The Amazing Race 14 Episode 10

The Amazing Race 14 Episode 9 was largely pointless, as Mark & Michael never had a chance to even make it appear like they were going to survive.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Kisha & Jen – 1:48PM
Second: Tammy & Victor – 1:49PM
Third: Margie & Luke – 1:50PM
Fourth: Jaime & Cara – 2:12PM

Teams will now fly over 1000 miles to Beijing, China, which once again should play out favorably for Tammy & Victor. All teams get on the same flight.

The drama of the end of the last leg continues, no matter how much the two teams involved claim they’re over it. Kisha & Jen continue to isolate themselves from the other teams, and from the country of China in general.

The first stop is a foot massage parlor. The road block is to participate in a traditional Chinese foot massage. First, they will drink a medicinal tea, then they’ll get a foot massage known for its therapeutic powers. It lasts ten minutes and walks a fine line between pleasure and pain. Afterward, they will drink another cup of tea. If you say uncle, they’ll stop, only to start all over again.

Road block (in order of arrival): Cara, Kisha, Tammy, Luke

Cara’s crying while Kisha bites down on her jacket. Tammy’s a trooper and seems to have the easiest time with it. Luke is struggling as bad as the first two were.

From there, teams will head to Guangcai Natatorium. Jen’s already freaking herself out, figuring that they will have to swim.

Tammy & Victor tell a cab driver where to go, then Jaime & Cara grab that cab from them. Tammy & Victor just take the next cab, and they still get there first because they’re able to communicate the correct door to their new driver.

The detour is a choice between sync or swim. In sync, teams try to master the skill of synchronized diving by jumping off the 3 meter springboard in unison. In swim, teams must swim 8 lengths of the pool in a 400m relay. Each member must complete 200m of the relay.

Swim: Jaime & Cara, Luke & Margie, Kisha & Jen, Tammy & Victor (switched from sync), Kisha & Jen (switched from sync to swim back to sync back to swimming)

Jaime & Cara are doing okay on the swimming, even if it is exhausting. Tammy & Victor are slowly getting the hang of the diving. Jen’s convinced she’s going to die. Margie & Luke are also doing fine on the swimming, which is proving to be the easier task. Kisha’s just pulling herself through the swimming task by holding on to the buoys. Jaime & Cara have managed to complete their task first. After Kisha’s done pulling herself through the first lap of the swimming, Jen decides to switch again. Margie & Luke are done next. Tammy & Victor are still struggling to get past a 4 (they need a 5), but Tammy’s not a good swimmer. They eventually decide to switch. Meanwhile, Jen’s having a breakdown on the diving. She wants to go home. Tammy & Victor have completed the swimming task. Kisha pulls Jen up as they switch back to the swimming task. Jen’s allowed to wear a life vest to complete the swimming task, which makes me wonder why they didn’t just do that and avoid all the initial drama.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Drum Tower. Except it’s not really a pit stop. Jaime & Cara are the first team to arrive at Phil, who hands them another clue. The leg will continue.

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