David Tutera Responds to Celebrity Apprentice 2 Finale

Remember how Joan Rivers called Annie Duke a big fat liar? (It was in between the comment about her friends being in the mafia and how she was a mass murdering fascist dictator.) On his website, David Tutera, the event planner who was involved in the show, has offered his input as to why he decided to remove himself from the show.

Here’s what he had to say:

David Tutera was asked to be a part of The Celebrity Apprentice season finale by the show’s producers. As a celebrity event planner and designer for over twenty years, David was happy to assist Joan Rivers and Annie Duke in throwing a party as their final challenge. The name nor the mission of the charity organization were not disclosed, despite numerous requests by David and it quickly became evident that Joan cared more about integrating the corporate sponsors into the event than benefitting the actual charity.

As a true philanthropist, David Tutera believes in giving back and works tirelessly with the Prevent Cancer Foundation, The Alzheimer’s Assocation, and GLSEN: Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Joan Rivers’ unprofessional actions and attempts at creating false drama were unexpected and offensive. Rather than respond to Joan’s personal attack and participating in an event where the true focus was clearly forgotten, David graciously stepped away from the situation.

The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Winner

Three more people were fired in The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 10. First, Clint Black was fired after the task. Then, Brande Roderick and Jesse James were fired after the interviews with Piers Morgan.

That sets up a final two that Donald Trump has probably been planning for a while now: Annie Duke against Joan Rivers. Annie’s been the clear frontrunner from the beginning, and I can’t imagine the justification for her not winning. As for Joan, she’s only in the final two because it’s “the biggest blood feud on television,” having proven to be a one trick pony only interested in making everything her version of funny, except the malicious personal attacks she inflicts on fellow cast members for no reason.

After the final boardroom, Annie attempts to have a discussion with Joan. Joan doesn’t want to talk, and she storms out of the room, as usual. Before walking out, Joan says “Let’s not be childish about this.” Is she giving herself that advice, or perhaps she’s saying it for her daughter to see? She only deals with her equals, so since Annie’s above her, they can’t talk.

Brande Roderick, Tom Green, Melissa Rivers, Clint Black, Herschel Walker, and Dennis Rodman are back. So Khloe Kardashian was fired because people who had a DUI can’t be on the show, yet Rodman, who was drunk for most of his six tasks, is back again? Typical Trump.

They flip a coin, and Annie wins even the coin toss.

Annie: Brande, Dennis, Tom
Joan: Herschel (not her daughter, but it’s not like Annie will pick her anyway, so this is a good strategy), Clint (the guy she hated before she hated Annie), Melissa

They will do a VIP party where they will auction off items. They will also work with Kodak and Cirque du Soleil. Kodak wants them to create a limited edition picture frame. For Cirque du Soleil, they will sell tickets for Wintuk at face value to the man on the street. Sure there aren’t any more companies you want to plug here in this task that doesn’t appear to fit together very cohesively?

They will be judged on the amount of money raised, the Kodak product integration, the charity integration, the celebrities in attendance, and overall guest experience.

Andrew Dice Clay, Scott Hamilton, Claudia Jordan, Brian McKnight, and Jesse James join Trump on stage for the live audience. Their appearance has not yet served any purpose.

Melissa would have preferred Tom or Dennis instead of Clint.

Joan says it’s good versus evil. So which side is she on?

Annie assigns Dennis and Tom to sell the tickets (there are 80) and work on the picture frame. Her goal is to raise half a million dollars. She hopes that Dennis comes through. There’s a real possibility he could raise 0, but he could also come through big.

Dennis has started fundraising already. He’s got $20,000 cash from the Pistons and Lakers.

Annie’s getting frustrated with Tom, who keeps interrupting the guy from Kodak when he’s trying to speak. She’s not the first one to bring up that issue.

Melissa would like to head up pictures. Herschel is assigned to fundraising. Clint doesn’t have any more money to raise, saying he’s gone through his whole rolodex already. So what’s he want to do?

Jim Cramer offers the stats. Annie’s teams have won 7 times, and she has a 2-0 record as a project manager. Joan, meanwhile, has been on 6 winning teams, and she has a 1-1 record as project manager. It’s the businessperson (on a business show) against the emotional person.

Annie can call up her poker player friends and tell them Joan trashed them, giving them more encouragement than they already seemed to have to begin with throughout the course of the season.

Clint doesn’t appear to be doing anything.

Tom and Dennis are kicking back and relaxing, until Tom decides to have some fun. Dennis will be his sidekick as they work to distract Annie from the task.

Melissa and Joan are confusing their event planner.

Tom and Dennis are inviting people to get on their bus. It’s nothing creepy. Honest.

Melissa and Herschel will be selling the tickets. Rather than actually selling them on the streets like they’re supposed to do, Herschel makes a phone call and unloads them all at once. Now they will just hand out all the tickets for free. This will either be frowned upon, or it will be looked at as genius.

Ivanka is worried that Joan’s people might not be willing to actually buy the auction items. She had that problem before.

Joan’s still unimpressed with her event planner.

Unlike Joan, Annie loves her event planner, probably because she’s provided her with a more coherent set of guidelines.

Brande and Annie are in positive spirits with their progress on auction items.

Joan doesn’t trust her event planner, so she calls her friends to do the design instead.

Joan asks Clint what he’s doing. He’s just writing up some e-mail.

Joan gets her event planner on the phone. He tells her they’ve got less than 12 hours to make this happen. She responds they can still do something wonderful despite the time crunch, although she doesn’t have any suggestions as to what. Later, he calls back. He quits.

As for Annie, who was initially having more luck, she’s having trouble getting her event planner on the phone. She’s at the design place to sign a contract, so she’ll barge into the office and find out why she won’t pick up her phone. The girl who meets them there throws them out. With the cameras out of the room, Annie finds out what happened. Because Joan was so difficult to work with, they won’t work with The Celebrity Apprentice at all, so Annie’s out of luck, too. The decision was made by the owner of the firm, the one who Joan was working with. Trump picked a real winner here, although it’s entirely possible this was intentional. It’s now after 5PM on a Friday night, so everybody’s closed.

George, the guy Trump dumped from the show because he wanted his kids on there instead, is in the audience to offer 15 seconds of input.

If Annie didn’t like Joan before, now it’s really war. They start making phone calls, and luckily Annie knows everybody. Joan calls up her charity, and they have an events team, so they will help her out.

Annie thinks she’s got the event planning under control, but the rest of it’s coming apart. Brande is worried about low celebrity turnout, while Dennis and Tom return to break the news that they haven’t sold all the tickets. They can’t keep up the joke, though, and they have actually sold everything.

Joan’s also struggling on the celebrity end. All of their celebrities have backed out. Herschel’s got a suggestion: impersonators.

Everybody from God’s Love We Deliver has shown up to work on Joan’s event planning. Meanwhile, Annie’s got a pair of designers, a construction crew, and a stocked warehouse. That should save both teams from disaster.

Joan knows someone who knows every female impersonator in New York. His mom just died. So why not call him up and see if he can help? He takes her call surprisingly well, and he will make some calls.

Clint actually will be doing some work today. He will record video of each auction item.

Annie has some videos that she’d like put on to the Kodak product and cut down. Tom’s job is to shoot the videos and cut out the parts she listed to cut out. He does as he wants, but after his hissy fit, they come to the agreement that it should be okay as it is.

Over on Joan’s side, she’s got Clint, Clint, and more Clint. Every picture frame has Clint in it.

There are a bunch of drag queens, including a Joan one that looks better than Joan. Dennis outdoes them all, putting a dress on himself, not for the first time.

Annie’s lined up a few celebrities, as well as all of her poker player friends.

Dennis doesn’t care for his team’s event. He sees it as people just networking.

Joan’s mostly got impersonators, but she also gets some actual celebrities. Kathy Griffin’s happy to be the biggest name in the room for a change.

Knowing they’re going to get crushed on funds anyway, Joan has priced her auction items so they’re easy to afford.

Kodak likes Melissa’s limited edition frame, which focused on sharing, to go along with the EasyShare brand. On the other side, the Kodak exec likes the use of the frames to tell about the charity.

Both Joan and Annie walk away from the event pleased with the whole experience. When the night’s over, they hop on their double decker buses and go to see Wintuk with the ticket buyers.

With the event over, it’s time for the final boardroom.

Dennis managed to redeem himself by doing what he had to do in the task.

Joan says her team was “interesting.” They got it done.

Melissa defends her actions when she turned into a raving lunatic by saying that she was faced with lies and deceit.

Donald found some of the faux celebrities to be creepy.

Dennis and Tom support Annie as a leader.

Joan says that Annie’s accusations about the decorator quitting because of her are a total lie. Wait until she watches the show back. Granted, she’ll still be in denial anyway. She tells Annie that she’s not allowed to discuss the subject because she refuses to have this air on TV. As if all the other stuff she’s done on this show has been okay. From Annie’s understanding, they were insulted that Joan went to one of her friends for help and wanted the event planner to work with them. In response to this, Joan says that Annie’s people have mafia money. Then the daughter, who hopefully will get back behind the camera and not in front of it again, jumps in to defend her mother.

Joan says that she thinks that you win with honor. So she’s got no shot. She’s tired of Annie telling the truth and making her look bad, and she just wants to know who the winner is.

Joan’s team raised $150,830; Annie’s team raised $465,725.

Annie did a phenomenal job on charity integration. Don says it was a big part of the experience that he didn’t see from Joan’s side of the table.

Joan won the other three criteria for the task: Kodak branding, celebrity attendance, and overall experience.

Jesse and Dennis get back into their argument/intervention.

Melissa still does not believe she embarrassed herself.

Clint refuses to answer the question, but Jesse would hire Annie. Dennis would hire Joan. Scott would hire Joan because he knows what it’s like to be getting old.

Joan is playing for God’s Love We Deliver, which delivers food to people with illnesses. Annie is playing for Refugees International, which works with governments to assist refugees.

Piers’ charity from last year, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, has been able to open a new center in Maryland to take care of soldiers returning from Iraq. They say that, without the impact from the show, they would not have been able to do that. For Trace Adkins’ charity, The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, managed to get through some legislation that was in the way before the show.

Trace would hire Joan. Piers would not hire his favorite throughout the season but instead would hire Joan because she won 3 of the 5 criteria from the final task.

Joan wants to be chosen because she won honorably and didn’t grab money.

Annie raised far more money, won more challenges, and won more as project manager. Annie blames the final task that she supposedly lost (because the Trumps crammed it so full of subjective criteria so they could hand pick who they wanted because they knew the fundraising aspect would be a landslide) on Joan causing the designer to quit. Joan again doesn’t want her to finish talking. Annie’s friends also came through, unlike Joan’s. Joan is unprofessional, and she’s proven it week after week. If Joan had actually behaved like she has on this show in the real world, she would be fired at best, and her employer would probably be sued. And then Joan screeches some more.

Ivanka says that Annie played a phenomenal game, but she admires Joan’s tenacity.

Don Jr. appreciates Joan’s stamina, but Annie lives and breathes game theory.

Annie has been fired. Joan is The Celebrity Apprentice 2 winner. I don’t get it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is a business show, right? Shouldn’t it be about more than someone having stamina for her age? Crushing everybody else on fundraising, performing consistently well on every task, and playing perhaps the best game in the history of the show is apparently not enough for the win, but this is the type of inconsistency we’ve come to know from Trump.

The Celebrity Apprentice 3 has been confirmed for next year, and there is talk that a new non-celebrity edition of The Apprentice is in the works.

The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 10

Melissa Rivers was finally eliminated in The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 9, after which she promply stormed off the show like a two year old, except with a more foul mouth. Her mommy was not far behind her, saying she was quitting because her daughter was treated unfairly.

Brande Roderick would like to see Joan Rivers come back. She’d like to go against her and win, which she’s done so consistently throughout the season already, proving who’s the dumb blonde.

They walk in to get their task, and Joan is not there. Is she coming back, or are we down to the final four? She’s back, despite the fact that she’s got a(nother) personal vendetta, or perhaps because of it.

The task is to create a new jingle for Chicken of the Sea, while retaining the original lyrics, and also they will make a radio commercial. Annie Duke and Brande are afraid. Kotu for once has an advantage. They’ve got Grammy award winner Clint Black.

Annie will be the project manager for Athena since Brande was last time. At Joan’s suggestion, Clint will again be the project manager for Kotu, and Jesse has decided he doesn’t mind.

Annie’s pretty comfortable with the commercial, but the jingle scares her. She considers her musical ability to be slim, while Brande’s is none.

Joan is worried that the commercial will not be funny, which does not sit well with her because she doesn’t know how to do anything else.

Jesse and Joan will work on the commercial, while Clint works on the jingle.

Clint’s already got his jingle done. Joan and Jesse considered it brilliant until they actually start to record it. Joan makes Jesse tell Clint that she wants the jingle to be peppier. Clint agrees to record both but likes the slower one better. Joan even wants to add her own brand of humor to the end of the jingle, finishing it with cluck cluck cluck splash, which he quickly rejects. Ivanka cautions Clint that it sounds old fashioned.

Kotu has hired some professional actors, but Joan and Jesse have decided to just do it on their own because the guy sounds like a boring game show announcer.

Having finished with their radio spot, Annie’s still struggling with their jingle.

As for Kotu, it seemed like they already finished the jingle, but Clint’s a perfectionist and keeps plugging along, nitpicking at every little thing. Joan wants just 15 minutes so they can get the commercial done. He gives them two takes, and then it’s back to the jingle.

Annie has finished her jingle. It doesn’t suck.

Joan still wants to add comedy to Clint’s jingle. Can this one trick pony be fired already?

Annie gives the presentation for Athena, and she’s quite happy with what she’s come up with. Their commercial is two moms having a conversation about making food for their kids, which is perfectly in line with the targeted consumers.

Clint does the presentation and the singing for his team.

Joan thought Athena’s jingle was adorable, but she found their commercial boring because it didn’t have any humor in it. Clint found it to be very musical. Jesse thought it was not bad.

Annie thinks Kotu’s is really different, but since it’s from Clint Black, they have to give him credit for it sounding good.

The executives found Athena’s jingle catchy and liked how the commercial said it was fast, fresh, and convenient. The one negative is that they didn’t mention the tuna in pouches.

The execs liked Kotu’s jingle performance and the focus on naturalness and health. They liked the comedy in the commercial. The negatives were that they didn’t think everyone necessarily loved country music, and they wished there was more focus on the convenience of the product, which was ultimately what they were trying to highlight.

Athena has won because of their broader appeal. It’s an emotional win for Annie, who initially was in such despair that they didn’t have a chance, and she will be receiving an additional $20,000 for Refugees International.

Jesse blames the fact that it was Clint’s show again, and he didn’t really listen to their ideas.

Joan felt she was being restrained. She still wants cluck cluck cluck splash. Ivanka responds that not including that was correct.

Joan would fire the project manager. Trump agrees, and Clint Black has been fired. He is unsurprised that he’s been fired. As he’s walking out, he asks Joan to stop being mean to people. Good luck with that.

Clint joins Brande and Athena on the couch. Final four. Yay. Except Joan won’t even look at them, and then she walks out. Now the others can celebrate.

The night’s not over yet, though. They can all return to the boardroom.

Piers Morgan, the original The Celebrity Apprentice winner, will interview all of them, and then two more people will be fired.

Brande is up first. The first question is about the people who have suggested she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. She knows that came from Joan, who initially said she was surprisingly smart but then changed her tune when she made it personal. She’d like to be the dumb blonde who ends up winning. Piers, however, doesn’t think she’s smart enough to move on to the final two.

Piers found Joan to be complicated. He asks her if she’s a quitter, since she previously admitted to him that she would quit. Her principles only apply to her daughter. Annie is a poker player, and she’s playing Joan. If it came down between her and Annie, Joan would kill to win. That’s something Trump would like to see.

Piers calls Annie the smartest contestant by quite a long way. Everybody wants to shoot the fastest gun. She thinks everybody else doesn’t understand the game, whereas she does.

He thinks Jesse, who hasn’t brought in any money despite being married to one of the richest movie stars in the world, must have a lot more than he’s showing us. Jesse says he’s there to prove a regular guy can do the same things as someone in a suit, and he says that he just leads a regular life.

If Annie makes it to the final two, she’d like to compete against Joan, the weakest player considering she should easily be able to raise money.

Brande thinks she’s the only one who could compete with Annie because neither of the other two have raised any money.

The Trumps respond that Brande’s been riding Annie’s coattails. Joan agrees.

Trump doesn’t think Brande has what it takes to be The Celebrity Apprentice, so she has been fired.

Trump asks Jesse whether he’s been holding back. He denies that he’s been holding back.

Joan says that she’s got the stamina to keep up.

When asked why he should stay around, Jesse responds that this competition is a little bit bigger than Joan.

Jesse hasn’t decided whether he’ll use his big knockout punch for the finale.

Due to his lack of fundraising, Jesse has been fired.

That brings us down to an Annie vs. Joan final two. Wow, big surprise. Annie’s the only one who belongs there, and I guess she’s got to compete against somebody. That somebody is Joan, who’s very unhappy who she will be competing against, like she’s unhappy about everything else.

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The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 9

Two people were sent home in The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 8, neither of whom were named Rivers. First, Natalie Gulbis was fired on the fundraising task she chose the jewelry for. Then, Herschel Walker was fired based on his choices for his team’s frozen meal.

Clint’s not even going to say goodbye to Herschel.

Joan and Clint receive a new addition to their team: Jesse James. Jesse’s stuck with a losing team. Melissa is not happy either because she’s stuck with Brande and Annie, both of whom she hates.

The task is for Right Guard deodorant. They will create a 4 page print ad featuring Right Guard Fast Break including David Lee of the Knicks. Not giving them a lot of room to think for themselves.

Clint is the project manager for Kotu. Brande is the project manager for Athena.

Melissa’s throwing out some ideas, but she’s not getting much feedback. Annie’s concerned that her ideas are aimed at women, rather than men who read Sports Illustrated.

Clint’s got a one track mind. He wants to use sex to sell again. Jesse doesn’t like team Kotu already.

Melissa’s complaining as usual. Brande defers to Annie to come up with the ideas for the project.

Joan has no clue about sports, and she’s showing it. Granted, her idea to have him surrounded by a bunch of big black guys, which could be considered offensive, doesn’t have anything to do with her lack of knowledge of sports.

Jesse hopes to keep things simple, but Clint wants to do a bunch of random brand messages everywhere.

Annie’s going with the photographer to shoot David Lee, who she happens to know.

Melissa confronts Brande. They’re conspiring to get rid of her. Oh really? Why didn’t someone let them know? Now Brande’s kind of irritated by Melissa’s whining.

Jesse goes off to shoot the New York City skyline, which is the pressure that David Lee feels.

Since they won’t be getting the chance to shoot until that night, Kotu does some shots with stand ins to get an idea of what they’ll be looking at.

Clint’s thinking that Jesse may throw him under the bus and is just giving him enough rope to hang himself. Jesse is convinced they’ll lose.

Annie feels that Melissa’s doing a good job of conspiring against herself, so she doesn’t need to set her up.

Jesse thinks Clint sucks. He hates the direction they’re going, so he starts to detach himself from it.

Melissa’s mad (still) because they’re capable of doing everything without her.

Clint takes control of the photo shoot, of course.

Clint takes control of the editing while his team just sits on the couch not participating. Annie and Brande peek in to see the other team, which leads Joan to get running with the personal attacks again.

Jesse’s not hiding his feelings. He hates Clint’s design, but he’s not offering any constructive criticism.

Unlike them, Athena’s confident they’re going to win. Jim Kramer believes Annie’s brilliant. She’s got it set up so that she gets all the credit if they win but doesn’t take the bullet if they lose. Melissa, however, would like to take equal credit for everything.

Clint does the pitch for his team. Jesse considers this irrelevant because the rest of their ad doesn’t stack up.

Annie will be doing the pitch for her team. Melissa doesn’t like her presentation style.

Kotu’s orange color, which Clint pushed for, was liked by the executives, as was the power stripe idea that bordered the page. However, the use of a Right Guard jersey instead of a Knicks jersey didn’t work for them because David Lee is not too recognizable.

They liked Athena’s images, but they didn’t like that they buried the best image on page 3 of the ad.

Jesse tells Trump he didn’t think there was much of a team because Clint didn’t utilize his team members as well as he could have. Clint didn’t consider Jesse to be a team player. Joan doesn’t want to side with either one.

Joan’s angry that Annie knows David Lee.

Annie says that, if they lost, she should not be the one who is fired. Ivanka doesn’t like that Brande gave away the most important aspects of the task.

Melissa and Joan jump in to attack Annie and Brande.

Annie says that she’d rather go up against Melissa in the finals because Brande’s a much more effective fundraiser, so from a gameplay standpoint, it would make more sense to get rid of Brande, rather than ganging up on Melissa.

The executives liked both, but the winning ad is Kotu’s. Now Clint has to get some credit, although Jesse isn’t as happy as he probably should be with the win. Clint’s charity is the International Rett Syndrome Foundation.

Jim Kramer thinks Brande’s gotta go.

Annie says that Brande has been a stronger player overall.

Brande does not think that Annie should be fired, so she would get rid of Melissa, who’s gotten too personal in the game. Jim Kramer considers this too soft an answer.

Melissa acknowledges that she’s in the middle of the pack as a fundraiser but claims she’s done the most work.

Jim Kramer’s changed his mind based on Brande’s passionate response to his criticism that she was being too soft. He’d fire Melissa. Trump runs with this and fires her, knowing she would not be an effective fundraiser on the final tasks.

Melissa runs out of the boardroom as quickly as possible. She runs in to tell her mommy, swears at the girls, and demands her luggage. Joan says she’s leaving, too. Good riddance. Unfortunately, she doesn’t leave before she and her daughter scream some more and make even bigger fools of themselves. They’ve been the most poor sports in this whole season, but they’re even poorer losers.

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The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 8

After returning from his concert, Brian McKnight threw in the towel and was fired after the end of the first task in The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 7. During the boardroom, Joan Rivers got mad because Annie Duke did not team up with her little girl Melissa against Brande Roderick. So, of course, Trump “coincidentally” matched Annie against Joan as project managers for the second task, a charity auction.

Piers Morgan, winner of The Celebrity Apprentice, is back. He’s expecting to see a lot of activity in the Kotu room. Instead, he sees Herschel Walker and Clint Black sitting there chatting with some models.

After Piers pays them a visit, Melissa finally realizes she has to start making some calls to try to increase the money she’s got coming in. She knows she and Jesse are bringing up the rear.

Annie has gotten word that Natalie is attempting to raise funds through Phil Hellmuth. Phil calls her to confirm this, and she ain’t happy. She calls and warns the guy who gave away Phil’s name that he might want to turn the volume down on his phone. The other team hears the screaming through the wall. It was a good move, but it didn’t quite work. That leaves Natalie without very much money for the task.

Melissa is still looking for a pat on the back.

Annie’s got a bunch of friends sitting in the audience as expected, so she knows right where to go to get the money. She gets $25,000 for the earrings. Then she gets $52,000 for a necklace. Brande comes out next, and this is Stewie’s girl. He bids $50,000.

Clint is the auctioneer for his team. Unlike Annie, he doesn’t have a group of friends lined up to bid. Nobody’s bidding. They skip past the first item. Piers calls this an insult to the Trumps. He gets the starting bid on the next item, $12,000. They decide to switch things around and bring what was supposed to close out their night up third. Clint’s trying to sell based on his original cards. He doesn’t realize he’s really trying to sell a ring, not earrings. Joan gets out on stage to try to save him. This finally produces some good results as intended, since this is the piece they’ve put all their money on, with this item bringing in $83,500.

Annie says that Melissa did a fantastic job on the jewelry. She does not believe there was a weak player on their team, but if she had to pick, it would be based on money raising. That would mean Jesse and Melissa. Piers asks: couldn’t Jesse get money through his wife’s (Sandra Bullock) friends?

Ivanka wasn’t happy with the pieces Natalie picked. She’s also not happy that they pooled their money on one item, leaving the others up as a free for all that may or may not sell.

Donald Trump asks Joan why she hasn’t tried calling more people. She says she has tried. This time it’s Melissa to the rescue of her mom. She calls Piers disrespectful.

Trump asks Annie what her take is on this. Joan’s not interested. She plugs her ears. What is she, 5? Annie agrees it was disrespectful to Ivanka. Joan’s response is that Annie is a despicable human being.

Annie says that business is business. Yet Joan continuously has these rants where she personally attacks people. First Clint. Now Annie. In response to Annie’s concerns, Joan compares her to Hitler. If Annie’s so bad, why did people get on planes at 6AM to give her money?

So then Joan brings up the phone call from the other day where Annie was yelling. That yelling was effective and stopped her team in its tracks. They don’t get the point of this story since it’s self defeating.

Piers wants to know why Melissa continues to defend her mommy, who’s on the opposing team.

Melissa says that Annie’s not a bad person, but she is different than she is in the boardroom.

Kotu raised $92,000 in profit, mostly through one piece. Athena raised $153,000. This record amount of money from one task will go to Annie’s charity, Refugees International. They are more than double where last year’s celebrities were at this point.

Clint says there is no weak player on their team.

Trump wants to know why Joan didn’t pick the jewelry. Joan says that she had a young point of view, like Ivanka. Ultimately, though, Joan liked the other team’s jewelry better.

Joan is unable to answer who should be fired. She even likes Clint now.

Herschel raised $55,000, so he’s probably safe.

Because she was not an effective fundraiser and picked the wrong jewelry, Natalie Gulbis is fired.

The task will be to create a new signature meal for Schwan’s Livesmart brand, as well as a new marketing campaign for the brand.

Jesse James is finally the project manager for his team.

Herschel will be the project manager for Kotu. He realizes that Joan and Clint still aren’t comfortable with each other, no matter what they may say in the boardroom.

The food has to taste good, although they have to be wary of calories, fat, and sodium.

Annie looks up the Schwan’s brand. She sees that their #2 regular seller is pasta and meatballs, which they do not currently offer the low calorie version of. She wants to do this.

Rather than just caving, Jesse asks the others what they want. Melissa picks chili. Brande picks meatloaf and mashed potatoes (as health food?). They’re going to make all three and choose between them.

Jesse sends Brande off to cook with Annie so that Melissa isn’t in there with her.

Herschel will be the chef since Joan can’t cook and Clint can barely cook. He picks chicken because that’s a popular item online. Clint agrees to let Herschel have his way, but they’ll be doing a chicken dish based on Clint’s wife’s recipe.

Melissa wants to know what their plans are. Jesse doesn’t seem to know.

Annie’s putting her money where her mouth is, and she’s proving that she knows how to cook. Brande’s back to getting tired of Annie again.

Clint objects to Herschel’s dessert, but he agrees to let Herschel do as he pleases as project manager. He’s not sure that the yogurt can be frozen and thawed successfully.

Clint wasn’t delegated to cook, but he wants to cook anyway. They find out the meal is very salty. When someone tells you their aim is low sodium, you probably don’t want to include soy sauce. They squeeze some oranges to try to reduce the flavor of the soy.

Jesse loves the chili. The girls go with the pasta and meatballs, and he goes with it to keep them happy.

Jesse won’t tell his team what the marketing part of the task or the presentation is. They go home while he continues to work on it because it’s not like he’s letting them in.

Kotu’s dish is orange Asian soy chicken with green beans and sweet potatoes, as well as dessert. Clint’s marketing concept is to get himself on camera and have meals delivered to his tour bus. They like the meal itself, but the dessert is problematic. First, can they freeze it? If they can, to package it would be expensive.

Athena’s meal is the triple play turkey meatballs with gluten-free pasta and appleberry crisp. Jesse has managed to pull off his secretive presentation. Jesse’s team doesn’t know what the marketing is, though, and neither do the executives.

Herschel says Joan did a better job than Clint because she did what she was told to do.

Annie thinks Jesse did well in some areas but not well in others.

The executives liked the innovative and gluten-free approach (all Annie’s idea, which Joan doesn’t like), but they didn’t like the lack of a marketing campaign.

They liked that Kotu’s dish was easy to create and tasted good, but Herschel’s dessert was overly complicated.

Despite the lack of a marketing campaign, Athena has won. Jesse’s charity, the Long Beach Education Foundation, will receive $20,000.

Clint thought they won but was concerned that they were giving them something they already had. He wouldn’t have done the chicken. Herschel claims that Clint never expressed his criticism against that idea.

Joan again can’t answer who should be fired.

Since he was responsible for the choice of chicken and also the dessert, Herschel Walker has been fired, leaving Joan and Clint to fend for themselves. Let’s see how they get on as a team.

Trump actually made two decisions that could be backed up as common sense tonight. Who saw that coming? Granted, these Rivers chicks need to go home already.

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The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 7

Last week’s double firing in The Celebrity Aprentice 2 Episode 6 was brought to you in part by Donald Trump’s ego. If you missed the first hour and 50 minutes, don’t worry. You didn’t miss anything related to the firings. First, Tionne was told by Trump how impressed by her he was the prior week. Then, she was fired after he asked if she remembered Bradford (she didn’t, and nobody else does either), who got fired for volunteering to come back to the boardroom. Next, it was Khloe Kardashian’s turn to be fired. What did she do wrong? She got a DUI before the show even began filming, which Trump was too incompetent to figure out until after the first 6 episodes had aired. Taking the moral high ground, Trump (yeah, Donald Trump) fired her on the basis of not wanting someone who had a DUI in her history to be on his show, although he had no problem letting Dennis Rodman run around drunk for 6 episodes. In the real world, this would be illegal. So much about this being a show about business lessons. This is the same hope for ratings that sank this show the first time, and it looks like Trump’s trying to do it again.

Joan expects Clint to be fired, but if he’s not fired, she says she will not work with him again.

Clint and Melissa both expected the people they brought back would be safe. They should have been.

Brian McKnight will be on Athena now that he’s back.

Trump asks if anybody has any problems with the boardroom. Joan speaks up. Trump defends himself. Not well.

Natalie Gulbis will be the project manager for Kotu. Brian will be the project manager for Athena. The two people who haven’t led a task, Annie Duke and Jesse James, do not step forward. Annie doesn’t want to be the manager for this because it’s too subjective and she doesn’t have a great deal of control over what the person judging it will think.

This week’s task is for an identity theft company. They’re going to create an in-store point of sale display.

Annie takes the lead on asking the executives questions. Brian just sits back and lets her run with it.

Next we see an ad for Joan and Melissa’s “viral” videos. Combined, with two national promotions, they’ve managed to generate just over 3000 views. Should have gone with Jesse’s video, All.

Joan’s a bit of a one trick pony, wanting to make their display funny. The others opt for a theme that revolves around a safe.

Jesse will be doing the display design for his team.

Brande will just sit back and let the others do whatever they want. She doesn’t plan to give any input on the task, believing that, if she just does as she’s told, she’ll be fine.

Athena’s construction design team has been waiting around killing time for three and a half hours. Annie finally asks Brian if anyone’s called the construction guy about time lines. His response: no one has. So would he like somebody to do that? Annie calls. Melissa’s take on Annie calling the guy: she’s just covering her own butt. The answer Annie gets is that they need to be there by 4:00. They have 15 minutes. Nobody else seems concerned by this. So then she calls Brande and Jesse and has them leave and get there as quickly as they can.

Jesse believes he’s getting sick, which is bad news for his team because he’s been relied on quite a bit. After he vomits, maybe he’ll feel a little better. For him, though, there’s no excuse to sit on the sidelines unless he’s dying, so he’s going to keep trying.

Brande is there merely to serve as a distraction to the guys who are trying to work on the design.

Joan believes their concept is boring. She suggests to Natalie that they should use Herschel Walker in their display. In addition to celebrity, she wants to use humor, and idea that shows who’s really running this task.

With that said, at 5:15PM, they call Clint to say they want to change everything. His concern is time. Somehow, this leads to an argument between him and Herschel. Clint’s the only one who realizes that the ad can’t stay as is if they add a bunch of stuff to it. They’ll have to shrink the rest of it down.

Athena’s CD is blank. The designers need something not blank to be sent to them so that they can finish their work.

George is concerned about the lack of creativity he sees from Athena.

Joan has decided she can tolerate Clint.

Athena is struggling with technology. First, they lack technology at the design place, so it must be done at the printer by the other half of the team. Then, they struggle with e-mail because the image is too big. Annie blames their troubles on the lack of understanding of a deadline by anyone until the last minute.

When the others arrive at the design place, they’re impressed that Jesse’s still working despite being sick, but they don’t like that Brande’s not doing anything on her own.

The night before, Natalie decided that they should pack in a couple hours before 10, instead of going back to Brooklyn to see what they are going to be working with. The next morning, they realize the faces are too small, so they’ll need to run around trying to get the fixed version. With one minute remaining, they return and are ready to go.

Joan does the presentation for Kotu. She thought her presentation was just okay.

Brian will be doing the presentation for Athena. He wants to sell them the display, not the product.

Natalie was impressed by her team, although she’s not sure they won.

Clint believes Natalie was a great project manager. Joan rates her about average.

Kotu’s positives: original idea, great use of celebrities
Kotu’s negative: display units didn’t house the packaging (anyone wanting to buy would have to call or go elsewhere)

Athena’s positives: good presentation, good brand messaging
Athena’s negatives: spin on what they had already done, not very original

Kotu won, despite the lack of actual product. Had Joan not stepped in and forced them to change it and add celebrity pictures with bright colors, they may not have won, although the quality of the packaging was pretty good without that. Natalie will receive $20,000 for the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Joan is pretty sure her daughter is safe because Brande’s going home based on her conversation with Annie at dinner last night. I have to wonder whether she heard what she wanted to hear.

Annie blames mainly Brian about the fact that they ran out of time.

George found Brian to be very laid back.

When asked who she thought was the weak link on the team, Annie says Brian. Because she didn’t say Brande, Joan assumes she must be a trouble maker.

George says that it’s not good that they spent so much time on the presentation, which was Melissa’s primary focus. If her daughter is fired, Joan will quit, too. So she says.

Brande blames the project manager Brian. Jesse would also fire him.

Melissa would fire Brande because she doesn’t think ahead or outside of the box. She just does as she’s told.

Annie agrees. She doesn’t stick her neck out. Ivanka counters that Annie is just like that, since she hasn’t stepped up as a project manager.

Brian doesn’t seem overly concerned whether he’s fired or not. He chooses Brande and Melissa. With that, Joan breaks her glass and starts packing.

Melissa blames Annie. Uh, Melissa, Annie’s not even on the firing line with you. Stick to Brian and Brande.

Brian says that he doesn’t like the idea of firing anyone, so he doesn’t offer an opinion who should go.

Brande doesn’t think that Brian wants to be there any more. He responds that, in some ways, he’s had enough. With that said, Brian’s fired. He’s okay with that decision, accepting responsibility for the loss.

Still an awful lot of time left in this show, though. Something else is going to happen.

Trump wants them to be brought back in.

Their next task starts right now.

They will hold a fashion show and jewelry auction. Because Trump’s daughter has a jewelry line, they will be selling her product.

Annie will be the project manager for Athena. Joan suggests Herschel as project manager for Kotu. Trump would rather see Joan do it. Time for a showdown between Annie and Joan. Yeah, this wasn’t staged.

The first thing Annie does is assign tasks. She picks Melissa for jewelry. Melissa wants to do clothes as well. Brande will be in charge of that, though. Melissa is offended.

Brande’s excited about being involved in this task. She has booked the models to give them first pick, and she’s got evening gowns lined up as well. She’s proving she’s the right choice for this task. Melissa’s slowly growing more irritated, although you can’t really tell because she has no facial expressions.

Joan’s goal is to get the nicest, cheapest jewelry.

Clint will be the auctioneer for Kotu.

Joan is continuing the personal attacks on Annie. She’s over her fight with Clint. Now it’s time for fresh blood.

Annie’s already lined up a buyer for $25k, or whatever she needs to win. That’s more than anybody else on the other team thinks they can get from all their buyers. Melissa, who apparently doesn’t realize she’s on Annie’s team, doesn’t like this.

Annie tells her team that, if they lose, whoever raises the least is going to be taken into the boardroom to be fired. Jesse doesn’t want to waste his bullets unless it’s going to his charity or for when it counts.

The other team knows how dangerous Annie is. They come up with an idea to pool all their money. If they don’t sell a piece, they don’t have to pay the wholesale price for that piece. All they have to do is sell their cheapest piece for a lot of money and make a big profit.

Natalie is in charge of picking the jewelry. Joan has opted to let her do that, although it’s not entirely clear why.

Joan is unhappy with the jewelry that Natalie picked. They won’t display well on a runway. Natalie says that the jewelry Melissa picked was too flashy and chunky. Joan says her daughter was right. Not that she’d ever say she was wrong.

Annie and Brande are spearheading the phone calls to the donors, in an effort to pick up the slack for Melissa and Jesse.

One of Brande’s donors says he’ll raise as much money as they need to win.

Natalie’s already exhausted her rolodex, so she asks: are there any poker players who would like to beat Annie?

Natalie and Joan decide to go to the department store, so Clint and Herschel are left to the task of picking models. Jesse realizes that this was a mistake when he sees what the women on his team are looking for from models.

In addition to the fact that they actually paid attention to what they should have with the models, Athena comes up with the idea of making Brande the model for the piece of jewelry that her big donor will be buying. Somehow, this offends Melissa, too.

Watching Joan and Natalie shopping, it’s not as if Clint and Herschel would have been any better at this aspect of the task either.

Brande’s concerned what she’s going to wear, so Melissa takes over the task of dressing the other girls.

Natalie hopes to get some money from Phil Hellmuth, one of the leading poker champions.

Trump has asked someone to keep an eye on Annie and Joan, project leaders who hate each other, as well as the bratty Melissa and Jesse, who hasn’t raised any money. It’s Piers Morgan, last year’s winner.

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The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 6

Dennis Rodman finally got the axe in The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 5, to go along with the intervention he received.

Melissa Rivers tripped and tore two ligaments in her leg at the Loews Regency Hotel.

Now that the men have been decimated, it’s time to mix up the teams. The new Kotu is Herschel, Joan, Natalie, Clint, and Khloe. The new Athena is Jesse, Melissa, Annie, Tionne, and Brande. Jesse’s in a group of all women, while Melissa no longer has her mommy to protect her. Brian McKnight will not be there this week and will probably end up on the losing team when he returns.

Each team will be responsible for producing a viral Internet video for All Laundry Detergent to be judged on buzzworthiness, branding, and originality. Perez Hilton will be sharing his expertise. Apparently a celebrity gossip blogger will be able to offer insight on this product.

Melissa will be the project manager for Athena because she produced something before. Clint has produced music videos and will be the project manager for Kotu.

Jesse James wants to film a biker buddy being married to Brande, who thinks it’s hard to be married to a biker. Annie doesn’t like that. Her alternative: Jesse being bathed by midgets (because the name of the product is Small & Mighty). He doesn’t like her idea either.

Joan Rivers suggests having a midget washing machine like the clown car where people keep getting out. Herschel Walker would rather have midgets be hung out to dry after bathing in the bath. Clint comes up with a dirty joke about how doing the wash is a euphemism for sex. Sounds lame, but they’re going to run with it.

The All people say their target audience is young women. If they have children, they’re women with children, not moms.

The executives from All are quite confused by Kotu’s pitch. They tell them they can do whatever they want, but they don’t give them any indication that they like the direction they’re headed. Whatever they do, it will involve going back to the drawing board.

When they return to brainstorming, they’re throwing things on a wall and hoping something will stick. Clint insists they stick to his original idea.

Jesse reluctantly agrees to be bathed by little people.

Clint has taken complete control of his team’s task and doesn’t really want their input. They’re just following him off a cliff like lemmings. Joan attempts to stand up to him, but he thinks his idea is so great and unsurprisingly doesn’t want to hear anything.

Jesse says that his new team is way more organized.

Little Don raises an eyebrow at the concept of midgets bathing Jesse. The actors are happier doing this than being an oompa loompa, though.

Kotu has decided to dismiss their original actor. If they were going for sexy, they weren’t getting anywhere with it.

Melissa is tired of Annie.

Now that Clint’s gotten rid of the actor, he will be reading the lines himself. Joan repeatedly asks what they’re doing. She doesn’t get an answer. After much of Joan’s screaming, he reveals his plan. He will be the lead, and one of them will be the female. Joan, perhaps?

None of them are interested, so they hire a woman to be a wife or the girlfriend, whoever she’s supposed to be. The women on the team don’t actually know what Clint’s idea is. Joan just goes to sleep because they have nothing else to do.

Tionne and Annie have handled the wardrobe. At Jesse’s suggestion, they dress them up as All bottles.

Annie’s gotten over her problems with Jesse and is now pleased that he’s there with them.

Herschel’s been eleswhere for the day. When he arrives that night, he hears what they’re doing. He’s as confused as everybody else. He tries to talk to Clint, but he doesn’t want to hear from him either.

The women continue on about how it’s not funny, but they thought it was hilarious originally (when it wasn’t).

Herschel throws out an idea. Put captions on the video to fill in thought bubbles.

When he gets into the editing bay, Clint says he doesn’t feel very good about what they’ve done. Then he locks the others out. Once he’s done editing the video, Clint calls the others in. Now that it’s all done, he finally agrees to ask for some input. Herschel wants to add captions still. Joan doesn’t know what the video tells her. Khloe thinks it’s cheesy. Since he continues to shoot down their ideas, Joan’s tired of wasting her time. She hopes she never sees him again when this is over.

Looking at the finished product, Clint has agreed to at least one idea someone else suggested: thought bubbles.

Perez Hilton was disappointed with the Kotu video. It wasn’t very funny at all. However, he thought the Athena video was excellent. He doesn’t believe that either of the videos would appeal to women with children, though.

The execs completely missed the idea of the Kotu video, not that everybody else didn’t. They considered it to be a video about cheating men, rather than a guy who did the job himself.

Clint acknowledges he did not great. Joan is ashamed to have had any part of that video. She will be taking every CD of his and throwing it out.

Melissa interrupts the fighting between Clint and Joan. Now it’s time for the daughter to come to the mother’s aid.

Melissa doesn’t believe she or her mother are even a little obnoxious. Oh really?

Annie thinks Kotu’s video is terrible, and she doesn’t get it any more than anybody else does.

Kotu finds Athena’s video hilarious, and they’re not hiding it.

Despite the high praise for Athena’s video, though, the result is that the executives from All hated both videos. Not overly surprising considering they didn’t appear to have a sense of humor. If all they wanted was a serious commercial, they shouldn’t have asked for a viral video.

Melissa will be bringing back Tionne, who said she will stand by her, as well as Brande.

Clint will be bringing back Khloe and Natalie. But not Joan.

Of those people, two people will be fired, which seems quite pointless to me because there’s only one person who screwed up so badly that he deserves to be fired. The second person is just for show.

Melissa says that she has nothing to fault anyone else on her team with. If they lost, she’s willing to take the bullet. Both of her team members speak highly of her.

Trump goes back to Bradford, who volunteered to come back to the boardroom. He was fired. Since Tionne volunteered to come back, she’s fired. Stupid, stupid, stupid. There is no point to this firing. This is the kind of thing that derailed this show in the first place. The theory is to boost ratings by getting people talking, but it irritates people and has the opposite impact.

Trump that says there’s no chance he could have fired Joan because she was right, so it was smart not to bring her back.

He asks everybody if they want to be fired. Clint says no, he’d rather continue with the game. Natalie likewise would like to continue, even if it means missing a big golf tournament in Asia.

As for Khloe, where was she last week? She had a DUI that she had to take classes for. Nobody on the show told Trump about it, but she came to him and admitted what had happened. Because she had a DUI, she’s fired.

Are you freaking kidding me? I just sat and watched this episode for two hours, and the two people who got fired were fired for no reason connected to any of it? Meanwhile, the only guy who actually screwed up gets off scott free. This is pathetic.

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The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 5

The women finally lost in The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 4, and Claudia Jordan was fired for losing control of her team and then making it personal.

The women won’t be missing Claudia any. However, this time it’s Khloe Kardashian’s turn to take the day off, so they will be another person down for the first day.

The teams will each be running 5 rooms at Loews Regency Hotel. Their guests will rate each team. Dicey task.

Tionne Watkins is the project manager for the women. Dennis Rodman agrees to be the project manager for the men. Annie Duke is hopeful that Dennis’ customer service will ultimately end in disaster.

Joan Rivers will be the concierge because she knows New York.

Clint Black hopes that Dennis stands a better chance to be a leader than a follower. Brian McKnight, however, is struggling to understand Dennis’ seemingly simple instructions.

The celebrities, who are used to having maids do this work that’s beneath them, start off with instructions on how to clean the rooms. Some of them are very quickly disgusted. From there, they go through the rest of the hotel at 30 minutes per training session. It’s all very rushed.

Dennis is starting to show what he can do. He calls up Carnegie Deli to hook them up with whatever they need from there. Then he lines up two complimentary chauffeur driven Mercedes. Jesse James and Herschel Walker will be doing the cleaning, while Brian, Dennis, and Clint go to Carnegie Deli. Before they leave, though, Dennis starts drinking. Uh oh.

Annie has been assigned to room service/bellperson. Natalie Gulbis is in the kitchen. T-Boz is doing housekeeping. Melissa Rivers will be doing housekeeping and also filling in where needed. Brande Roderick is also assigned to housekeeping/room service.

The boys get cookies from Carnegie Deli to give to their guests when they arrive.

Brian hopes to push Dennis’ buttons, which causes Dennis to become more loud than he normally is. He’s vetoing Dennis’ suggestion. Isn’t the leader the one who uses a veto?

Melissa is not happy. You mean she has to clean stuff? Brande gets dressed up in a maid’s outfit, which she knows will prove disappointing since it’s not that appealing.

Jesse and Herschel are working together well, although they probably could use some more bodies.

Natalie has obtained gift baskets from her sponsors, which she will be putting in the rooms.

Brian takes the cookies out and puts them on plates. Dennis, however, would prefer to take them downstairs to the chef to have him decorate them. On his way down, he gives some cookies to Joan Rivers for some reason. Then he wants to find something else to drink.

Having sent three guys across town to get a box of cookies, the men know they’re not ready in time. Their first guest is waiting downstairs wondering where they are. Clint lies and says the previous guest was slow in checking out. Hopefully that will work.

Dennis doesn’t like what he sees. He wants some champagne for his guest. He also wants a drink for himself.

The concierges have their hands full dealing with these guests. One person wants to get into a restaurant that’s backed up at least a year. Another person wants tickets for a show… on the stage.

The women get stuck with Stephen Baldwin. Yeah, he’s back again, trying to prove he’s a celebrity based on anything more than movies his brother has acted in.

As for the men, their celebrity guest is Vinny Pastore, the rat from last year. Dennis knows he’s going to be a jerk. He’s got a whole list of what he needs. Yeah, he thinks he’s a star, too.

Baldwin doesn’t like his view. It looks out on the hot dog vendor on 61st St. He doesn’t like it no matter what Joan says.

One of the guests from the men’s team is growing impatient. He wants his dinner reservations and wine.

Joan is able to secure tickets for Gypsy for one of her guests. As for her other guest, she’s able to figure out where there’s a peep show.

Brian’s guest is growing more frustrated. He’s unable to find the wine (that’s on the menu).

Natalie rolls her eyes at one guest. That’s probably not a good thing.

Herschel is wandering around aimlessly. Brian and Clint aren’t telling him the right information or where he needs to go. Dennis, however, seems to have figured out pretty easily what he’s supposed to be doing with the wine he’s got.

Brian can’t seem to make reservations, so Dennis does it for him, and puts the guests in the Mercedes. Then he gets in the car with them. He’ll be going to dinner with them, whether they like it or not.

One of the guests from the women’s team wants Annie instead of Natalie. She’ll be happy to oblige.

Clint finds out his fearless leader has abandoned them.

After a poor start, the men are finally starting to make things happen, booking all the requested show tickets.

Brande will be the dog walker.

Baldwin gets a $400 cover charge and $142 in additional fees for his show, neither of which he was informed about.

Rodman appears to have done some drinking while he was at dinner. As for the cookies, he forgot all about them. He’ll have to go find them. Now that he’s found the cookies, he’ll be heading home.

The women have offered complimentary breakfasts, so the orders all start rolling in at the same time. They didn’t make a particularly logical choice about it, though, as they’re just giving people for free whatever they want, whenever they want. This is bringing on a lot of extra work, although people will probably appreciate it.

The men, meanwhile, are just sitting around waiting for something to happen.

Day two, Dennis is back, but he doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

When Khloe arrived, her first thought was: it’s just room service. How hard could it be? It’s the being able to tell time part that she seems to struggle with. She brought her food at 20 minutes before 10 instead of 20 minutes after 10.

Joan’s getting another pricing complaint. She offered to send someone up to the room for a pedicure. The charge is double the normal rate, which she didn’t mention.

One of the guys from the women’s team wants to give them a 50 for presentation because there was trash in the garbage can.

For one of the guys’ guests, they liked Brian and Clint, but Dennis was a little…

The guys who went with Dennis to dinner found it spectacular. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

Brian, who’s been pessimistic pretty much since Dennis was appointed project manager, now thinks they may actually have a chance.

Tionne thinks her team did a great job, and her team thinks that she did a great job.

The women get some good compliments on their food and ticket arrangements. They get a couple negatives: the double priced pedicure and Natalie.

The men get compliments on dinner and ticket arrangements as well. The first guest was not happy it took so long to get into the room.

Vinny and Stephen did not fill out any guest cards.

Dennis does not think his team won. He doesn’t think he should even be there. Jesse responds that Dennis obviously has a drinking problem. This is not lost on anybody else either. Dennis is not denying that he walked out on his team.

This is apparently an intervention, which will continue for the next 10 minutes, regardless of who has won.

The men scored 86 out of 100. The women scored 91 out of 100, earning themselves a win. Tionne’s charity, Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia, will receive $20,000.

No point to even debate this further. Dennis Rodman has been fired.

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