Prison Break Season 4 Episode 17

Back in December, the fall episodes concluded with Prison Break Season 4 Episode 16. Lincoln and Michael’s mom made an appearance, and it appears she’s there to cause problems for her sons.

Everybody gets pictures of people they care about. The colonel wants to properly motivate them to make sure he gets his hands on Scylla. He’s found out that Michael has joined the search for Scylla, so he’s given an order to have Michael eliminated if he’s spotted. The guy shooting at Michael proves he’s not joking.

Since they can’t afford to buy a car and can’t fly, Sarah suggests calling Lincoln.

Mahone has managed to locate some locks in Little Havana and down by the water. They will be headed there. Then Michael calls Lincoln and warns him that he’s going to do everything in his power to stop him. Oh, and mom’s alive. See you in Miami. They’re going to be hitching a ride on a truck.

Mahone and Lincoln have reached one of the locks and enter the building. Lincoln finds a picture of his mom. Someone knew he was coming. Maybe his mother has Scylla.

Michael doesn’t want to believe that his mother is a company agent. She must have been introduced to a company shrink after her operation.

The colonel is driving with some guy, who asks their driver to pull over. He has to get out to make way for his ride. As for the colonel, he’s stuck in the car, and it’s time for him to be blown up.

T-bag goes into a church and says he wants to go into the sanctuary. His soul is black, stained with the blood of the innocent, though, so he is not allowed to pass.

Lincoln says he considers his mom to be just someone in the way of his freedom.

The trucker giving Sarah and Michael gets pulled over by a cop. He busts inside the back of the truck and looks around but doesn’t see anything. He’ll need the driver to follow him back to Phoenix, so the driver calls him crazy. Then he shoots the driver dead.

Sarah and Michael will have to find an escape out of there. Maybe they can get through the side door.

The boys’ mom, Christina, has gotten word that the general is not exactly dead. He’s been taken back to the company headquarters by helicopter. The guy who attempted to blow him up but failed needs to be killed, so she has the driver shoot him.

Lincoln realizes that the photo has been doctored. They plan to head to the location a few miles north that corresponds to the license plate. He believes his mom may be one of the good guys now. He’ll be heading off alone.

The general calls Christina. She’ll have to excuse him if he sounds a bit abrasive. It’s been a while since anyone’s tried to kill him. He wants to know where she is.

Lincoln arrives at the rendezvous point. His mom is glad he got her message. If she doesn’t want to talk about Scylla, though, he claims he’s not interested in talking. He knows the truth. She works for the same people who have been trying to kill him. She claims that if a woman, a mother ran the company, it would be a lot better. What if the general were eliminated? Nobody would come after them then. Now he’s got another offer of freedom.

Michael and Sarah have managed to bust their way out of the truck. The guy trying to kidnap them will have to try again.

Self wouldn’t have a problem killing Lincoln’s mom. For some reason, Mahone would prefer not to kill her, though, if possible.

They head into the church to investigate a cruelty to animal charge. Are there chickens on the premises? They insist on going to the sanctuary. When they turn their backs, the guy pulls out a gun, but he’s promptly stopped. There are no chickens, but they have plenty of guns. The tables turn when another guy comes in and pulls out a gun on them. Then they turn again when Self starts firing, killing one of the guys.

Michael knocks the guy down who’s after them. The general didn’t send him. Before they can get an answer who sent him, he dies.

Lincoln hasn’t listened to his mom, who told him to stay away. She instructs the sniper to go ahead and take his clean shot.

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