ken & Tina – 12:33AM
Second: Toni & Dallas – 12:59AM
Third: Terence & Sarah – 1:04AM
Fourth: Marisa & Brooke – 1:05AM
Fifth: Aja & Ty – 1:06AM
Sixth: Nick & Starr – 1:07AM
Seventh: Andrew & Dan – 1:08AM
Eighth: Kelly & Christy – 1:20AM

The teams are pretty well bunched together following the last close leg. Ken & Tina say they’ve turned the corner and are now getting along a lot better. Dallas tells us he’s college educated. Nick & Starr say they don’t take anything personally on the race. Kelly & Christy like everybody… except Nick & Starr.

Teams will now fly 6900 miles to Auckland, New Zealand, meaning people who speak English (though the teams will probably still try speaking Spanish). The counters are all closed, but teams can look for flights on the Internet. Andrew & Dan believe they have a prayer with Marisa & Brooke. Aja & Ty are bickering with each other while looking for flights. Everybody gets on the same flight, so it doesn’t all end up mattering anyway.

The first clue is at Gulf Harbour, where they untie knots to get their next clue. Aja & Ty are getting along now, but the flat tire from him driving on the curb should test their stress some. The good news for them is that Marisa & Brooke seem as though they’re trailing everybody by quite a bit.

From there, they will drive to the summit of Mount Eden. If they wish, they can opt for the fast forward (the first of two on the race), which is at the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere, the Auckland Sky Tower. Ken & Tina and Andrew & Dan will be doing the fast forward, which involves climbing to the top of the tower. Ken & Tina arrive at the fast forward first. Andrew & Dan, who know they’re behind Ken & Tina the whole way there, keep driving anyway, but turn back when they arrive and notice another car in the parking lot. Having won the fast forward, Ken & Tina will skip all tasks and take a helicopter ride to the next pit stop.

Kelly & Christy can’t seem to find the way to drive up to the summit, so they run up to it instead. That’d be a penalty, but they’re killing enough time that it probably won’t be. The road block is to pick an image and find the matching Maori tattoo from the group of warriors.

Road block (in order of arrival): Terence, Toni, Andrew, Christy, Starr, Aja, Brooke

The next clue is at the City Life Hotel. They’ll have to spot a Travelocity roaming gnome. When they get their gnomes, they’ll go to Kiwi 360.

The detour is a choice between matter of time or matter of skill. In matter of time, they’ll need to crush kiwis with their feet. In matter of skill, they must assemble and drive blokarts. The kiwi container is lined with jagged rocks, which could be bad going forward if they cut up their feet too bad. Most of the teams struggle with matter of time, but those who finish it head to the front of the pack. Aja & Ty are still arguing, but lucky for them the blondes have been way behind everybody all day long. Starr wipes out on the blokart and injures her arm but still completes the task.

Matter of time: Terence & Sarah, Kelly & Christy, Marisa & Brooke
Matter of skill: Toni & Dallas (switched from matter of time), Nick & Starr (switched from matter of time), Andrew & Dan (switched from matter of time), Aja & Ty (switched from matter of time)

The 1000 acre sheep farm Summer Hill is the pit stop for this leg of the race. Teams will be greeted by a special guest appearance of Phil’s dad.

First: Ken & Tina (win a trip to Rio de Janeiro)
Second: Terence & Sarah
Third: Kelly & Christy
Fourth: Toni & Dallas
Fifth: Nick & Starr
Sixth: Andrew & Dan
Seventh: Aja & Ty
Eliminated: Marisa & Brooke

I was hoping for Aja & Ty to be able to be put out of their misery, but Marisa & Brooke were the weakest link, despite their positive attitude.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 13 Episode 5 Do It Like a Madman, which airs Sunday at 8/7cish on CBS.

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