Hell’s Kitchen Season 5 Episode 11

Giovanni was sent home in Hell’s Kitchen 5 Episode 10, although I’m still not sure why. After that was done, Ramsay pretended to shut down Hell’s Kitchen. Yeah, we really believed that.

They’re all going to Atlantic City. Yeah, he really left us with a cliffhanger that lame. They are all taken to the Borgata via private jet. This is the resort that will become home to the winner’s own restaurant. They’re having a great day seeing the space for the winner’s restaurant and getting spa treatment and a dip in the pool.

Then they get a fancy dinner. About 10 minutes through dinner, Robert gets up and seeks medical attention. His blood pressure is 160/100. He’s instructed to go to the hospital. The ambulance drives him off, although the other contestants have no idea anything’s even wrong. He calls Ben to let him know. They’re not sure what’s wrong. It may have been a heart attack.

The remaining chefs all return to Hell’s Kitchen, minus Robert. After a couple days without any word on Robert’s progress, Ramsay calls them for a meeting. Robert is back, but he’s not feeling well. He has periocarditus, which is a swelling around the sack that leads to heart disease. He will not be returning to the competition. This is the type of scene I’d expect from The Biggest Loser, rather than a cooking competition, although it’s not entirely surprising to see a chef this overweight. That said, hopefully Robert uses this as a wake up call to drop the weight.

The show must go on. The challenge is for the chefs to prepare what would be their signature dish at their restaurant. They can use any ingredients they want from the kitchen.

Danny: pan-seared sea scallop with citrus basil champagne sauce, not the most creative dish in terms of presentation but delivers in taste
Andrea: green tea crusted tuna, delicious and goes very well together
Paula: smoke salmon seviche, delicious with perfect seasoning
Ben: pan-roasted tiger prawns, pretty dish but definitely not safe

Andrea is the winner, which means she’s in the final three. Oh, now that’s just ridiculous.

That night, the final four will have to work together on a service, which hopefully will be better than the final six service was.

Danny is told his food is very nice.

Andrea’s scallops are raw. Yet she’s safe tonight. She doesn’t like to cook on high because the kitchen’s too hot. Her next attempt is rubber scallops.

Ben’s struggling to keep up. When he delivers his dish, it’s cold.

Paula’s food is ready, but she’s waiting for Andrea’s fish to be finished. Ramsay basically tells her to go ahead and let Andrea fall on her face.

Ben continues to fall apart. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s slowly but surely accepting that he can’t please Ramsay.

Andrea’s raw salmon has been returned.

Ben has finally woke up. As for Andrea, she’s still asleep, so Danny has to give her a hand on the fish. Yet she’s still delivering raw fish. Perhaps if Paula helps her, too.

As a team, they’ll need to pick two people to nominate. Can they pick Andrea? They all want to pick the other two and not themselves. So Andrea’s the tie breaker.

Ben is the first nominee due to his performance. Paula is the second nominee due to lack of communication.

Paula can get back in line. Andrea can now step forward. She couldn’t handle her station, and she sunk Ben in the process. Nonetheless, she’s still safe. Because someone already went home and Ben’s performance was not as bad as Andrea’s, Ben will get one last chance.

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