Hell’s Kitchen Season 5 Episode 13

Somehow, Andrea survived in Hell’s Kitchen 5 Episode 12, and Ben was sent home.

The final three are allowed to spend ten minutes with their family.

They will be serving lunch to 100 very special distinguished customers. They have 90 minutes to cook 100 small tasty portions.

Andrea’s flustered, as usual.

Their customers are chefs from across the area, including executive chefs with the highest honors. If they were expecting a bunch of kids to judge their food, they were wrong. This is going to be a tougher group than usual.

The guests will sample each of the dishes and vote for their favorite and least favorite.

Over 76% thought one dish was the worst. Danny loses the challenge, perhaps his poorest moment in the series thus far. Over 76% also chose one dish as their favorite. Paula wins the challenge. She will be given the full Hollywood pampered treatment for her reward.

As for the losers, they will clean and set the dining room ahead of the service. Then they get to do the laundry.

Following her makeover, Paula gets to do a live TV talk show.

Meanwhile, the others get a part two as well. They get to clean some more, while watching Paula’s debut.

Paula’s risotto is very nice. Andrea’s first appetizer is nicely cooked as well.

Paula is the first one to get the chance to run the kitchen. She’s stumbling and nervous initially.

Her first test is the carrot puree. Gloria has substituted the squash puree for it. Paula doesn’t notice. Ramsay has her taste it again. She notices it tastes like squash.

Scott brings up the next sabotage. He made spinach soup instead of watercress soup. This time she catches it.

Now it’s Danny’s turn. He believes he should nail this because he does it every night at home, but he’s fumbling initially as well.

He gets his test right off the bat. JP has sabotaged the first ticket. Danny didn’t notice.

He’s feeling insecure at the pass because he knows Ramsay is scrutinizing everything.

Danny’s next challenge was unplanned. Andrea gave him well done scallops, which he sends back.

Then Gloria gives him his next test. Rock hard potatoes. He doesn’t notice again.

After a rough start, Danny has recovered and is becoming more confident.

Now it’s Andrea’s turn. She’s aggressive, which is working.

Her first test is the wrong fish. It’s halibut, not dory. She doesn’t notice.

She bounces back a dish to Gloria because it has too much salt. Then she bounces the sauce back to Scott and tells him it needs to be seasoned. He responds that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She keeps sending him back more and more dishes. He hates her guts.

After the service is over, Ramsay is smiling. That’s new.

They will go back upstairs and come to a decision who should not be in the final two. Andrea votes for Danny because of his performance that night. He will vote for her since he’s been stronger than her throughout the competition. Paula votes for Andrea also because of her performance throughout the competition, and she agrees that Andrea was too aggressive at the service.

Paula has made the finals.

Andrea has used up her ninth life, and Danny joins Paula in the final two. A worthy finale.

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  1. I was expecting the winner to be announced last night, but then it turned out to be largely an hour of filler. We will find out next week.

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