Prison Break Season 4 Episode 18

Lincoln got in touch with his mother in Prison Break season 4 Episode 17, which ended with her giving the order to have him killed.

The sniper loses the clean shot, and now Mahone and Self are after him. A gun battle ensues, and the shooter escapes, right into Lincoln’s waiting arms. When someone passes by, he’s able to escape again by stabbing Lincoln, before he’s run over by a car driven by T-Bag.

As Michael and Sarah are looking at family photos from her college friend, she goes into the bathroom, where she pulls out a pregnancy test.

The general brings Stuart in. He’s made phone calls to an unidentified party. Who has Scylla? He claims he doesn’t know anything.

Lincoln and his boys have also nabbed a cell phone from the shooter, and he received a lot of calls from a blocked number.

Until they get Scylla, they’re going to play dumb and not reveal that it’s their mom.

Michael’s in Miami and wants to meet with Lincoln, who warned him not to come. Mahone is the messenger sent to tell him he’s not coming, and that whoever wants Scylla has to go through their mom. He suggests that they can save their families and take down the company at the same time.

Sarah’s found an address, and the fact that they have to go through Michael’s mother doesn’t stop him.

Lincoln’s found his mother at the Indian embassy, and they’re sending T-Bag to create a distraction. He handcuffs himself to the gate to protest mistreatment of elephants. When the security team goes to bust T-Bag, they’re able to break in. He uncuffs himself, but not before he’s grabbed and tossed in a van.

Christina’s trying to sell Scylla to Naveen. She’s starting with him first out of respect for his father.

Michael and Sarah have been led to a car. Good thing he knows about breaking and entering. They find a briefcase in the car, containing keys, a map, and a gun.

Self, Burrows, and Mahone have been captured by Christina’s security. She’d like to close the deal before leaving. Naveen has agreed to her terms, so now they can leave.

Since they’re in an embassy, Mahone doesn’t believe anyone will actually kill them, so they just walk right out the door. On their way out, they say they’re with Christina, so they’re handed a piece of paper she dropped that says that Sandinsky is arriving at 4:30, which Michael has also figured out.

Christina calls the phone in the briefcase, and Michael answers, so she hangs up.

When they arrive at the airport, Sarah creates a distraction, and Michael grabs the flight log. They’ve figured out who VS is: Vincent Sandinsky. Michael goes into the operations area with a gun and has them give a message to the flight carrying him. The plane will land where Michael wants it to land. Security will also let Sarah out there because she’s a doctor assisting with a passenger who’s had a heart attack. Sandinsky will be going in the car with them. He doesn’t plan to hurt him, but the guys chasing them do. The high speed chase is stopped by another car. They want Michael and Sarah dead, but it’s a good thing Mahone was waiting in the wings with a rifle to take them out.

Although Michael is being allowed to walk free, Lincoln has gotten his way and is now in control.

T-Bag is trying to make his own deal with the general. He tells him that Christina has Scylla in Miami.

Sandinsky says he’s just a professor who was looking to get out of New Hampshire for a few days. He had his cell when he got off the plane, but it seems to be missing now. That’s because Michael and Sarah took it, and they see that he’s been e-mailing Christina back and forth. They’re working together on something.

Sarah’s pregnancy test is showing up positive.

Michael places a call from Sandinsky’s phone to his mom. How badly does she want him?

Lincoln’s boys, however, are buying his innocent act.

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