The Amazing Race 14 Episode 8

Having gone the opposite way of the rest of the pack, Mel & Mike were eliminated in The Amazing Race 14 Episode 7.

Last week, CBS managed to get things started on time when the CMAs were on. Now that TAR is back, we’re delayed again. 60 Minutes is running about 35 minutes late due to a golf overrun. A live blog will begin as soon as 60 Minutes is over.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Tammy & Victor – 9:27PM (I’m assuming this is actually supposed to be 12:27AM)
Second: Jaime & Cara – 12:31AM
Third: Mark & Michael – 12:46AM
Fourth: Margie & Luke – 12:53AM
Fifth: Kisha & Jen – 1:05AM

Teams will now fly from Phuket to Bangkok, Thailand, about 400 miles away. All the teams get on the same flight.

When they land, Kisha & Jen and Margie & Luke are right near each other, and their cab drivers (both lost) start talking to each other to figure out where they’re going. Kisha & Jen take off, but Margie & Luke stay behind because their driver heard some locals shouting instructions. Kisha & Jen blame Margie & Luke for their cab driver’s mistake.

They stop at the boat yard. The road block is to assemble a propeller for a longtail boat.

Road block (in order of arrival): Margie, Jaime, Victor, Mark, Kisha

They’d better hope those propellers work okay because they’ll have to ride those boats through the Bangkok canals. Like what happened with Victor, who got his propeller okayed, then his boat wouldn’t move.

The first two teams took their bags with them. Mark & Michael and Kisha & Jen have opted against this, although Kisha did want to go back for her fanny pack and shoes but was vetoed by Jen. Tammy & Victor also grab their bags.

Jen wasn’t aware that they didn’t have their fanny pack, with their money and passports (lose those, and you’re out). Unlike before when Jen didn’t want to be bothered, now it’s Kisha who says not to turn the boat around.

The detour is a choice between broken teeth or broken record. In broken teeth, teams will go to the street of happy smiles and search through 50 sets of dentures to find good matches for 5 of the waiting patients. In broken record, teams will ride in a party taxi and sing karaoke for 5 miles, hoping for good traffic, which Jaime & Cara don’t get, so Jaime proceeds to get rude as usual.

Upon arrival, Mark & Michael realize they’ll need to get their bags at the boatyard. Their boat has left by this time, so they’ll have to find another way. They realize they don’t have enough money to get back. Mark & Michael are arguing about whether to bother getting the bags or not. They do have the money and passports they need to continue, but now it’s a question of how much comfort they wish to continue in. They eventually decide to go back.

A shoeless Kisha and her sister don’t want to go back until the task is over.

Broken teeth: Margie & Luke
Broken record: Jaime & Cara, Kisha & Jen, Tammy & Victor

Now that their detour is over, Kisha & Jen don’t have any money. Luckily a taxi driver has pity on them and agrees to take them to the pit stop for free. It’ll be interesting what the rules are as to whether they’re going to be allowed to go back after check in for their bags that they intentionally left. Last year, Dan & Andrew were forced to leave their shoes because they were dumb enough to leave them behind.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Phya Thai Palace. When they arrive at the pit stop, we find out what the penalty is for not having your passport: go back and get it. They were third, but they’ll need to go back, which they should have been smart enough to do when Kisha was yelling at the beginning (and then again when Jen was telling her they needed to do so).

When Mark & Michael arrive, they are penalized again. Since they ran out of money, they used their belongings, which is a violation of the race rules. They have incurred a 2 hour penalty. Times 2. In total, they have received 4 hours in penalties. This is a joke, right? Make the penalty match the offense. A 4 hour penalty is the same penalty as they would have received if they quit a task, and it’s 8 times the penalty they got last week for tampering with race equipment.

First: Margie & Luke (win a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Second: Jaime & Cara
Third: Tammy & Victor
Fourth: Kisha & Jen
Non-eliminated: Mark & Michael

Hard to say who made the dumber move here. Both teams could have made much better decisions. In addition to their 4 hour penalty, Mark & Michael must complete a speed bump. Makes me wonder if next week even has a point to it.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 14 Episode 9 Our Parents Will Cry Themselves to Death, which airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

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