The Apprentice UK Series 5 Episode 6

Kimberly’s excuse that she only manages creative people but is not actually creative herself did not fly with Sir Alan, as she was fired in The Apprentice UK Series 5 Episode 5.

The task is to sell items, some old and some new. They’re warned to not take everything at face value.

Kate goes over to Ignite, while Noorul goes over to Empire. Empire got the bad end of that trade.

Sir Alan appoints Philip to lead Ignite and Ben to lead Empire.

Sir Alan says that he doesn’t expect them to sell all 10 items, but he does want them to sell the ones they do sell for the right price. There are some valuable items among the junk. This is quite the contrast with the typical task on this show, which is to sell as much as possible.

Ben believes he can be great under situations such as heavy gunfire or explosions going off around him. He probably won’t find any of that here.

Philip starts off by trying to get past the fighting with Lorraine from last week. With that said, it’s time for him to start going after her. He doesn’t want her to waste time on that rug. Would this be the £200 rug that was pointed out as one of the gems at the top of the task?

Ben takes 7 items and gives the other half of his team just 3. You could try trusting them a bit more.

Philip splits his items equally, dividing between antiques and more contemporary items.

Philip, Lorraine, and Mona first head off to sell the skeleton because he believes the skeleton has the highest value. The antique shopkeepers tell them it’s just too new.

Ben, Noorul, and Debra start off with the books. The place they take them should be able to sort out the valuable items from the junk, but they can’t be rushed. Since they’ve got to cram so much into the day, they may not have the time to spend doing this. After a couple of valuations, Ben decides to leave.

Philip’s still hung up on the skeleton. At the suggestion of the shopkeepers, they will go to the college. Lorraine still wants to focus on the rug, and Philip still doesn’t want to listen to her.

As for Ben, he’s tired of wasting time with valuations, so he’s just going to sell. They get £100 for their books.

Perhaps if Philip goes to a pub, he can find some doctors having a lunch time drink. Somehow, they actually find someone to buy it for £160, some random guy who wanted one his whole life.

Howard has sold the riding boots for the other half of Philip’s team. Kate’s also selling some small value items.

Yasmina and James have sold their Frank Lampard poster for £40 to a retailer. Their next item is jellied eels. The fishmonger talks them down from £50 to 30.

Philip still thinks the Indian rug is garbage, so he takes it to an east end street market. Margaret calls this one of the most stupid activities they have yet engaged in. They don’t have any luck.

Ben’s team is attempting to unload the skeleton. Noorul has set up a meeting. He’s checked the value is over £150. The guy they have a meeting with is a student. The best he can do is £50. Ben agrees to sell it for £60.

Yasmina and James try to unload their rug, and they’re told to not waste their time in that area because the value is too high for anybody to buy it.

Philip will be going door to door with his rug.

Ben’s struggling to find any takers for the commode. He calls for reinforcements. Perhaps if he’d planned better, he wouldn’t have 5 items left to sell while the other half of his team has just one remaining. Debra is irritated with Yasmina and James, who would rather focus on selling the rug.

They will be heading to Greenwich Market to see what they can get rid of, apparently as cheaply as possible. Ben wants to sell all the shoes for £1, including the vintage shoes worth over £100.

With half an hour left, Philip decides to go into another pub, this time with a rug.

Yasmina and James, likewise, are still lugging around their rug. At least they realize the value of the rug, more than Philip does anyway. They sell it for £55.

Philip sells his rug to someone on the street for £50. Lorraine thought the rug and the shoes were worth the most. Philip asks why she’s bringing it up now, as if she hasn’t been bringing it up all day long.

Ben’s team thought he was a good team leader. He says it was probably the hardest task they’ve come up against, and he’s exhausted and stressed.

Philip’s team also supports him, even Lorraine.

This task will be judged on what they sold the items for, as compared with what they were worth. Rather than just trying to unload them at any price, they’d have been better off simply not selling some of them.

Ignite made a profit of £96 on the items they sold for more than their value, but they undersold two items and ended up with a net loss of £34.

Empire made a profit of £78 on some items, but they had a loss of £242 on the rest, for a net loss of £169.

Despite the fact that they had a loss, Ignite still won because they had less of a loss. Sir Alan wants Philip to have less of a thick head going forward, and perhaps actually listen to someone else for a change.

Ignite gets a reward of truffle tasting and wine. Philip thanks Lorraine for putting up with him for another day.

Sir Alan asks Empire why they didn’t make an effort at finding the gems. They stare at him without speaking.

Nick says that the skeleton probably wouldn’t have sold at all until Ben stepped in and closed the deal. Noorul steps in and tries to take credit. Yeah, credit for the item that caused them to lose half of what they lost. Let it go, dude. You don’t want credit for this.

Debra blames the poor split of items. Yasmina jumps in to defend herself, even though Debra seems to be blaming her project manager. Speaking of taking credit, Debra would like credit for the bulk of the sales from her team. Not content with arguing with Ben, she begins arguing with Nick as well, until Sir Alan tells her not to speak to him like that.

Ben will be bringing Noorul and James back with him. Uh… why James? He’s changed his mind and has decided to bring back Debra instead.

Margaret says that it was the bike and the skeleton that let them down.

Noorul, after much arguing, finally gets to his complaint about the failure of the task. It was the poor split of the items, which Debra also brought up.

Then it’s time for Ben to get into another shouting match, this time with Debra.

Noorul is still taking credit for the rug. He also takes credit for the bike. So basically both the items that Margaret blames for them losing the task.

Debra calls Ben a poor project manager.

Ben would like Noorul fired because he’s sat on the fence throughout the competition. Noorul doesn’t let him get out a complete thought. Could this guy please just shut up already? At least it looks like Debra’s safe because the other two are digging their own graves.

Because Sir Alan doesn’t know what Noorul’s been doing there, he has been fired. As for Debra, if she talks back to Nick like that again, she should not bother coming back.

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