Survivor Cook Islands Recap: Episode 10 – A Whole Lot of Strategy

Survivor Cook Islands – Episode 10 Recap

November 23rd, 2006 – Tonight’s episode of Survivor was a pivotal one in the grand scheme of this season and was jam packed with strategizing and back stabbing goodness. What more could you possibly want?

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Things kicked off at Raro base camp, where Jonathan was up and out of bed early, into the water and hunting fish for the rest of the tribe. After catching his fair share he returned to camp, where the rest of Raro had just recently crawled out of bed and had yet to even start a fire. Naturally, Jonathan was pissed and reverted back to his old ways, which, might I add, were what made people hate him to begin with.

Jonathan apparently has no fear of painting a giant target on his back, as he started delegating tasks and managing the rest of Raro like he was the foreman. And, surprise, surprise, Raro didn’t take to that strategy to receptively and began to chatter about booting Jonathan. He doesn’t learn very well does he?

Back at Aitu beach things were a little calmer, although Yul admited to feeling pretty rough, and, for the first time I can recall, was actually looking pretty rough. Both Yul and Sundra compared war wounds and their legs looked really bad. Yul’s were just beat up, whereas Sundra’s had chunks of skin missing and pieces that looked like they were ready to fall off. Yuck.Both tribes converged at another beach for what appeared to be yet another reward challenge, only to watch fearless host Jeff Probst pull back a blanket, revealing all new buffs and paints to make a flag. Holy shiznit, it’s a Merge!

Both tribes chattered for a bit and, after determining that Raro’s beach had more coconuts and less rats, Aitu easily agreed to setup camp there. The new tribe threw together a mish-mash of both Rarotonga and Aitutaki to come up with the new tribes name, Aitutonga. Cool, I like it!

Not only did both tribes merge, but they both scored a sweet catamaran ride back to Raro’s beach. Even cooler, the catamaran was full of yummy food, beer and wine. Most of Aitu kept things under control, chowed on a whole ton of food and enjoyed the cruise, whereas most of Raro pounded back the beers and stuffed their faces. At one point, Adam even had to make a run for the boat railing so he could toss over the edge. Awesome way to make a first impression on your new competition.

Once both tribes finally arrived back at Raro’s beach, things got interesting. Right off the bat Nate and Ozzy hooked up and started to hit it off, and while they were discussing possible alliances and strategy, Adam was trying to hook up with Parvati in the shelter. This new tribe is going to be fun!

The last remaining members of the all Asian tribe, Yul and Becky, met up and began to go over their strategies. Right off the bat, the idea of recruiting Jonathan back into Aitu’s 4 weak alliance was tossed around, as Raro came into the merge outnumbering Aitu 5 to 4. Yul broke away from Becky to work on Jonathan, who basically said he wanted to align himself with whoever had the hidden immunity idol. Naturally, Yul didn’t want to come right out and say he had it at that point, though he certainly didn’t shy away from hinting at the fact. That really got Jonathan going.

After feeding Jonathan a few lines, Yul decided it was time to spill the beans to his fellow Aitu members and he pulled both Ozzy and Sundra aside, separately, and told them that he was holding the power, he had the hidden immunity idol. One hell of a risky move on his part. It could pay off big, but it could also mean his doom.

Survivor Cook Islands Individual Immunity Challenge

  • Each tribe member has to scale a stationary pole that is wrapped with rope in a few places and hold on to the pole for as long as possible.
  • No one is allowed to use the top of the pole to brace themselves in any way.
  • The last person to be hanging onto a pole wins the first individual immunity challenge.

Adam and Nate are the first two to slide down their polls, losing their grip, but not hitting the ground, and then the competitors start to drop like flies:

  1. Adam drops after 9mins
  2. Jonathan drops out after 12mins
  3. Nate drops out after 23mins
  4. Sundra drops out after 34mins
  5. Yul drops out after 51mins
  6. Parvati drops out after 1hr 29mins
  7. Becky drops out after 1hr 30mins
  8. Candice drops out after 2hrs 15mins

That leaves the famous playboy foursome star Ozzy hanging out all by himself, earning himself the first individual immunity!

Once back at the beach the strategizing and plotting kicked into high gear. Nate went after Ozzy again, trying to work a deal with him, while the remainder or Raro plotted Yul’s demise. Yul decided it was time to make his intentions clear and went after Jonathan, flashing the hidden immunity idol in the hopes of winning him over to the Aitu side. Jonathan never does say whether or not he will vote with Aitu, which leaves us with only one way to find out:

Survivor Cook Islands Tribal Council
Unlike the usual tribal council, none of tonight’s votes were actually revealed before being announced. Damn their thirst for the dramatic!

The votes were read:

  1. Yul
  2. Yul
  3. Nate
  4. Yul
  5. Nate
  6. Nate
  7. Yul
  8. Nate
  9. Nate

Yul managed to preserve the hidden immunity idol and Nate was eliminated!

Things are about to heat up around camp. Jonathan flip-flopped on his alliance yet again, and now he’ll be hard pressed to find anyone to buy his stories. Raro will know he’s the one that flipped and was responsible for Nate getting the boot, while there is no way anyone on Aitu will put any trust in him, as he already turned his back on them once and, by voting Nate off the island, proved he’s not afraid to flip again. I’m predicting that Jonathan’s time on the island will be cut short very quickly, but who knows, only time will tell.

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  1. Jonathan proved to others that he’s hard to get rid of. Ozzy and Yul will both want to keep him around to the bitter end. It will be an easy decision for the jury to vote on if Jonathan is among the last two standing. So I bet Jonathan will be sticking around a little longer, not because he’s likeable, but because he’s hated by most. It is funny how being the most hated person on the island can be a surviving strategy.

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