Prison Break Season 4 Episode 20

Christina set up her sons in Prison Break Season 4 Episode 19, framing them for the murder of Naveen.

Lincoln and Michael have been spotted at the location of the sharpshooter. To complete the evidence against them, they must get through a locked door, which means Lincoln will get his prints on the murder weapon as he shoots his way through.

Mahone’s worried. How long before the general sees this on the news and goes after them and their families?

Michael says that Scylla is gone, but Self still plans to get it back. Scofield will cross through the ventilation system to the laundry room because there are some laundry bins outside. He asks Mahone go to where his mother was holding Sarah, and Lincoln instructs him to do whatever he’s gotta do to get her to talk.

Unconfirmed reports have linked the boys to the murder. The general is concerned what they might say to the authorities if they’re caught.

The locks in the hotel are electronically controlled, and the cops have overrode them and locked every door in the place.

An anonymous source has sent documents linking Burrows and Scofield to the Chinese, and helping kill the son of the Indian Prime Minister would probably be frowned upon.

Self enters the building and pretends he’s working with the police. They tell him their plan is to gas the place floor by floor.

Mahone has arrived to find Sarah as instructed, but there’s nobody there to interrogate. He wants her to run, but she doesn’t plan on it. Instead, she’ll stay there. If Christina wanted her dead, she would be already.

Christina pays a visit to the prime minister to offer her condolences. And to sell him Scylla. He’s fully ready to bring half the world’s population to war.

Self warns Scofield about the plan to gas him out. He spots a cleaning cart in the hallway and comes up with a plan of his own.

Another guy from Homeland Security arrives on the scene. He calls the office to find out the name of that agent who was supposedly killed recently in LA.

The general knows exactly what Christina’s planning. She hopes to reignite the 1962 China-India border war that ended in an uneasy truce when neither side could sustain the losses. It’s worse than just China and India, though. First Russia then the rest of the Middle East then Europe then the United States. It’s an apocalypse, which the general considers a bad idea.

Self runs into Agent Darrin Hooks. It’s good to see him. At gunpoint. That doesn’t last long before he begins thrashing the guy for being uncooperative. Hooks probably won’t be surviving that knife to the gut.

Scofield has managed to open a door, which immediately flashes on the screen as having been opened. This is exactly what he wanted. They set fire to their chemistry experiment, and then the cops fire gas into the hallway. Then the cops get blowed up. As they’re escaping, Scofield and Burrows are caught by the man in charge. Michael says they’re just unconscious. That’s more than can be said for the captain, though, as he’s shot from behind. The general’s man has bailed them out, and now he tells them they’re going back to the loft.

When they arrive, the general puts all their names into a bowl. They failed to complete their task in one day as instructed, so there will be consequences. Self’s name is pulled out. Their contact in Queens will be moving in on his wife, and they have no problem shooting a woman in a wheelchair. While trying to save his wife, Self said they should shoot him instead. The general is willing to honor that request, so Self jumps off the balcony, landing in the water below.

Christina has received her payoff, much bigger than what Naveen originally was willing to offer. India has given her $750 million. Not content with that, though, she asks downey to reach out to their contact in China to see if they can up the stakes. He agrees to do so, at her own peril.

If they find the money, they’ll find her. All she has to do is withdraw a little bit of money that the buyer’s sent overseas, and she’ll know it’s all there. As long as it’s a Federal Reserve signatory bank, the international wire transfer will be instantaneous, so they’ve narrowed down their list. The general likes this plan, which is why Scofield’s name was the only one that wasn’t in the bowl. Everyone else is nice to have but can be replaced.

Some kids are talking when they see Self crawling his way out of the water. He’s alive, barely, but he doesn’t want anyone to be called.

T-Bag suggests getting leverage that Scofield wants. He believes he knows where Sarah is after having pulled the information from Mahone’s GPS.

Since the man with the gun will probably kill them upon seeing their faces, Lincoln, Michael, and Alex barge into the bank wearing masks. They just wanted the case Downey was carrying. Upon exiting, a gun battle ensues. Lincoln tells his brother to go on ahead, while he handles the shooting, killing off one guy before running out of ammo.

The general has given T-Bag the assignment of capturing Sarah. She hears the noise he makes when he arrives, but he still gets the jump on her. He asks for her cooperation, but he won’t get it without a fight.

Michael realizes something’s wrong with his brother because he’s taking too long. He tries to call but gets no answer. However, he does get a call from the general, who wants Scylla because he’s got Sarah. Then he gets a call from his mother, who wants Scylla, too, in exchange for Lincoln. She shoots him where she knows it will slowly kill him, so he’ll either get medical attention in 5 hours or die.

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