The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 9

Two people were sent home in The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 8, neither of whom were named Rivers. First, Natalie Gulbis was fired on the fundraising task she chose the jewelry for. Then, Herschel Walker was fired based on his choices for his team’s frozen meal.

Clint’s not even going to say goodbye to Herschel.

Joan and Clint receive a new addition to their team: Jesse James. Jesse’s stuck with a losing team. Melissa is not happy either because she’s stuck with Brande and Annie, both of whom she hates.

The task is for Right Guard deodorant. They will create a 4 page print ad featuring Right Guard Fast Break including David Lee of the Knicks. Not giving them a lot of room to think for themselves.

Clint is the project manager for Kotu. Brande is the project manager for Athena.

Melissa’s throwing out some ideas, but she’s not getting much feedback. Annie’s concerned that her ideas are aimed at women, rather than men who read Sports Illustrated.

Clint’s got a one track mind. He wants to use sex to sell again. Jesse doesn’t like team Kotu already.

Melissa’s complaining as usual. Brande defers to Annie to come up with the ideas for the project.

Joan has no clue about sports, and she’s showing it. Granted, her idea to have him surrounded by a bunch of big black guys, which could be considered offensive, doesn’t have anything to do with her lack of knowledge of sports.

Jesse hopes to keep things simple, but Clint wants to do a bunch of random brand messages everywhere.

Annie’s going with the photographer to shoot David Lee, who she happens to know.

Melissa confronts Brande. They’re conspiring to get rid of her. Oh really? Why didn’t someone let them know? Now Brande’s kind of irritated by Melissa’s whining.

Jesse goes off to shoot the New York City skyline, which is the pressure that David Lee feels.

Since they won’t be getting the chance to shoot until that night, Kotu does some shots with stand ins to get an idea of what they’ll be looking at.

Clint’s thinking that Jesse may throw him under the bus and is just giving him enough rope to hang himself. Jesse is convinced they’ll lose.

Annie feels that Melissa’s doing a good job of conspiring against herself, so she doesn’t need to set her up.

Jesse thinks Clint sucks. He hates the direction they’re going, so he starts to detach himself from it.

Melissa’s mad (still) because they’re capable of doing everything without her.

Clint takes control of the photo shoot, of course.

Clint takes control of the editing while his team just sits on the couch not participating. Annie and Brande peek in to see the other team, which leads Joan to get running with the personal attacks again.

Jesse’s not hiding his feelings. He hates Clint’s design, but he’s not offering any constructive criticism.

Unlike them, Athena’s confident they’re going to win. Jim Kramer believes Annie’s brilliant. She’s got it set up so that she gets all the credit if they win but doesn’t take the bullet if they lose. Melissa, however, would like to take equal credit for everything.

Clint does the pitch for his team. Jesse considers this irrelevant because the rest of their ad doesn’t stack up.

Annie will be doing the pitch for her team. Melissa doesn’t like her presentation style.

Kotu’s orange color, which Clint pushed for, was liked by the executives, as was the power stripe idea that bordered the page. However, the use of a Right Guard jersey instead of a Knicks jersey didn’t work for them because David Lee is not too recognizable.

They liked Athena’s images, but they didn’t like that they buried the best image on page 3 of the ad.

Jesse tells Trump he didn’t think there was much of a team because Clint didn’t utilize his team members as well as he could have. Clint didn’t consider Jesse to be a team player. Joan doesn’t want to side with either one.

Joan’s angry that Annie knows David Lee.

Annie says that, if they lost, she should not be the one who is fired. Ivanka doesn’t like that Brande gave away the most important aspects of the task.

Melissa and Joan jump in to attack Annie and Brande.

Annie says that she’d rather go up against Melissa in the finals because Brande’s a much more effective fundraiser, so from a gameplay standpoint, it would make more sense to get rid of Brande, rather than ganging up on Melissa.

The executives liked both, but the winning ad is Kotu’s. Now Clint has to get some credit, although Jesse isn’t as happy as he probably should be with the win. Clint’s charity is the International Rett Syndrome Foundation.

Jim Kramer thinks Brande’s gotta go.

Annie says that Brande has been a stronger player overall.

Brande does not think that Annie should be fired, so she would get rid of Melissa, who’s gotten too personal in the game. Jim Kramer considers this too soft an answer.

Melissa acknowledges that she’s in the middle of the pack as a fundraiser but claims she’s done the most work.

Jim Kramer’s changed his mind based on Brande’s passionate response to his criticism that she was being too soft. He’d fire Melissa. Trump runs with this and fires her, knowing she would not be an effective fundraiser on the final tasks.

Melissa runs out of the boardroom as quickly as possible. She runs in to tell her mommy, swears at the girls, and demands her luggage. Joan says she’s leaving, too. Good riddance. Unfortunately, she doesn’t leave before she and her daughter scream some more and make even bigger fools of themselves. They’ve been the most poor sports in this whole season, but they’re even poorer losers.

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  1. its quite obvious this is for ratings. so joan rivers can freak out after melissa is fired and everyone is on edge to see if joan comes back. did melissa do anything wrong in this task? no she didnt really. and fundrasiing had nothing to do with it. so this is just ratings bull****

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