Hell’s Kitchen Season 5 Episode 12

Andrea won immunity in Hell’s Kitchen 5 Episode 11, but after her horrible performance, Ramsay decided if he couldn’t get rid of her, he wouldn’t fire anybody. Robert, however, had to go home due to medical problems.

Chef Ramsay has made some food for them to eat. The majority of them like the fish stew, so they’ve got half an hour to make it. Danny uses the red snapper, while the others use halibut. Andrea goes for bay scallops, while the others use sea scallops. Paula uses water as a base, while the others use fish stock. Danny and Paula use white wine, Andrea uses sambuca, and Ben covers his choice with a cloth so nobody else sees it. Andrea’s not confident and peeks at what the others are doing.

Danny’s the only one to get the fish right. Ben had it in his hand but changed his mind. Ben was the only one to get the liquor right. Andrea was the only one to get the scallops wrong. Ben had too much saffron in his dish. Nobody wants yellow lips. It’s between Danny and Paula. Because he used fish stock instead of water, Danny wins.

The others will hand polish the crystal and cutlery. They will also prep for dinner service that night. For his reward, Danny hops in the limo that takes him to a biplane.

Andrea’s complaining nonstop. The good news is she shouldn’t survive much longer anyway.

Before service, Ramsay has given them a gift: Gordon Ramsay Cookware by Royal Doulton.

The slate’s been wiped clean. Danny liked his slate.

Ben’s messing up the orders early, but his risotto’s nice.

Everything seems to be going smoothly, but Ben jumps ahead and Ramsay wants him to listen closer.

Andrea’s meat is cooked perfectly. Time to speed up the appetizer production. This time, Ben’s bland risotto has been rejected.

Paula doesn’t hear the order and falls behind by not cooking enough. He tells her she’s the slowest so far.

Back to Ben. He’s struggling with the salad.

Next it’s Danny’s turn. He’s falling behind on the garnish station.

Andrea’s continuing strong on the meat. This is different.

Ben forgot to drop the pasta. Danny is amused with Ben burying himself.

Andrea has started going south. She messes up her wellingtons and is afraid to tell Ramsay. They’re good enough to serve.

In between Ramsay’s yelling, it’s time for a happy moment. One of the customers proposes to his girlfriend.

Back to the grind. Andrea doesn’t know where two of her wellingtons have gone. That botches what had been a great service with just three tables left.

The four of them will have to come up with a consensus who needs to leave. Ben picks Andrea based on her overall performance. Andrea picks Ben based on tonight’s performance. Danny picks Andrea based on how she crashed and burned at the end of the night’s service. She says she has experience but doesn’t feel the need to list her credentials. Paula picks Ben because he’s not as great as he thinks he is. It’s obvious they won’t reach a consensus.

Ben and Andrea step forward. Again. Andrea has by some miracle survived again, but Ben has run out of chances.

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