Prison Break Season 4 Episode 22

In Prison Break Season 4 Episode 21, the first half of the series finale, Sucre and C-Note returned and are meeting with a guy who says he can help them out, Self got immunity to allow him to choose whichever side he wants, Mahone went to save Lincoln, and Michael went to save Sarah.

Michael and Sarah are discussing their plans to have a normal life at some point.

Then he receives a call from Mahone, who says that nothing happened because the detonator must have failed. They don’t have 5 minutes to wait for Scofield to arrive, so he will have to trigger it manually. Christina instructs Downey to kill Mahone, but he beats up both of them before giving them the chance. Then he dives out of the room before the explosion goes off.

Sucre makes a call to T-Bag, who’s got a gun at his head because he angered the general.

Sarah and Michael arrive at the location to pick up Lincoln, who doesn’t want to go to the hospital since hospitals mean jail. Mahone says that Christina’s buried. She’s probably still alive, though. Yep, she’s moving.

T-Bag tries to con Sucre, managing to get himself captured in the process.

They’re out of options who to trust, so Michael plans to destroy Scylla. It’s not as if the general’s going to honor his agreement with them anyway. Then Michael gets a call from Paul Kellerman, the guy C-Note’s been talking to. The rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated. He says Scylla can be used for good if Michael agrees to give it to the United Nations.

Sucre tells T-Bag that, if they take Scylla to the UN, there will be an immunity list. He can be on it if he works with them.

Michael tells Burrows they’re brothers, whether they’re related or not.

Homeland Security is denying Self medical care, which is apparently within their ability to do. He may not be able to talk, but he can write. Not that he’s going to give them any information.

When they break into the hospital, Sarah gets what she needs to help Lincoln, but Mahone gets arrested by the guys from Homeland. As they’re about to drive away, the general’s guy tracks them down from Lincoln’s cell phone.

C-Note and Sucre hang T-Bag upside down to get him to talk.

The general’s got himself a new hostage: Sofia. Yeah, you can trust this guy.

Mahone tells the agents they’re missing what’s right in front of their faces. They don’t care about doing what’s right. They just want Scofield and Burrows.

Sucre and C-Note bust in to kill the general’s thugs and force him to let Sofia walk. Michael and Lincoln would like to kill the general. Sarah wants to let him live. He says they win, and it’s all just a game. Sucre doesn’t want revenge and just wants to clear his name, so he wants to just go and let the general live, as their hostage.

C-Note is not sure they can trust Kellerman, but he is sure that he’s their last option.

During their escape, Sucre blocks the cops, being captured by them in the process.

The others manage to get away, but they’ve been found. The mama’s not dead.

The guys who aren’t getting anywhere with Mahone are now trying to get Sucre to work with them as well. He ain’t budging either. Perhaps if they keep capturing people, they will find someone dumb enough to talk.

Christina grabs Scylla. Michael makes her an offer: drop the gun and put Scylla on the ground, or he’ll kill her. She tells him to go ahead and kill her. His gun doesn’t fire, so now she wants to shoot him. Sarah’s gun works, though. A little too well. She kills Christina, hitting Michael as well, but it appears to be a minor wound.

As Michael’s bringing Scylla to Kellerman, two guys capture him. Good thing they’re working for Kellerman, who agrees that they will all be exonerated. He hands over Scylla, but there’s a piece missing. Michael wants to know exactly who this guy’s contacts are in the US government before making a deal. So does he actually have Scylla, or do they need to hurry up and run for their lives? Tired of running, Michael puts the other piece in place.

The general has managed to escape, but he doesn’t get away before being arrested.

Alex, C-Note, Sucre, Michael, Lincoln, and Sarah are presented with documents that they sign, and then they’re free to go. Pam has been located, and she’s safe, as are Sofia and LJ.

One last bit of business: T-Bag. Do they free him or not? They’re allowed to make the choice. He asks for forgiveness in God’s name. They took a vote, and he’s in luck. He gets a stick of gum on the van ride back to prison.

Now Michael and Sarah can begin to plan their future for real. His bloody noses don’t seem to be a thing of the past, though.

Four years later, Mahone’s dating Agent Lang. Lincoln’s living with Sofia and LJ. Sucre’s with his daughter. Don Self is still a vegetable. C-Note is living out a normal life as a UPS man. Kellerman is a Congressman. The general is getting the electric chair. T-Bag is back in prison, where he’s back to his old ways.

Sarah has a new Michael in her life, her son. They’re going to see the older Michael, who has since died, and they’re all visiting him at the graveyard.

Due to its continuing ratings decline, Prison Break was cancelled, but at least they had a long time to prepare for it and create a proper series finale, although Fox did make sure it was aired to the fewest viewers possible.

8 thoughts on “Prison Break Season 4 Episode 22”

  1. why did you kill michael?after all those episodes full of stress we need to see micheal and sara’s life with love happiness and calmness now our hearts are full of pain the last 5 mimutes was theworst parts of this serries

  2. Damn.For The Creators Of Prison Break You Better Make Seasson 5 And Make Sure Michel Scofield Is Magicly Saved Or We Will Take Ppl And Pay Them To Assasin You!!!!

  3. Prison Break is the best movie series ever… But it’s sad i’m going to miss Prison Break… Wish they could continue, making it like Michael didn’t die but dived to the ground as the power generator explodes… The Cop after Michael was connected to the Company so they took Michael away maybe to a new place where they plan to establish a new company where someone alive among the card holder will lead it and try to retrieve Sylla from the UN… Sucre, Mahone, Lincoln, Sara and C-Note assuming Scofield was dead made a tombstone on his name just to remember him every year…

    Now after 4 years, they realised Michael wasn;t dead afterall so they start planing on another Break… Of course there should be another Prison Break to rescue Michael… Afterall, he’s been breaking everyone all the while…

    Now, there is going to be complications, since the others do not have the intelligence of a structural engineer for the break in… Now, we will see Sara on the run again, while Michael should be facing trial while in Prison… Lincoln knowing what Michael has done to break him out of dox river will do everything to bring his brother out of jail…

    An official of the United Nation who has access to Classified Properties, was contacted by the company with a ransom to release Sylla, The UN official, having accessed Sylla and knowning what was on it ran with it to sell for a better offer… Now there’s gonna be another hit and Run… See i want these to Continue with kellerman too… Hope to see a Season 5 soon…


  4. Omg I can’t beloved he died after everything he did for everyone!!! AGHHHH he SO couldve lived and had a son and lived happy ever after… I’m glad everyone else is okay but I am still REALLY sad about Bellik sacrificing his life for everyone else and poor patoshik… I wish Mahone didn’t get him to kill himself.. And funny how kellerman starts of as the baddest of the baddies, and saves the world in the end. And how mahone wanted every fox river guy dead and suddenly he was on the team with like 3 of them. And how bellik was a pain in the butt but suddeny he is part of the team and ends up doing something so rightous and selfless. Also funny how we all hated kellerman, then liked him. I know i hated bellik but suddenly wen he drops the bad cop look he is a realy good person. And mahone, I used to loathe him but then u are holding ur breath for him because u think he I going to die and when he survives u are so happy. Weird what prison break can do to u. It brought me and my dad closer together cuz we always watched it everynight… Shame it’s over… I love u Michael!!! Lol. :'( any one have any recomendations for shows like prison break?? Thanks for reading this.

  5. Does anyone have any recomendations for shows like prison break? I would like something like that for me and my dad to watch together like we did with prison break. Ohhhh I’m so sad bout Michael dying and I wish that in series finals they diidnt have such sad sad sad songs.


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