Survivor: Tocantins Episode 8

Sydney’s flirting came to the end of the road in Survivor: Tocantins Episode 7 after Taj, JT, and Stephen formed an alliance.

Coach is meditating because he’s been keeping everything bottled up in an attempt to be less annoying than he normally would be. Even Erinn likes the nice Coach.

Joe’s leg is getting worse. An infection in this environment has the potential to be instantly game ending.

The tribes are told they’re going to be getting a feast, and it’s the merge feast. They will all live at the old Timbira camp. While they’re all eating and trying to come up with a tribe name, Sierra wants to discuss the last two eliminations.

JT and Coach are already getting along. 15 minutes into fishing, Coach says he wants to talk about the game. JT says that Brendan thinks he’s in control of the game according to Taj, and Brendan’s got an idol as well. He doesn’t know if Taj has an idol, though. JT wants to target Brendan, which is potentially a problem that Taj and Stephen need to step in and prevent.

Afterward, Coach goes to Tyson and proposes an alliance between them, Stephen, JT, and Debbie.

It’s becoming pretty apparent that, despite the fact that Timbira has the majority, they’re not particularly married to that majority.

JT’s surprised to find out that he’s getting along with Tyson. Now that Tyson has worked on JT, he invites Debbie to go look for some fire wood.

Taj is concerned whether Brendan is actually still with her or not. He believes their alliance needs to lay low for the time being, and then his Exile alliance can take charge after Joe and JT are gone. If needbe.

Joe believes he’s got an idol. Erinn has no clue where it is. It’s not there, so they know somebody found it. With that said, she plans to vote out Brendan and Sierra because one of them must have it.

The new tribe name is Forza because they think it means strength (close enough).

The first individual immunity challenge is an endurance challenge. Last person hanging on a pole will win immunity. Joe and Stephen are struggling early. Stephen is the first one out. Joe follows him. Then Jeff notices the thing on his leg. Brendan is next, followed closely by Taj and Erinn. 4 of the remaining 5 haven’t budged yet. Only JT is struggling so far. JT drops at 20 minutes. That eliminates old Jalapao. Coach is the next one out. From the looks of it, he threw it. Sierra struggles for the first time and slips all the way down. It’s Debra against Tyson. They reach half an hour. Debra slips, and Tyson wins immunity.

Joe will be staying behind so that medical can take a look. I’m not real clear why nobody looked at him sooner. Because the infection is so close to the bone, it could enter the bone. It could also enter the blood and risk death. His injury won’t heal itself overnight.

Tyson is pretending to Brendan and Sierra that they’re all still together.

Stephen will go with JT to join Coach, Debbie, and Tyson if he promises him he’ll turn on them. Yeah, but that leaves you down 2-3.

With that done, Stephen asks Taj to take out Brendan. She doesn’t trust him any more because he hasn’t really talked to them in two days.

JT’s realized that, if they vote for him and he and his group votes for Brendan, if he uses the idol, it will backfire on JT, sending him home instead. They decide to split the votes so that Sierra would be the one the idol takes out.

After all the scheming that’s gone down today, it’s pretty obvious it’s all moot. Jeff arrives to tell them that Joe is out of the game. Nobody will be voted out.

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