The Amazing Race 14 Episode 9

Two teams made stupid moves in The Amazing Race 14 Episode 8, but Mark & Michael were ultimately non-eliminated after they were assessed a ridiculously excessive penalty. In addition to starting off more than three hours behind, they’ll also have to complete a speed bump.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Margie & Luke – 9:36AM
Second: Jaime & Cara – 10:30AM
Third: Tammy & Victor – 10:40AM
Fourth: Kisha & Jen – 12:43PM
Fifth: Mark & Michael – 4:08PM

Cara thinks they would have an easier time if they did not yell. Yeah, good luck with Jaime as your partner.

Teams must fly over 1000 miles to Guilin, China. Tammy & Victor will have an advantage since they speak Chinese.

First flight (connects at 8:30): Margie & Luke
Second flight (connects at 8:30): Jaime & Cara, Tammy & Victor
Third flight (connects at 9:10): Kisha & Jen
Fourth flight: Mark & Michael

The 8:30 connecting flight has been delayed, which allows Kisha & Jen to take the lead. Their lead evaporates when they’re looking for the clue.

Mark & Michael are landing, and it’s pretty safe to say they have no prayer.

Kisha & Jen are still upset that their cab driver got the wrong directions in the last leg, which they blame on Margie & Luke. They approach the clue around the same time. He gets there first, and instead of waiting the two seconds for him to grab the clue, Jen shoves him and calls him a bitch. He doesn’t hear this with being deaf and all, but his mother does.

The two teams arrive at the next clue looking for a fight, and another shoving match ensues.

The road block is to take part in the fishing industry the old fashioned way. They’ll take a raft out to the middle of the river and train birds called cormorants to fish.

Before they can do their road block, Mark & Michael must do their speed bump, which is to wash and dry the hair of two women.

Road block (in order of arrival): Tammy, Jaime, Jen, Luke, Michael

Tammy is the first to arrive but the last to leave, as her birds are disobedient and flying away. Luke gets bit by one of the birds. Jen is amused.

The Ancient South Gate is the next stop. The detour is a choice between choreography or caligraphy. In choreography, teams must go to the central island and learn the dance. In caligraphy, teams must copy a series of Chinese characters to form the name of their next artist’s station. They will have to get past all four stations to get their next clue.

Caligraphy: Kisha & Jen, Margie & Luke, Tammy & Victor
Choreography: Jaime & Cara

The first two teams to arrive at the caligraphy task follow Tammy & Victor around, making it a foot race to the mat.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Banyan Lake. Teams have to find the view depicted in the picture in their clue.

First: Kisha & Jen (win a trip to Barbados)
Second: Tammy & Victor
Third: Margie & Luke
Fourth: Jaime & Cara
Eliminated: Mark & Michael

At the pit stop, it’s time for more arguing between Margie & Luke and Jen & Kisha. People are going to interpret what happened in different ways, but picking on the deaf kid’s likely to be the action that gets blasted most.

What a thoroughly pointless leg. Mark & Michael were so far out of it that they couldn’t even pretend they had a chance

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