The Biggest Loser Couples 2 Episode 18

Filipe was voted out in The Biggest Loser Couples 2 Episode 17.

The final four contestants will be heading home for 30 days before returning for one final weigh-in before the finale.

Mike’s afraid of returning to his old habits, including his biggest problem, the fast food restaurants, which for some reason need to be blurred out by the show, as does the non-show sponsor gym 100 yards away from the fast food place he used to work.

Helen starts going through her closet. Are the pants hers or her husband’s?

Ron hopes for a better life with his family, including his sons that he’s enabled to become 400 pounds. Mike now enjoys exercising, but they need to work on his other son Max.

Tara is ready to start living. She heads right away to her favorite restaurant from before she left, where she’s hoping to be able to make smarter choices.

On day 4, Mike’s hungry all the time. Tara misses Jillian already.

Tara has decided to give her $25,000 kitchen makeover to her mom.

As with the last time they went home, they’ve received some packages from The Biggest Loser. They get DVDs from Allison. In 26 days, they will all run a marathon. For real. With no producers giving them a ride the last 6 miles (apparently). The last time they went home, they all had to run half a marathon, which they did sucessfully (Ron notwithstanding).

Jillian will surprise her people and pay them a visit. Mike had better be at the gym, or there will be hell to pay. He is at the gym, and he’s there with his brother Max. He’s doing okay. Not amazing. Actually, not even okay. He says the marathon is stressing him out because it’s constantly in the back of his mind, and he also has a lot to focus on with worrying about not only his goals but his brother as well. Jillian’s lesson for him is that he doesn’t need to make his brother better just to feel better himself. He needs to allow himself to feel the pain of what he’s been through.

Then she heads to see Tara, whose room is a disaster. She’s gone from one extreme to another and needs to find some balance. Jillian’s plan: go workout and then go get a drink. One drink and one dessert won’t kill her, as long as she doesn’t go too far back in that direction.

Now it’s Bob’s turn. He stops off to see Ron. Like everybody else, he’s stressed out about the marathon. Bob doesn’t think he should put his body through that stress. His previous half marathon effort ended at the 4 mile mark, but he says he’s going to give it a shot. While he’s there, Bob wants to help out Max, who he sees as the third member of the brown team. Could have done without seeing the vomit. Once they’re done with the workout, Bob sends him out to get whatever it is he would normally eat on the weekend. He gets a double cheeseburger, large chocolate shake, and french fries. Not as bad as I would have expected. Bob cuts his meal in half and tells him that would be sufficient, but instead he will eat at Subway.

Jillian’s last stop is Helen’s house. She’s at a restaurant where she got fat, realizing she can’t eat a lot from that menu. Same strategy as with Tara: give her a drink. Helen says that she’s so tired, but she has to keep going.

The full marathon will take them across 26.2 miles of farmland, mountains, hiking trails, and the Pacific Ocean coastline. If they finish the marathon, they will receive $10,000 to donate to the charity of their choice. Due to an injury 4 days before the marathon, Mike has been instructed by the doctors to not run, but he will participate anyway and will be walking. At mile marker 4, their loved ones are there to join them for as long as they can. Even Max has decided to join in the walk alongside his brother. He gets in about 4 miles, a good amount over the tough terrain considering he’s over 400 pounds. Ron’s knees are starting to bother him about mile 5. Eventually, Ali Vincent from season 5 joins Tara for a bit, and she says she’s been inspired by her. As for Helen, she gets a visit from Michelle Aguilar from season 6, the second person to prove this is not just a man’s game. Mike gets a visit from Bernie from season 5, who won the at home prize. Bernie tells him that he’s still going to finish 26.2 miles, whether he’s walking it or not, so he should give himself some credit. Jillian’s waiting at mile 25, and she’s not surprised that Tara is the first person she sees. Tara hopes Jillian can keep up. She crosses the finish line in a time of 4:55:09. Helen has also finished, and she crosses the finish line in 5:48:45. Mike is done as well, and he crosses at 8:58:03.

Ron is still on the course, somewhere. At mile 16, he’s being tended to by the paramedics due to elevated blood pressure that came on all of a sudden, as well as continuing pain in his knee. Dr. H leaves it up to him whether he wants to continue. If he has to stop and rest for an hour, that’s what he’ll do. At mile 17, he’s greeted by the whole lot of previous Biggest Loser contestants, and they’re all going to walk with him to the finish to make sure he arrives. Then Bob joins him at mile 21, and eventually the other contestants join in as well, walking through the night. Ron ends up completing the marathon and crosses the finish line at 13 hours 16 minutes. He’s come quite a long way even since just week 11 and the half marathon.

It’s time for one final weigh-in after having been home for 30 days. The two people with the highest weight loss will be guaranteed a spot in the final three, and America will choose from whoever falls below the yellow line.

Ron: 279 pounds (-10, 3.46%)

Mike: 214 pounds (-10, 4.46%)

Helen: 147 pounds (-7, 4.55%)

Tara: 159 pounds (-10, 5.92%)

Helen and Tara are in the final three, leaving America to decide between Mike and his father Ron. As much credit as Ron deserves for going as far as he’s gone, the finale would not be complete without Mike, who’s lost the most weight in the history of the show. Ron asks for America to vote for his son. Mike says he’d be okay either way.

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