Prison Break Season 4 Episode 21

Michael was given a choice at the end of Prison Break Season 4 Episode 20. Does he want to save his girlfriend or his brother?

His plan: save both. He doesn’t know how, though. His only advantage now is that neither party knows the other has leverage. Mahone suggests they go one at a time, and Sarah has the advantage of not having a bullet in her chest.

Michael calls his mom and asks to meet in 45 minutes. She won’t give Lincoln help until she gets what she needs.

Mahone suggests going to their mom and making a deal so she can have Scylla and help them eliminate the general, but Michael doesn’t want to. They’re not giving it back, and they’re going to save everyone.

Fernando Sucre’s in Chicago. We haven’t seen him in a while.

Self wakes up in the hospital. He’d like to leave, but he can’t since there are some men with badges waiting there to talk to him.

Christina instructs Downey to shoot Michael’s knees if he tries anything, so that he’s immobilized but not dead. As for Lincoln, he’ll be dumped off the dock when she gets Scylla. A bystander calls the cops and says he sees one of the guys from TV. During Michael’s conversation with his mother, he’s unable to convince her to follow him to get Scylla, so when the cops arrive and she has to leave, one of her guys trips the homemade explosive device instead.

Sucre’s having dinner with C-Note, who wants to know where Michael and Lincoln are so that he can get out of his trouble with the feds, since they want to renig on his deal.

Not getting anywhere with Self nicely, the agents who come to see him will try a little torture on him instead.

Now the general’s giving Michael a deadline. He gives him one hour until T-Bag starts playing doctor with the doctor. Sarah warns T-Bag that he’s going to die if he doesn’t leave now.

Michael calls Lincoln, who tells him there’s not enough time, and that Sarah’s pregnant, so he should go to her.

Which horse is Mahone backing now? Michael’s not quite clear on that. Mahone says that he’s just trying to do what it takes to not lose everything.

Christina never considered Lincoln her son, and she reveals to him that he isn’t. Not that being her son has worked out so great for Michael.

C-Note belives he’s found a guy who can actually help them, as long as they tell him where the brothers are.

Christina’s contact has gotten on the plane, so now she’s starting to become unstable, or more unstable. Mahone calls her to tell her that Michael’s giving Scylla back to the general in exchange for Sarah’s life. He offers her Scylla to protect his family. Mahone feels that he owes Burrows, since he’s always been straight with him and helped him out before. If he can give her Scylla and Lincoln’s still breathing, he can have Lincoln.

The general gives Michael the location where they’re going to meet, and he says that the last thing he wants is to see any member of his family ever again, so if he leaves him alone, he’ll be left alone as well.

Mahone gives Michael the case and tells him to leave. He’s got the situation with his wife handled.

Not one to actually honor his deal with Michael, the general tells T-Bag that they aren’t going to be taking Sarah to the exchange.

The attorney general has granted Self immunity. So who’s he going to be a threat to? He has agreed to call Scofield, who says it’s not necessary to tell him where he is because the whole thing’s about to be over anyway. Their conversation does not allow enough time to trace his location.

T-Bag plans to return Sarah in one piece. A piece that’s a little used.

The general gets a case from Scofield. It’s empty.

Downey dresses up like a doctor and needs to check on the patient. If the fall didn’t kill Self, he will.

Michael begins ascending the outside of the building, floor by floor. Sarah’s already in the process of escaping, but T-Bag intends to show her he’s not erectorally challenged. Before he can prove himself, Michael knocks him out.

Mahone brings Scylla to Christina as he promised. Before doing business with her, he would like to know that his wife’s in the clear. He willingly hands over Scylla before receiving those assurances, though. When they get inside, he’s locked in a room with Lincoln.

It turns out that Michael made a deal with Mahone so that they could get to both of them in time. They created a fake Scylla that’s actually a bomb.

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