Prison Break Season 4 Episode 22

In Prison Break Season 4 Episode 21, the first half of the series finale, Sucre and C-Note returned and are meeting with a guy who says he can help them out, Self got immunity to allow him to choose whichever side he wants, Mahone went to save Lincoln, and Michael went to save Sarah.

Michael and Sarah are discussing their plans to have a normal life at some point.

Then he receives a call from Mahone, who says that nothing happened because the detonator must have failed. They don’t have 5 minutes to wait for Scofield to arrive, so he will have to trigger it manually. Christina instructs Downey to kill Mahone, but he beats up both of them before giving them the chance. Then he dives out of the room before the explosion goes off.

Sucre makes a call to T-Bag, who’s got a gun at his head because he angered the general.

Sarah and Michael arrive at the location to pick up Lincoln, who doesn’t want to go to the hospital since hospitals mean jail. Mahone says that Christina’s buried. She’s probably still alive, though. Yep, she’s moving.

T-Bag tries to con Sucre, managing to get himself captured in the process.

They’re out of options who to trust, so Michael plans to destroy Scylla. It’s not as if the general’s going to honor his agreement with them anyway. Then Michael gets a call from Paul Kellerman, the guy C-Note’s been talking to. The rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated. He says Scylla can be used for good if Michael agrees to give it to the United Nations.

Sucre tells T-Bag that, if they take Scylla to the UN, there will be an immunity list. He can be on it if he works with them.

Michael tells Burrows they’re brothers, whether they’re related or not.

Homeland Security is denying Self medical care, which is apparently within their ability to do. He may not be able to talk, but he can write. Not that he’s going to give them any information.

When they break into the hospital, Sarah gets what she needs to help Lincoln, but Mahone gets arrested by the guys from Homeland. As they’re about to drive away, the general’s guy tracks them down from Lincoln’s cell phone.

C-Note and Sucre hang T-Bag upside down to get him to talk.

The general’s got himself a new hostage: Sofia. Yeah, you can trust this guy.

Mahone tells the agents they’re missing what’s right in front of their faces. They don’t care about doing what’s right. They just want Scofield and Burrows.

Sucre and C-Note bust in to kill the general’s thugs and force him to let Sofia walk. Michael and Lincoln would like to kill the general. Sarah wants to let him live. He says they win, and it’s all just a game. Sucre doesn’t want revenge and just wants to clear his name, so he wants to just go and let the general live, as their hostage.

C-Note is not sure they can trust Kellerman, but he is sure that he’s their last option.

During their escape, Sucre blocks the cops, being captured by them in the process.

The others manage to get away, but they’ve been found. The mama’s not dead.

The guys who aren’t getting anywhere with Mahone are now trying to get Sucre to work with them as well. He ain’t budging either. Perhaps if they keep capturing people, they will find someone dumb enough to talk.

Christina grabs Scylla. Michael makes her an offer: drop the gun and put Scylla on the ground, or he’ll kill her. She tells him to go ahead and kill her. His gun doesn’t fire, so now she wants to shoot him. Sarah’s gun works, though. A little too well. She kills Christina, hitting Michael as well, but it appears to be a minor wound.

As Michael’s bringing Scylla to Kellerman, two guys capture him. Good thing they’re working for Kellerman, who agrees that they will all be exonerated. He hands over Scylla, but there’s a piece missing. Michael wants to know exactly who this guy’s contacts are in the US government before making a deal. So does he actually have Scylla, or do they need to hurry up and run for their lives? Tired of running, Michael puts the other piece in place.

The general has managed to escape, but he doesn’t get away before being arrested.

Alex, C-Note, Sucre, Michael, Lincoln, and Sarah are presented with documents that they sign, and then they’re free to go. Pam has been located, and she’s safe, as are Sofia and LJ.

One last bit of business: T-Bag. Do they free him or not? They’re allowed to make the choice. He asks for forgiveness in God’s name. They took a vote, and he’s in luck. He gets a stick of gum on the van ride back to prison.

Now Michael and Sarah can begin to plan their future for real. His bloody noses don’t seem to be a thing of the past, though.

Four years later, Mahone’s dating Agent Lang. Lincoln’s living with Sofia and LJ. Sucre’s with his daughter. Don Self is still a vegetable. C-Note is living out a normal life as a UPS man. Kellerman is a Congressman. The general is getting the electric chair. T-Bag is back in prison, where he’s back to his old ways.

Sarah has a new Michael in her life, her son. They’re going to see the older Michael, who has since died, and they’re all visiting him at the graveyard.

Due to its continuing ratings decline, Prison Break was cancelled, but at least they had a long time to prepare for it and create a proper series finale, although Fox did make sure it was aired to the fewest viewers possible.

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 21

Michael was given a choice at the end of Prison Break Season 4 Episode 20. Does he want to save his girlfriend or his brother?

His plan: save both. He doesn’t know how, though. His only advantage now is that neither party knows the other has leverage. Mahone suggests they go one at a time, and Sarah has the advantage of not having a bullet in her chest.

Michael calls his mom and asks to meet in 45 minutes. She won’t give Lincoln help until she gets what she needs.

Mahone suggests going to their mom and making a deal so she can have Scylla and help them eliminate the general, but Michael doesn’t want to. They’re not giving it back, and they’re going to save everyone.

Fernando Sucre’s in Chicago. We haven’t seen him in a while.

Self wakes up in the hospital. He’d like to leave, but he can’t since there are some men with badges waiting there to talk to him.

Christina instructs Downey to shoot Michael’s knees if he tries anything, so that he’s immobilized but not dead. As for Lincoln, he’ll be dumped off the dock when she gets Scylla. A bystander calls the cops and says he sees one of the guys from TV. During Michael’s conversation with his mother, he’s unable to convince her to follow him to get Scylla, so when the cops arrive and she has to leave, one of her guys trips the homemade explosive device instead.

Sucre’s having dinner with C-Note, who wants to know where Michael and Lincoln are so that he can get out of his trouble with the feds, since they want to renig on his deal.

Not getting anywhere with Self nicely, the agents who come to see him will try a little torture on him instead.

Now the general’s giving Michael a deadline. He gives him one hour until T-Bag starts playing doctor with the doctor. Sarah warns T-Bag that he’s going to die if he doesn’t leave now.

Michael calls Lincoln, who tells him there’s not enough time, and that Sarah’s pregnant, so he should go to her.

Which horse is Mahone backing now? Michael’s not quite clear on that. Mahone says that he’s just trying to do what it takes to not lose everything.

Christina never considered Lincoln her son, and she reveals to him that he isn’t. Not that being her son has worked out so great for Michael.

C-Note belives he’s found a guy who can actually help them, as long as they tell him where the brothers are.

Christina’s contact has gotten on the plane, so now she’s starting to become unstable, or more unstable. Mahone calls her to tell her that Michael’s giving Scylla back to the general in exchange for Sarah’s life. He offers her Scylla to protect his family. Mahone feels that he owes Burrows, since he’s always been straight with him and helped him out before. If he can give her Scylla and Lincoln’s still breathing, he can have Lincoln.

The general gives Michael the location where they’re going to meet, and he says that the last thing he wants is to see any member of his family ever again, so if he leaves him alone, he’ll be left alone as well.

Mahone gives Michael the case and tells him to leave. He’s got the situation with his wife handled.

Not one to actually honor his deal with Michael, the general tells T-Bag that they aren’t going to be taking Sarah to the exchange.

The attorney general has granted Self immunity. So who’s he going to be a threat to? He has agreed to call Scofield, who says it’s not necessary to tell him where he is because the whole thing’s about to be over anyway. Their conversation does not allow enough time to trace his location.

T-Bag plans to return Sarah in one piece. A piece that’s a little used.

The general gets a case from Scofield. It’s empty.

Downey dresses up like a doctor and needs to check on the patient. If the fall didn’t kill Self, he will.

Michael begins ascending the outside of the building, floor by floor. Sarah’s already in the process of escaping, but T-Bag intends to show her he’s not erectorally challenged. Before he can prove himself, Michael knocks him out.

Mahone brings Scylla to Christina as he promised. Before doing business with her, he would like to know that his wife’s in the clear. He willingly hands over Scylla before receiving those assurances, though. When they get inside, he’s locked in a room with Lincoln.

It turns out that Michael made a deal with Mahone so that they could get to both of them in time. They created a fake Scylla that’s actually a bomb.

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Prison Break Season 4 Episode 20

Christina set up her sons in Prison Break Season 4 Episode 19, framing them for the murder of Naveen.

Lincoln and Michael have been spotted at the location of the sharpshooter. To complete the evidence against them, they must get through a locked door, which means Lincoln will get his prints on the murder weapon as he shoots his way through.

Mahone’s worried. How long before the general sees this on the news and goes after them and their families?

Michael says that Scylla is gone, but Self still plans to get it back. Scofield will cross through the ventilation system to the laundry room because there are some laundry bins outside. He asks Mahone go to where his mother was holding Sarah, and Lincoln instructs him to do whatever he’s gotta do to get her to talk.

Unconfirmed reports have linked the boys to the murder. The general is concerned what they might say to the authorities if they’re caught.

The locks in the hotel are electronically controlled, and the cops have overrode them and locked every door in the place.

An anonymous source has sent documents linking Burrows and Scofield to the Chinese, and helping kill the son of the Indian Prime Minister would probably be frowned upon.

Self enters the building and pretends he’s working with the police. They tell him their plan is to gas the place floor by floor.

Mahone has arrived to find Sarah as instructed, but there’s nobody there to interrogate. He wants her to run, but she doesn’t plan on it. Instead, she’ll stay there. If Christina wanted her dead, she would be already.

Christina pays a visit to the prime minister to offer her condolences. And to sell him Scylla. He’s fully ready to bring half the world’s population to war.

Self warns Scofield about the plan to gas him out. He spots a cleaning cart in the hallway and comes up with a plan of his own.

Another guy from Homeland Security arrives on the scene. He calls the office to find out the name of that agent who was supposedly killed recently in LA.

The general knows exactly what Christina’s planning. She hopes to reignite the 1962 China-India border war that ended in an uneasy truce when neither side could sustain the losses. It’s worse than just China and India, though. First Russia then the rest of the Middle East then Europe then the United States. It’s an apocalypse, which the general considers a bad idea.

Self runs into Agent Darrin Hooks. It’s good to see him. At gunpoint. That doesn’t last long before he begins thrashing the guy for being uncooperative. Hooks probably won’t be surviving that knife to the gut.

Scofield has managed to open a door, which immediately flashes on the screen as having been opened. This is exactly what he wanted. They set fire to their chemistry experiment, and then the cops fire gas into the hallway. Then the cops get blowed up. As they’re escaping, Scofield and Burrows are caught by the man in charge. Michael says they’re just unconscious. That’s more than can be said for the captain, though, as he’s shot from behind. The general’s man has bailed them out, and now he tells them they’re going back to the loft.

When they arrive, the general puts all their names into a bowl. They failed to complete their task in one day as instructed, so there will be consequences. Self’s name is pulled out. Their contact in Queens will be moving in on his wife, and they have no problem shooting a woman in a wheelchair. While trying to save his wife, Self said they should shoot him instead. The general is willing to honor that request, so Self jumps off the balcony, landing in the water below.

Christina has received her payoff, much bigger than what Naveen originally was willing to offer. India has given her $750 million. Not content with that, though, she asks downey to reach out to their contact in China to see if they can up the stakes. He agrees to do so, at her own peril.

If they find the money, they’ll find her. All she has to do is withdraw a little bit of money that the buyer’s sent overseas, and she’ll know it’s all there. As long as it’s a Federal Reserve signatory bank, the international wire transfer will be instantaneous, so they’ve narrowed down their list. The general likes this plan, which is why Scofield’s name was the only one that wasn’t in the bowl. Everyone else is nice to have but can be replaced.

Some kids are talking when they see Self crawling his way out of the water. He’s alive, barely, but he doesn’t want anyone to be called.

T-Bag suggests getting leverage that Scofield wants. He believes he knows where Sarah is after having pulled the information from Mahone’s GPS.

Since the man with the gun will probably kill them upon seeing their faces, Lincoln, Michael, and Alex barge into the bank wearing masks. They just wanted the case Downey was carrying. Upon exiting, a gun battle ensues. Lincoln tells his brother to go on ahead, while he handles the shooting, killing off one guy before running out of ammo.

The general has given T-Bag the assignment of capturing Sarah. She hears the noise he makes when he arrives, but he still gets the jump on her. He asks for her cooperation, but he won’t get it without a fight.

Michael realizes something’s wrong with his brother because he’s taking too long. He tries to call but gets no answer. However, he does get a call from the general, who wants Scylla because he’s got Sarah. Then he gets a call from his mother, who wants Scylla, too, in exchange for Lincoln. She shoots him where she knows it will slowly kill him, so he’ll either get medical attention in 5 hours or die.

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Prison Break Season 4 Episode 19

In the race for Scylla, Lincoln beat Michael to the punch and captured Vincent Sandinsky in Prison Break Season 4 Episode 18, leaving Michael only holding Sandinsky’s phone. T-Bag, meanwhile, sold them out and told the general that their mom has Scylla.

Michael calls Lincoln to tell him that Sandinsky’s not some innocent victim, as he’s been exchanging e-mails and phone calls with Christina. When asked what he’s going to do, Lincoln responds “Leave town, Michael” and hangs up.

Scofield calls his mom back on Sandinsky’s phone. He wants Scylla and will call her back only one more time in 10 minutes for an answer. They’ve managed to track him down.

Sandinsky continues to play dumb. Lincoln gives him three seconds to talk or die, and just then the general and his armed men come up from behind. He’d like to talk with Vincent. There’s a new deal, and Vincent and the general are old friends. Sandinsky has been a company operative for 21 years. He’s in Miami because he is working with Christina. They learn that T-Bag betrayed them. Lincoln and his boys have one day to find their mom, and Sandinsky knows where she’s staying.

Christina arrives at the location she traced Michael to. She’s found a phone. No Michael, though. They won’t be able to follow him either since he just trashed their car. As they’re all gasping for air on the ground, he grabs mom and tosses her in the trunk. Such a close family.

She wants to work out a deal because she doesn’t want to see Scylla go back to the company either.

Lincoln and the others barge in where Sandinsky told them to go to find Christina. Nobody there. Mahone’s regretting having gotten involved in this. Somebody else will be waiting to stab them in the back, and they won’t get out of this well.

Sandinsky’s in the process of being tortured. He’d like to see something happen. They’ll all be dead before the general’s plans pay off.

Sarah would like a chance to talk to Christina, who knows she’s pregnant.

Lincoln arrives at Dade Miami Bank looking to get in a security box. They don’t want anybody else to access the box, including an agent from Homeland Security. Box 6468 was already accessed a minute ago. The guy with the silver suitcase just left. They proceed to follow Downey, who gets a call from Naveen saying that the deal’s off if he can’t talk to Christina before 5.

Scofield makes his mom a final offer: take him to Scylla and walk free. Lincoln would never be okay with that. Oh, and Lincoln isn’t his brother. He’s never seen pictures of Lincoln as a baby because there aren’t any. They adopted him when he was 3 after his parents were killed as part of the company. That said, Lincoln was more of a brother than she was ever a mother. She suggests calling Lincoln, but he’s in the middle of a high speed chase, so he won’t be answering. Most people would. They’d be text messaging at the same time.

Michael’s had enough of this game, so he drags her to the tub and starts running the water. She gives him directions to Lincoln. Sarah will stay behind and watch her. Might want to keep a close eye on her because she’s already looking for a way to break free.

T-Bag will be rewarded as a special liaison to the company. Once he passes his final exam anyway. When Burrows brings Scylla back, T-Bag will be the one to shoot him.

Christina calls Sarah into the bathroom to taunt her some more. When Sarah pulls the door shut, the dental floss Christina’s tied to the door stopper rips it off the wall.

Krantz recognizes Naveen’s name on the list T-Bag has made. He has a known interest in solar weapons technology.

With the door stopper in hand, Christina breaks the tape off her wrists, and now she’s got a gun, too.

Lincoln’s boys are chasing after the man with the silver briefcase when they realize they’re at the building of the energy conference, and his mother must be there as well. The rental van is for a getaway.

Christina’s doing fine and right on time. She opts to not kill Sarah. Maybe she could meet her grandson one day.

Because he has not been able to speak to the doctor, Naveen amends his offer: $1 million in exploratory research, with the rest to follow in the weeks to come.

The rental van is in Lincoln’s name, and the passports are all of them. They’re being set up.

The general seems to be behind. It takes the local news to point out where Naveen will be. He instructs T-Bag to kill Sandinsky. Done.

Lincoln has entered the convention. He sees a shooter kill Naveen. Michael’s on the scene as well when the rest of the place is in a panic. They realize their mom set the whole thing up. The van was there with the passports, the bank has clean video of Burrows trying to access the box, and Lincoln’s hands were all over the shells planted by the shooter.

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Prison Break Season 4 Episode 18

Lincoln got in touch with his mother in Prison Break season 4 Episode 17, which ended with her giving the order to have him killed.

The sniper loses the clean shot, and now Mahone and Self are after him. A gun battle ensues, and the shooter escapes, right into Lincoln’s waiting arms. When someone passes by, he’s able to escape again by stabbing Lincoln, before he’s run over by a car driven by T-Bag.

As Michael and Sarah are looking at family photos from her college friend, she goes into the bathroom, where she pulls out a pregnancy test.

The general brings Stuart in. He’s made phone calls to an unidentified party. Who has Scylla? He claims he doesn’t know anything.

Lincoln and his boys have also nabbed a cell phone from the shooter, and he received a lot of calls from a blocked number.

Until they get Scylla, they’re going to play dumb and not reveal that it’s their mom.

Michael’s in Miami and wants to meet with Lincoln, who warned him not to come. Mahone is the messenger sent to tell him he’s not coming, and that whoever wants Scylla has to go through their mom. He suggests that they can save their families and take down the company at the same time.

Sarah’s found an address, and the fact that they have to go through Michael’s mother doesn’t stop him.

Lincoln’s found his mother at the Indian embassy, and they’re sending T-Bag to create a distraction. He handcuffs himself to the gate to protest mistreatment of elephants. When the security team goes to bust T-Bag, they’re able to break in. He uncuffs himself, but not before he’s grabbed and tossed in a van.

Christina’s trying to sell Scylla to Naveen. She’s starting with him first out of respect for his father.

Michael and Sarah have been led to a car. Good thing he knows about breaking and entering. They find a briefcase in the car, containing keys, a map, and a gun.

Self, Burrows, and Mahone have been captured by Christina’s security. She’d like to close the deal before leaving. Naveen has agreed to her terms, so now they can leave.

Since they’re in an embassy, Mahone doesn’t believe anyone will actually kill them, so they just walk right out the door. On their way out, they say they’re with Christina, so they’re handed a piece of paper she dropped that says that Sandinsky is arriving at 4:30, which Michael has also figured out.

Christina calls the phone in the briefcase, and Michael answers, so she hangs up.

When they arrive at the airport, Sarah creates a distraction, and Michael grabs the flight log. They’ve figured out who VS is: Vincent Sandinsky. Michael goes into the operations area with a gun and has them give a message to the flight carrying him. The plane will land where Michael wants it to land. Security will also let Sarah out there because she’s a doctor assisting with a passenger who’s had a heart attack. Sandinsky will be going in the car with them. He doesn’t plan to hurt him, but the guys chasing them do. The high speed chase is stopped by another car. They want Michael and Sarah dead, but it’s a good thing Mahone was waiting in the wings with a rifle to take them out.

Although Michael is being allowed to walk free, Lincoln has gotten his way and is now in control.

T-Bag is trying to make his own deal with the general. He tells him that Christina has Scylla in Miami.

Sandinsky says he’s just a professor who was looking to get out of New Hampshire for a few days. He had his cell when he got off the plane, but it seems to be missing now. That’s because Michael and Sarah took it, and they see that he’s been e-mailing Christina back and forth. They’re working together on something.

Sarah’s pregnancy test is showing up positive.

Michael places a call from Sandinsky’s phone to his mom. How badly does she want him?

Lincoln’s boys, however, are buying his innocent act.

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Prison Break Season 4 Episode 17

Back in December, the fall episodes concluded with Prison Break Season 4 Episode 16. Lincoln and Michael’s mom made an appearance, and it appears she’s there to cause problems for her sons.

Everybody gets pictures of people they care about. The colonel wants to properly motivate them to make sure he gets his hands on Scylla. He’s found out that Michael has joined the search for Scylla, so he’s given an order to have Michael eliminated if he’s spotted. The guy shooting at Michael proves he’s not joking.

Since they can’t afford to buy a car and can’t fly, Sarah suggests calling Lincoln.

Mahone has managed to locate some locks in Little Havana and down by the water. They will be headed there. Then Michael calls Lincoln and warns him that he’s going to do everything in his power to stop him. Oh, and mom’s alive. See you in Miami. They’re going to be hitching a ride on a truck.

Mahone and Lincoln have reached one of the locks and enter the building. Lincoln finds a picture of his mom. Someone knew he was coming. Maybe his mother has Scylla.

Michael doesn’t want to believe that his mother is a company agent. She must have been introduced to a company shrink after her operation.

The colonel is driving with some guy, who asks their driver to pull over. He has to get out to make way for his ride. As for the colonel, he’s stuck in the car, and it’s time for him to be blown up.

T-bag goes into a church and says he wants to go into the sanctuary. His soul is black, stained with the blood of the innocent, though, so he is not allowed to pass.

Lincoln says he considers his mom to be just someone in the way of his freedom.

The trucker giving Sarah and Michael gets pulled over by a cop. He busts inside the back of the truck and looks around but doesn’t see anything. He’ll need the driver to follow him back to Phoenix, so the driver calls him crazy. Then he shoots the driver dead.

Sarah and Michael will have to find an escape out of there. Maybe they can get through the side door.

The boys’ mom, Christina, has gotten word that the general is not exactly dead. He’s been taken back to the company headquarters by helicopter. The guy who attempted to blow him up but failed needs to be killed, so she has the driver shoot him.

Lincoln realizes that the photo has been doctored. They plan to head to the location a few miles north that corresponds to the license plate. He believes his mom may be one of the good guys now. He’ll be heading off alone.

The general calls Christina. She’ll have to excuse him if he sounds a bit abrasive. It’s been a while since anyone’s tried to kill him. He wants to know where she is.

Lincoln arrives at the rendezvous point. His mom is glad he got her message. If she doesn’t want to talk about Scylla, though, he claims he’s not interested in talking. He knows the truth. She works for the same people who have been trying to kill him. She claims that if a woman, a mother ran the company, it would be a lot better. What if the general were eliminated? Nobody would come after them then. Now he’s got another offer of freedom.

Michael and Sarah have managed to bust their way out of the truck. The guy trying to kidnap them will have to try again.

Self wouldn’t have a problem killing Lincoln’s mom. For some reason, Mahone would prefer not to kill her, though, if possible.

They head into the church to investigate a cruelty to animal charge. Are there chickens on the premises? They insist on going to the sanctuary. When they turn their backs, the guy pulls out a gun, but he’s promptly stopped. There are no chickens, but they have plenty of guns. The tables turn when another guy comes in and pulls out a gun on them. Then they turn again when Self starts firing, killing one of the guys.

Michael knocks the guy down who’s after them. The general didn’t send him. Before they can get an answer who sent him, he dies.

Lincoln hasn’t listened to his mom, who told him to stay away. She instructs the sniper to go ahead and take his clean shot.

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