the Amazing Race 11: All Stars Edition!

Rumors of an All-Star edition of CBS’ hit reality TV Series the Amazing Race have been floating around for some time now, and if both Big Brother and Survivor can pull off a successful all-stars edition, why wouldn’t the Amazing Race give it a shot?

Well, it’s official! CBS made the announcement just the other day. Season 11 of the Amazing Race will be an All-Stars edition! No word yet on what teams will be involved in season 11, but one thing is for sure, as soon as I find out, you’ll find out. The only real information floating around about the show now is that it will go to air sometime early 2007, which doesn’t leave the guys at CBS with a whole lot of time to get things rolling.

I’m really looking forward to an All-Stars edition of the Amazing Race, it’s just the right kind of show to be able to pull off an All-Stars edition, while keeping things entertaining at the same time. I just hope Dave and Mary Conley of Team Kentucky from this season get a chance, they deserve it. Above all, though, I am holding out all hope that they do not bring Rob and Amber back, I am so sick of those two, they would only ruin the show.

I’ve got faith in you guys at CBS, don’t screw up and wreck what could potentially be an awesome show!

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4 thoughts on “the Amazing Race 11: All Stars Edition!”

  1. Ya, so I Love your website, I found it today and so far it is looking like I will check up on it every day, but on to business. Both of the names that you mentioned will be on the Amazing Race (David and Mary, Rob and Amber), also I know that Uchenna and Joyce are on, along with Charla and Mirna! I Love Charla and Mirna, and then I really like Rob and Amber also, and Dave and Mary are very nice!

  2. the teams I would like to see even though i know alot of them wont be on sadly are:
    Danielle & Dani (tar 9)
    Eric & Jeremy (tar 9)
    David & Mary (tar 10)
    Dustin & Kandice (tar 10)
    Meredith & Grethen (tar 7)
    Kris & Jon (tar 6)
    Charla & Mirna (tar 5)
    Tian & Jaree (tar 4)
    Derek & Drew (tar 3)
    Oswald & Danny (tar 2)
    Emily & Nancy (tar 1)
    Linda & Karen (tar 5)

  3. I just found out that this time Eric and Danielle from tar 9 are goin to race together witch is good becuase they were my to favorite teams from that seson

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