Survivor: Tocantins Episode 9

His infection from the prior episode got progressively worse, and Joe was ultimately eliminated for medical reasons in Survivor: Tocantins Episode 8, making all the post-merge scheming moot.

Coach wants the others to know that, no matter how bad things may seem, they could always get worse. Well, isn’t he just a ray of sunshine? He tells a story about how some people tried to kill him. Or something.

Coach is doing some exercises that he claims to have gotten from some ancient tribe or something. Sierra says he looks hilarious. He responds that he doesn’t care what anybody says. Then he tells us that she has to go because she made fun of him.

Erinn tells JT she likes their tribe more than she likes her own.

In the challenge, teams of three will toss metal balls trying to break tiles from the other teams. The winning team will be taken white water rafting and then get a picnic.

Black team: Debbie, Brendan, JT
Red team: Tyson, Taj, Coach
White team: Stephen, Sierra, Erinn

In the first round, Debbie takes out a red tile, while Stephen and Coach both hit black. Brendan breaks a white tile, Sierra breaks a red tile, and Tyson misses black. Then we fast forward and skip past most of the rest of the challenge. Red has one tile left, while the other two teams have two. Coach takes out a black tile. Erinn knocks out the red team. Brendan takes out a white tile, leaving one left for black and white. Erinn and JT both miss. Debbie and Stephen both miss. Sierra misses, and Brendan only chips the white tile. JT misses, and Erinn chips the black tile. Now down to two broken tiles left. Stephen and Debbie both miss. Sierra misses as Coach knocks out the final white tile. Black team wins reward. Stephen will be going to Exile Island alone.

Stephen knows he won’t be finding an idol, so he can focus on creating fire, which he’s failed to do despite having been out there for a few weeks already. As darkness comes, he manages to make fire for the first time.

JT’s surprised to find himself enjoying Brendan’s company. Brendan has a couple ideas how they can advance in this game. He knows JT would beat him if they go against each other in the end, but he claims he wouldn’t mind that. He might change his mind when it comes to a difference of $900,000.

The next morning, Brendan tells Sierra that they should keep JT around. She agrees that she’d like to keep JT around, so they can take out Coach and Tyson. She’s okay with this idea, then he approaches his one time ally Taj. Taj is fine with this. That tribe can try to knock out each other if they want.

At the immunity challenge, each player will be tied to a rope threaded through a series of obstacles. The first three to move on will work their way through another obstacle that’s three levels high. Taj and Stephen are out of it. Tyson and JT are the first to get to the second obstacle. They are the first ones to the final obstacle as well. Brendan and Sierra are in third and fourth and will be battling for the final spot. JT finishes first. Tyson is close behind him. Brendan finishes third. Brendan catches up to the others and manages to take the lead. JT falls behind as Tyson chases Brendan and retakes the lead. Tyson wins immunity.

Coach wants to take out Brendan, and Brendan wants to take out Coach. One of them will get their way.

JT and Stephen now have a decision to make. Which side do they want to flip to?

As for Coach and Brendan, they’re pretending to each others’ faces that they’ll vote out JT.

At tribal council, Coach continues to tell about how he almost died. A lot of times. Everybody points out that JT’s probably the biggest threat in the game. Taj doesn’t have an idol. Erinn doesn’t have an idol. Stephen doesn’t have an idol. Brendan willingly acknowledges he does have one, though.


With 4 votes, Brendan has been eliminated. As smart moves go, that was not one. Brendan sealed his own fate, though. He shouldn’t have let his potentially game changing alliance simmer like that.

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