The Apprentice UK Series 5 Episode 5

Despite being praised for being a good team leader, Paula was fired in The Apprentice UK Series 5 Episode 4.

The task is to create a new brand identity for Sir Alan’s new breakfast cereal. They will come up with a name, character, and marketing campaign.

Kimberly will be the project manager for Ignite. Kate will lead Empire.

Ad agency McCann-Erickson will be the creative home for the teams.

Yasmina and Debra are on market research, which means a trip to the store. They find a common theme with the other cereals. They all have cartoon characters on them. Running with the pirate theme he suggested earlier, James suggests they have a parrot who’s a pirate.

The other team has gone with Philip’s idea, Pantsman, a character who puts his underpants on the outside of his clothing. Perhaps it’ll make sense when they’re done.

Yasmina and James have gone to create a jingle for their cereal, Treasure Flakes.

Ignite’s cereal is Wake Up Call. Philip has already written their jingle. Lorraine’s still not onboard with their team’s campaign, and she’s not hiding it from the rest of the team. After that, they call the graphic designer and tell him they’re not going back to the agency, so it’s up to him to do everything for them. The next morning when they get their box, they’re not happy with it.

Ben will play the pirate parrot for the commercial, while Kate directs. Margaret is concerned their commercial is too complex.

Kate will direct for the other team, while Noorul dresses as Pantsman. He also believes he can participate in the directing.

Unlike Empire, which hired a professional singer, Philip will be singing for Ignite. Once project manager Kate hears the professional singer, she decides she would prefer a male singer, so she asks Ben to do a voiceover.

Nick notices that the kids don’t find the Pantsman concept at all funny, even though the team finds it hilarious.

Kimberly and Mona get into an argument about the presentation. Kimberly’s frustrated with Mona but doesn’t want to step up to the plate and do it herself, even if she’s more qualified.

Debra pitches for Treasure Flakes. One concern is that they’re trying to corner too many markets and don’t have one specific focus.

Mona does the pitch for Wake Up Call as planned. Unlike the other team, their box is blank except for the front. Their product name also doesn’t tie in well with the character.

Kimberly’s team supports her, except for Lorraine. Sir Alan shoots down Lorraine’s concept that she wouldn’t let go the whole time. He wanted one character, so her idea of multiple characters wouldn’t have worked for him.

The ad agency found the execution of their commercial to be very good.

Kate’s whole team supports her.

The ad agency did not enjoy their commercial. However, their overall campaign was considered to be clearly the best one. Empire is the obvious winner. As for Ignite, he considers their campaign to be garbage.

Sir Alan heard from Nick that Philip bulldozed his idea over the team. Kimberly says that she is not a creative person and just did the best she could with a bad idea.

Lorraine and Philip will be going back to the boardroom.

Philip would like Kimberly fired because she brought him back.

He gets his wish because Kimberly has been fired. Sir Alan’s well aware that he’s left two people who have argued all day together, and he’s looking forward to it.

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