The Amazing Race Asia 3 Episode 6

Mai & Oliver had a run of bad luck in The Amazing Race Asia 3 Episode 5, were ultimately unable to complete the leg, and were eliminated.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Vince & Sam – 6:11AM
Second: Henry & Bernie – 10:07AM
Third: AD & Fuzzie – 10:09AM
Fourth: Geoff & Tisha – 11:36AM
Fifth: Ida & Tania – 1:30PM

Teams will be flying to Hong Kong, China. Vince & Sam are happy to have the hometown advantage to go along with their big lead. Geoff & Tisha realize they’re all alone on the race.

First flight: Vince & Sam
Second flight: Henry & Bernie
Third flight: AD & Fuzzie, Geoff & Tisha
Fourth flight: Ida & Tania

All flights are direct and within about 4 hours of each other.

When they arrive in Hong Kong, teams will head from King’s Park to Central, Hong Kong, the main business district. The first trick is finding a cab. Geoff & Tisha let their good cab driver go when they’re getting the first clue, while AD & Fuzzie can’t seem to find a cab driver willing to go to Central.

The detour is a choice between get fishy or get lucky. In get fishy, teams must clean, gut, and scale 15 fish. In get lucky, teams must bite open fortune cookies until they find the right fortune. The dumb luck tasks are typically a bad idea, but it turns out this time the fortune cookie task is easier.

Get lucky: Sam & Vince, Geoff & Tisha, AD & Fuzzie, Ida & Tania
Get fishy: Henry & Bernie

The next stop is the Ladies Market via ferry from Central Pier. The three teams in the middle are on the same ferry. Geoff & Tisha stay on their own, while the other two teams sit together. The road block is to choose a handbag and search the market to find a woman who’s carrying the matching handbag.

Road block (in order of arrival): Sam, Bernie, AD, Tisha, Ida

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Blake Pier at Stanley Bay, a popular seaside town in Hong Kong.

First: Vince & Sam (win a spa getaway in Thailand)
Second: Henry & Bernie
Third: Geoff & Tisha
Fourth: AD & Fuzzie
Non-eliminated: Ida & Tania

This was a pretty obvious leg. One team way out in front, three somewhere in the middle, and one way in the back, but it was apparent there had to be a NEL since there haven’t been any yet. Ida & Tania have been non-eliminated, but they’ll need a friendlier leg next time if they hope to stay in the race. It’s mugging time, as Allan asks them for all their money.

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