The Apprentice UK Series 5 Episode 4

Maj was fired in The Apprentice UK Series 5 Episode 3 for not having contributed much.

This week’s task is to produce two original and natural body care products.

Before getting into all that, the teams will be mixed up again. Yasmina, Debra, and Paula (who?) move over to Empire. Howard and Kimberly move to Ignite.

Noorul is appointed project manager for Ignite. Paula is appointed project manager for Empire.

Sir Alan tells us that profit margins are massive. They should be able to keep their costs down.

Empire is considering soap and shower gel.

Ignite is waiting for Noorul to form a thought. They decide on soap and bubble bath.

For their natural products, the teams are allowed to choose between honey, seaweed, berries, nettles, apples, and pears.

Empire goes with seaweed. Paula acknowledges that cost is her weakest area, so she’s got Yasmina and Ben with her to help keep an eye on that.

Ignite is just talking in circles and wasting time.

Half of Paula’s team will be going out on a boat to pick seaweed. Paula, Yasmina, and Ben begin mixing the basic formulas in the meantime. The ingredients are all individually priced at the laboratory.

Ignite has finally agreed on honey as its natural ingredient. Lorraine, Kim, and Phillip will be getting honey from bees. If only they know how much they’re supposed to be collecting. They beg Noorul to figure out what the heck he’s doing.

The other team’s determined they only need 300 grams of seaweed.

Yasmina and Paula have selected sandalwood, one of the most expensive oils there. The perfumer asks them if they’re sure, and they say they are. He thinks they got confused between cedarwood (£26 per kilo) and sandalwood (£1259 per kilo). To make matters worse, they’ve confused 3% with 3 grams. They cost it based on 3 grams, rather than 450 grams. Ben is in another area starting on the lab work. He can’t be bothered with all this girl stuff, such as the pricing task he was assigned to.

For Ignite, Kimberly is in charge of design. Phil thinks she’s dumb.

Paula will run the design for her team. When she’s reading off the ingredient list, Debra notices something. Sandalwood? Who bought sandalwood? Paula assures her it’s cheap.

Yasmina’s doing the mixing. It doesn’t dawn on her that she just poured 450 grams of sandalwood into that container.

The design team is growing increasingly frustrated with Noorul. Without a batch code, they can’t make their labels. Phillip starts yelling, although he doesn’t notice it. Lorraine and Kim want him to calm down.

Margaret thinks Noorul’s been very poor. They wouldn’t have done anything if it were left to him.

Nick asks how much they think they’ve spent on fragrances. Was it not 450 grams? Yasmina says that, for the fragrances, yes, one of them was 450 grams. Sandalwood? After they dance around this for a while, he asks the question: how much does 450 grams of sandalwood cost? Finally, they realize where they’ve gone terribly wrong. He tells them they’ve spent over £700. Paula’s already starting to point fingers. She knows they’ve lost before they’ve even started selling.

They’ve doubled their prices in hopes of not losing too much.

The other team’s honey soap is sticky. They realize the product is crap after it’s been used once.

Empire has a location right next to a German food stand that smells a lot less nice than their soap.

Noorul’s team will be dressed as beekeepers. They are offering their products as a bundle for £5.

The up market customers aren’t being turned off by the high prices from Empire. Nick thinks they’ve recovered from the debacle of the day before.

Noorul’s sales ability is as poor as his management skills. He hasn’t sold anything yet. His team thinks maybe they heard him wrong. He couldn’t have possibly not sold anything.

The underground team for Empire isn’t having much luck. Busy commuters aren’t interested in stopping. They’ll head elsewhere.

Noorul thinks he can do better elsewhere. He gets lost in the process but eventually finds Bond Street Station. The same place the other team just left due to poor sales.

James and Paula are discussing how pricing hasn’t been a problem. He suggests raising the price and seeing what happens.

With half their stock unsold, Phillip, Howard, and Kimberly are desperate to cut prices. Noorul doesn’t want to go too low. Phil emphasizes they need to dump the stuff fast. He still doesn’t get it.

Noorul’s stuck in traffic on his way to the other half of the team. They say it’s dead there, but they need to get rid of their product. He reluctantly agrees to let them cut the prices at their discretion. Those who are with him, likewise, are frustrated because they didn’t just stay where they were in the first place.

Empire has found a dealer to take their remaining stock. They get £400. Impressive finish after a horrible start.

Upon arrival at the other location, Noorul decides to start offering bargain basement prices as low as 3 for a quid.

Noorul’s team supports him. They don’t say he’s a good leader, but they enjoyed working with him.

James thinks Paula was good at motivating them, although her eye went off the ball a couple times. Ben found her not particularly great. Yasmina says there were positives and a few negatives.

Ignite sold £900.85. They spent £406.88 for a profit of £493.97.

Empire sold £1073.20 but spent £1141.24. That results in a loss of £68.04. If Paula and Yasmina had not gotten confused between sandalwood and cedarwood, and had instead opted for cedarwood, they would have made a profit of £504 and won the task.

Sir Alan doesn’t consider Noorul responsible for the win, but it’s a win nonetheless. They will get to eat and cook sushi and sake.

Ben denies any responsibility for costs, mostly because he refused to take any responsibility for it.

Sir Alan likes the product the losing team made, a lot better than the nonsense the winning team came up with. Kate credits Paula and Yasmina, two of the people who are also likely to take the heat for costing.

Ben plays dumb. Because he was about three meters away from the others, he decided their cost analysis was not his issue. Sir Alan doesn’t understand why he didn’t bother. Ben’s in charge of cost, whether he cares about it or not.

Paula takes full credit for the design. Ben tries to take credit for it as well, but Kate says that Paula is correct to take credit.

Unsurprisingly, Yasmina and Ben will be coming back to the boardroom.

Sir Alan considers Paula’s excuse about not being qualified to do costings to be a feeble one. She denies responsibility for costs.

Ben claims that Paula failed to force him to do the task he was assigned to do, making it her fault he did not participate.

Paula wants Ben fired.

Yasmina defends Ben’s sales skills, but she doesn’t consider him as good as it as he thinks he is. She wants Paula fired because of costs, which she did not delegate “properly.”

Sir Alan thinks Paula made a good product and was a good team leader, despite one fatal mistake.

As for Yasmina, she can stick around because she’s done well before, but she will have to be project manager again.

What Ben’s done I’m not sure, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Paula has been fired. Ben’s still running his mouth.

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