Survivor: Tocantins Episode 12

After Sierra proved to the rest of the tribe that Coach and Debbie are liars who can’t be trusted, nobody seemed to mind that, voting out Sierra in Survivor: Tocantins Episode 11.

Coach doesn’t like people who don’t play half as honestly as him. Since he’s a big liar, I’m not sure what would qualify for that.

Debbie is starting to grow tired of Coach and his inability to let things go. She also doesn’t like being associated with a negative force at camp. She goes to JT and Taj to say she’s not so sure about him. JT views this as a negative, and Stephen joins in by mocking her. Her response to overhearing them talking about her is that she’s in an alliance with them to the end.

It’s the Survivor auction. They each have $500. They cannot share money or food. The first item is french fries. Taj bids $40. Debbie bids $50. Or $70. Or whatever is $20 higher than $40. Coach bids $80. Taj bids $100. Debbie goes $120 and gets the fries. The next item is chicken parmesan with garlic bread and red wine. Coach goes $100. Stephen bids $120. Coach ups it to $200. JT goes $300. Coach gets it for $320. The next item is covered. Stephen starts at $100, then JT at $120, Stephen at $140, and JT at $160. JT gets the covered item, which is nachos, guacamole, and salsa. Stephen bids $20 for the next covered item. He and JT trade back and forth until Stephen hits $100. He gets a delicacy in Brazil: chicken hearts. He doesn’t seem to mind. Last item already is a video message from home. They can pool money for this item. JT gives his remaining money to Taj, and the others follow suit. She wins the message for $20. After she finishes watching the message, Jeff asks if she heard the last line. After thinking about it, it’s “See you back at camp.” If she’s willing to send herself to Exile Island with her husband Eddie, though, the others can all get their loved ones at camp. She agrees.

Coach tells his assistant coach they call him the dragon slayer. Who is this they of which he speaks?

Over on Exile, Eddie’s the one to start the fire. Some people are out there a month and can’t do that. Some of them can’t even do it in a tie breaker challenge with matches.

The next morning, Debbie’s back to plotting against Coach.

Coach wants to vote out Taj because of the immunity idol.

Even Erinn’s brought into the loop on this one. They join Stephen and JT to discuss getting rid of Coach.

She’s not in the loop on the next part of the plan, though. Debbie wants to vote her out next, and she promises to give the idol to one of them in the final three if she gets it. She’s okay with third place.

Well, that didn’t last long. JT and Stephen go to talk to Erinn and tell her everything. They want to vote out Debbie. Nobody wants third place.

The immunity challenge is to make their way through a series of obstacles, find 10 spinning math symbols, and race back to their answer board to solve a math equation. First they dig a big hole to crawl under a beam. JT gets half through and gets stuck, but he’s the first one through. The next obstacle is a balance beam, then a crawl through. JT’s first through those as well. Debbie is in second. Coach is third. JT’s back to his answer board. Taj and Stephen get through. Stephen’s struggling with the balance beam. JT’s across a second time, and he’s done looking at the symbols a second time before anybody else except Debbie is done once. Erinn is finally through. The fewer trips they can do this in, the better off they are. JT is working on the math. Debbie is next to work on the math. With only one look at the symbols, Stephen is on the math. Despite apparently having started off minutes after the others, Stephen is the first to answer, and he wins immunity.

Stephen tells us that he thinks Debbie would step aside at three and let them have it. For real?

JT and Stephen are completely convinced they’re in charge of this game. In reality, they only have as much power as the others are willing to grant them. They’re just sitting back and waiting for someone to run up to them with a plan to vote someone else out, and it’s working.

Coach believes that Debbie will never lie to him in this game.


With three votes, Debbie has been voted out. She could have lasted longer if she didn’t make that aggressive move against Coach. Little does he know his buddy voted against him.

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