Survivor: Tocantins Episode 11

Coach’s plans fell apart as Tyson was voted out the first chance the others got in Survivor: Tocantins Episode 10.

Coach and Debbie have no hard feelings. So they say.

JT tells Debbie he’s still with her and wants to go to the final four with her. He says that Erinn and Sierra will be the next ones gone.

She proposes an alternate plan. Ally with Erinn and Sierra, pulling the beyond fractured Timbira tribe back together to outnumber Jalapao. Gee, why didn’t they think of that two weeks ago?

The challenge is to see how in tune they are with the rest of the tribe. Somebody usually gets offended by this challenge. They have to guess whose name came up the most often. Reward is to be taken to a natural spring with a local family.

Who has not lived up to their potential? Coach.
Debbie, Coach, Erinn, Sierra, and Taj get a point.
Erinn strikes Sierra. Debbie strikes JT. Taj strikes Debbie. Coach strikes Sierra. Sierra strikes Coach.

Who would squander the million dollars the quickest? Sierra.
JT, Debbie, and Erinn get it right.
Debbie strikes Erinn. JT eliminates Sierra. Erinn strikes Debbie.

Who would never survive on their own? Debbie.
Stephen, Debbie, Erinn, and Taj get it right.
Taj strikes Coach. Erinn eliminates Coach. Stephen eliminates Debbie. Debbie strikes Erinn.

Who would you trust with your life? JT.
Everybody gets it right.
Taj strikes JT. JT eliminates Erinn. Erinn eliminates JT. Stephen strikes Taj.

Who is most likely to stab you in the back? Sierra.
Taj and Stephen get it right, bringing Taj down to 1 and Stephen down to 2.

Who would you least like to see win this game? Sierra.
Stephen wins the challenge.

Siera took a beating during this challenge. Most likely to stab someone in the back, least liked to win the game, most likely to squander the money, and first one eliminated. If anybody was hoping to win her as a vote, they’ll need to try harder than that.

Erinn is headed to Exile Island to keep the island under wraps just in case a new idol pops up. Taj will join Stephen on the reward, as will JT. No hiding where the core alliance in the game is.

No new clue on Exile, no fire, no food, no water, and pouring rain. Erinn’s pretty miserable.

Sierra hasn’t decided where she’s going to head with this. Coach thought she said she was going to be loyal. To the guy who tried to vote her out last night? While trying to get Sierra on her side, Debbie begins arguing with her rather than remaining calm. Time to come up with a new plan. Coach hopes to get JT on his side instead.

JT agrees with Coach to go to the final four with Debbie and Stephen. Coach tells him that Sierra wanted to get old Timbira back. He’d have to be dumb to believe that.

Sierra tells Stephen that Coach and Debbie wanted to renew the Timbira alliance. Stephen goes to Coach, who throws the other two under the bus and says that it was their idea, not his.

It’s still raining, so it’s time for an immunity challenge. They will each toss a grappling hook to retrieve three bags. The first three people will navigate a ball through a table maze. JT is the first to hook a bag. Taj and Debbie get a bag. Stephen gets his first bag, as does Coach. Sierra also gets a bag, leaving Erinn the only one without a bag. Coach gets his second bag. JT manages to grab his second bag. Coach gets his final bag, as does JT. They move on to the next round. Erinn gets her first bag, bringing everyone else even to compete for the last spot. Debbie gets her second bag. Stephen gets his second bag. Debbie gets her final bag. Debbie, Coach, and JT move on to the final round. This is about accuracy rather than speed. Coach gets off to a lead. JT’s catching up to him. Debbie’s out of it, but anybody could fall at any time. JT starts taking some risks to take the lead but loses his ball. Coach wins immunity.

To prove her point, Sierra confronts Coach out in the open about lying. Time for some screaming. Based on the shouting match that ensues, JT and Stephen seem to believe Sierra.

This continues at tribal council, as Sierra tells the truth again, leading to one of Coach’s typical rants.


With 4 votes, Sierra has been eliminated. Dumb move voting out someone nobody likes and keeping around the people who can’t be trusted. Perhaps the most interesting vote is the Stephen vote, which came from Erinn, someone who’s clearly as completely out of the loop as she was on her old tribe (either that, or she’s smarter than she looks and is trying to create panic). Also interesting is the second Debbie vote, which was Taj.

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