Hell’s Kitchen Season 5 Episode 14

Andrea was finally sent packing in Hell’s Kitchen Season 5 Episode 13, bringing us down to the final two.

Ramsay tells them they’ve got a lot of work to do, but they’d rather celebrate and get drunk. It’s approaching 2:00 in the morning, and they’re still awake and drinking. At 6:30, the alarm goes off. Wrong day to have a bad day.

Now it’s time to get to work. They need to design their own restaurants and menus.

Danny wants to hang up some big fish on his restaurant, Velvet Hammer. Neither the mounted fish nor the name seem to suit an upscale place. As for Paula, she plans to call hers Sunergy.

Their signature dishes sound like they’ll work out better than their restaurant planning, though.

Ramsay tells them they’re going to Atlantic City, but they can’t afford to leave the restaurants unattended while they’re there. Their family will oversee the restaurants while they’re away. That should relieve them and works out better than having some disastrous former contestants do it for them. They’ve got 5 minutes to get their vision across. I think it’s pretty fair to say it really doesn’t matter how their mock restaurants end up looking with that in mind.

Paula has said she wants a lot of candles. One of her ideas has been rejected by the fire marshall.

Meanwhile, Danny’s girlfriend is making her opinions known.

When they arrive, Ramsay has made a way to let them video conference with their loved ones.

Danny’s dad and girlfriend report that there are a lot of compromises being requested. They have some fish also.

Paula and Danny are about to find out why they had to leave town. They are greeted by 500 staff members of the resort. They also meet Larry Mullin, the Chief Operating Officer of the Brigada.

Their next challenge is to cook the dishes Larry has requested. They have 45 minutes to cook all three dishes.

Danny is preparing his Caribbean jerk lobster tail, a crispy duck salad, and pan-seared filet of beef. Paula is preparing warm wild mushroom salad, shellfish medley, and roasted black sea bass.

The chefs who already work there will be judging. Paula is told the flavor of her salad is nice, but it’s a little bit too dressed. Danny’s dish has a nice balance, but the chef doesn’t taste lobster in it at all. He chooses Paula’s dish.

Paula’s seafood medley is cooked well. Danny’s salad is yummy. They’re both really good, but Danny is the winner.

It comes down to the entrees. Larry Mullin will judge this. Paula’s sea bass is good. Danny’s beef is done very well. Danny wins the challenge.

With that done, they return to check on the progress of their restaurants. Paula’s mostly just happy there is no pink, purple, or pastel. Danny got fish on his wall anyway. He insists that they put the booth along the wall.

The next day is when they will be running their restaurants. They’ll need some help. So who gets stuck with Lacey?

As the winner of the final challenge, Danny gets to pick first. He chooses Ben. Paula picks her buddy Andrea. Danny gets Giovanni. Paula picks LA. Carol’s not happy. Danny gets Carol because he doesn’t have a choice. Speaking of not having a choice, Paula gets Lacey.

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  1. You can clearly see danny celebrating at the top of the stairs at the end of the show/preview for next weeks finale

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