Prison Break Season 4 Episode 16

Lincoln agreed to let Michael have his operation done by company doctors in Prison Break Season 4 Episode 15, in exchange for agreeing to return Scylla to the company safely. While he was having the operation, the vivid dreams gave Michael the answers he was looking for as to what Scylla really is. Gretchen and Self, having lost Scylla to the buyer without being paid, now have a new set of allies they don’t trust. T-Bag’s in the mix as well.

Lincoln meets with a girl who it turns out set him up. By the time he figured it out, he was being shot at. It’s a good thing he stole her wallet.

Sara tells the general that she wants to help rehabilitate Michael. He declines and tells her to just wait a few days or so. Also, he wants to put an end to the exhausting cat and mouse and to utilize Michael to his full potential.

Self decides that Burrows’ plan is wasting time, and he wants to change the regime. T-Bag doesn’t have a problem with that.

Gretchen believes it’s an inside job, which doesn’t change anything but just makes it harder.

Self informs Lincoln that he’s no longer in charge. Lincoln doesn’t trust him, but just as he’s about to start pounding him, Mahone arrives. Lincoln informs Self he’ll either keep doing what he’s told, or he’ll have his brains blown out.

Michael’s having a chat with a company doctor who’s trying to convince him he knows everything about him.

The group believes that someone’s trying to get Scylla out of the country by boat undetected. Mahone and Self head to the marina looking for Tia. The guy working there pretends he doesn’t know anything until he finds out Homeland’s involved. He admits that he moved a boat further down the dock. The boat’s headed to Nassau, Bahamas, and it’s leaving as they speak. They stop the passengers and begin a luggage search. The guy who’s running away might be a good place to start. Except he’s just carrying some joints.

Sara’s waiting for a phone call at a pay phone. The phone rings. She picks it up. And some masked men hop out of a van and grab her. She meets up with Lisa, who tells her where Michael is, says she’s on her side (or at least not on the company’s side), and that she better hurry because Michael’s personality is being carved out in an effort to recruit him. She could be setting her up, but it’s not like Sara has much choice.

Following a search of the people getting on the boat, they’ve come up with nothing.

Sara calls Lincoln to let him know what’s going on. An eavesdropping T-Bag calls the general to tell him the news, but if he was hoping for some reward, the phone hanging up on him doesn’t make it look too promising. The general instructs the doctor to get Scofield ready for transit, even if it kills him.

The boys believe they’ve found their guy, but Gretchen doesn’t need to do much looking. She’s ahead of them and already arranged a meeting. He offers her $10 million to serve up whoever’s on his tail.

As the doctor’s about to inject Scofield, he hears a noise. Scofield has arranged a disturbance that allows him to grab a gun and get the doctor drugged.

Gretchen tells the boys that the buyer is Lawrence Wilcox, who got on a plane and flew to the Bahamas, then got on a boat.

Michael’s on foot, but his head start isn’t very big as he’s fleeing from gun toting maniacs, who catch up to him. Luckily, Sara’s driving by and runs them off the road.

As Gretchen’s allegedly bringing the boys to the buyer, some guys show up and pull their guns on them, and she pulls her gun on them as well. More interested in getting her life back than the money, though, she shoots the goons instead. She leaves one man standing, who tries to stall but eventually is forced to fire on her before being shot himself. Self wants them to kill her, but the others have some compassion and let her lay there and bleed.

Michael’s learned from his experience that his mother may be alive.

Lincoln answers the dead guy’s phone and warns the person on the other line that he’s coming after her. When she’s asked who was on the phone, she answers that it was her son.

That’s where we leave things for now. Prison Break will be returning in the spring (schedule as yet undetermined… presumably March or April) for what will most likely be the final episodes leading up to the series finale. While the show has not yet been officially cancelled, it does not appear there will be a season 5.

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