The Apprentice UK Series 5 Episode 8

Philip’s attitude finally got him fired, though Lorraine’s lack of competence was not enough for her to be booted in The Apprentice UK Series 5 Episode 7.

The task is to rebrand the seaside town of Margate.

Debra and Howard would like to be project manager for Empire. She’s not budging because she doesn’t want him to have a chance to shine (again), and so to get on with things, he agrees to be the subteam manager.

Yasmina is the project manager for Ignite.

Coming from Kent, Mona knows Margate well. She suggests a family theme. Howard points out that’s the same thing it is already, not a rebrand. The rest of the team decides to target a gay market because they will go on more vacations and spend more. Mona doesn’t see this market as a big thing for Kent.

On the other team, Lorraine wants to target the family market, and they agree.

Empire’s first task is to find some models. Apparently there are no gay models, so they will need to find straight guys able to act the most gay.

Ben says that the buildings that aren’t boarded up are quite nice.

Mona and James talk to some of the locals, who seem to be okay with marketing to the gay market.

Yasmina and Kate are looking for their mom and dad, who will apparently need to be not fully clothed because they have the men take off their tops and the women show their legs.

Mona and James make a stop to the local gay bar, where Mona’s first stop is to talk to a man who’s becoming a woman.

The next morning is a photo shoot. It’s terribly foggy everywhere. They will have to take some pictures anyway because this is the only day they have available to them. Luckily, the fog lifts by later in the day.

Ben takes control of directing the family and the framing.

Howard doesn’t want a poster that’s nothing but text, but Debra says they can always pass it around so that people can read it.

When Ben and Lorraine are done with the photos, they send them to London so that Yasmina and Kate can work with them. They’re not happy with them because there’s not enough blank space to put text.

Debra and Howard, however, are happy with Mona’s and James’ photos. Now they just need to figure out what to do with them.

At 7:20, Lorraine would like to change her team’s photos completely. The deadline is 8:00. Lorraine’s giving Yasmina a headache.

With half an hour to go, Debra and Mona begin their work on the leaflet. They have to rush through it. There’s nice blank spaces left over.

First to hear the pitches are two agency chiefs and a tourism expert.

Kate does the pitch for Ignite. They want to see Margate through children’s eyes. They’re asked whether they would actually recognize their campaign amongst a bunch of other posters if it did not have a logo.

Howard does the pitch for Empire. Their concept is that things are changing. They’ve come up with an explanation for their unfinished leaflets: they plan to offer local businesses the chance to advertise. They can tell it’s not finished, though. The excessive words on the posters are brought up as an issue, as Howard said would happen.

Next stop is Margate and its residents. One of the residents offers Ignite criticism about one of their pictures looking an oil slick, whatever that’s supposed to mean. She also expected to see something that pushed boundaries. Their campaign is pretty safe.

For the other team, they’re doing just that. Their campaign is about something different. However, their pictures are criticized. Back to Debra’s excessive words again. Another concern is that just marketing to gays is limited.

When asked who didn’t perform as well, Debra says it was her team in Margate.

The branding experts, officials, and residents of Margate scored their efforts out of 10. This is a pretty dicey task because it’s so subjective.

Empire got a 4 out of 10 from officials and residents, while Ignite received a 7 out of 10. The branding experts gave Empire a 4 out of 10, while they gave Ignite a 7 out of 10 as well. Ignite has easily won the task. Their reward is a visit to a race track where they will be able to drive some cars as fast as they want.

Mona blames her team’s approach. Howard blames Debra, and James seems to be thinking that way as well.

Sir Alan thought the message was pathetic. They approached the gay market, but they did it too subtly.

Mona says that Debra didn’t listen to her. Sir Alan’s response is that Mona does not seem to have too many ideas. She acknowledges that she was not happy with the concept, which stood in the way of her performing well.

Debra’s idea about lying about the leaflet was not received well, as it removed the trust they needed to work together.

Mona and James will be returning to the boardroom with Debra. Sir Alan says that, from his understanding, that’s the right decision because Howard did a lot. He felt that Howard had the ideas, which Debra suppressed. That said, it doesn’t sound like she got a lot of support from her team in Margate.

James calls Debra a nightmare to work with because she’s too aggressive. At least she’s a consistent bulldog, whereas Mona is a lot of hot and cold.

Debra says that the information she received was too limited. She takes responsibility for the posters, almost. The images weren’t good enough, nor was the information.

Sir Alan tells Mona she sits back too much, and he thinks that perhaps James falls into the same category as she does. He tells Debra she’s too loud and bossy.

Due to her lack of creativity, Mona has been fired. Sir Alan will keep his eyes on James. As for Debra, she seems to have escaped her poor performance unscathed.

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