Prison Break Season 4 Episode 19

In the race for Scylla, Lincoln beat Michael to the punch and captured Vincent Sandinsky in Prison Break Season 4 Episode 18, leaving Michael only holding Sandinsky’s phone. T-Bag, meanwhile, sold them out and told the general that their mom has Scylla.

Michael calls Lincoln to tell him that Sandinsky’s not some innocent victim, as he’s been exchanging e-mails and phone calls with Christina. When asked what he’s going to do, Lincoln responds “Leave town, Michael” and hangs up.

Scofield calls his mom back on Sandinsky’s phone. He wants Scylla and will call her back only one more time in 10 minutes for an answer. They’ve managed to track him down.

Sandinsky continues to play dumb. Lincoln gives him three seconds to talk or die, and just then the general and his armed men come up from behind. He’d like to talk with Vincent. There’s a new deal, and Vincent and the general are old friends. Sandinsky has been a company operative for 21 years. He’s in Miami because he is working with Christina. They learn that T-Bag betrayed them. Lincoln and his boys have one day to find their mom, and Sandinsky knows where she’s staying.

Christina arrives at the location she traced Michael to. She’s found a phone. No Michael, though. They won’t be able to follow him either since he just trashed their car. As they’re all gasping for air on the ground, he grabs mom and tosses her in the trunk. Such a close family.

She wants to work out a deal because she doesn’t want to see Scylla go back to the company either.

Lincoln and the others barge in where Sandinsky told them to go to find Christina. Nobody there. Mahone’s regretting having gotten involved in this. Somebody else will be waiting to stab them in the back, and they won’t get out of this well.

Sandinsky’s in the process of being tortured. He’d like to see something happen. They’ll all be dead before the general’s plans pay off.

Sarah would like a chance to talk to Christina, who knows she’s pregnant.

Lincoln arrives at Dade Miami Bank looking to get in a security box. They don’t want anybody else to access the box, including an agent from Homeland Security. Box 6468 was already accessed a minute ago. The guy with the silver suitcase just left. They proceed to follow Downey, who gets a call from Naveen saying that the deal’s off if he can’t talk to Christina before 5.

Scofield makes his mom a final offer: take him to Scylla and walk free. Lincoln would never be okay with that. Oh, and Lincoln isn’t his brother. He’s never seen pictures of Lincoln as a baby because there aren’t any. They adopted him when he was 3 after his parents were killed as part of the company. That said, Lincoln was more of a brother than she was ever a mother. She suggests calling Lincoln, but he’s in the middle of a high speed chase, so he won’t be answering. Most people would. They’d be text messaging at the same time.

Michael’s had enough of this game, so he drags her to the tub and starts running the water. She gives him directions to Lincoln. Sarah will stay behind and watch her. Might want to keep a close eye on her because she’s already looking for a way to break free.

T-Bag will be rewarded as a special liaison to the company. Once he passes his final exam anyway. When Burrows brings Scylla back, T-Bag will be the one to shoot him.

Christina calls Sarah into the bathroom to taunt her some more. When Sarah pulls the door shut, the dental floss Christina’s tied to the door stopper rips it off the wall.

Krantz recognizes Naveen’s name on the list T-Bag has made. He has a known interest in solar weapons technology.

With the door stopper in hand, Christina breaks the tape off her wrists, and now she’s got a gun, too.

Lincoln’s boys are chasing after the man with the silver briefcase when they realize they’re at the building of the energy conference, and his mother must be there as well. The rental van is for a getaway.

Christina’s doing fine and right on time. She opts to not kill Sarah. Maybe she could meet her grandson one day.

Because he has not been able to speak to the doctor, Naveen amends his offer: $1 million in exploratory research, with the rest to follow in the weeks to come.

The rental van is in Lincoln’s name, and the passports are all of them. They’re being set up.

The general seems to be behind. It takes the local news to point out where Naveen will be. He instructs T-Bag to kill Sandinsky. Done.

Lincoln has entered the convention. He sees a shooter kill Naveen. Michael’s on the scene as well when the rest of the place is in a panic. They realize their mom set the whole thing up. The van was there with the passports, the bank has clean video of Burrows trying to access the box, and Lincoln’s hands were all over the shells planted by the shooter.

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