The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 4

Despite the fact that Dennis Rodman was too drunk to join his team at the task in The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 3, Tom Green was fired instead.

After the boardroom, the men continue arguing. Clint Black tries to talk some sense into Dennis, but Dennis doesn’t have any interest in sense.

Joan Rivers will be gone for the day (wasn’t she gone day one of the task last week, too?).

ACN’s new video phone will be launched by the teams. 500 sales people from ACN will judge them.

While they’re picking project managers, Dennis is outside the huddle, not contributing. There are three teams: men, women, and Dennis. Brian McKnight will be the project manager for the men. Claudia Jordan will be the project manager for the women.

After that’s done, they will negotiate for a time slot. Once again, Dennis sits out. Annie will negotiate with Clint. Both teams want the second presentation, so they’ll flip a coin. The men call tails and get their choice.

Then we see the real reason why Trump kept Dennis around. Dennis goes ballistic on Clint, further tearing apart the already torn apart team.

When the men begin their task, Brian doesn’t see the need to call Dennis because he doesn’t want him there anyway.

Jesse James thinks that product launches are a spectacle. They need to do something like a concert. Surely somebody would like to see Brian McKnight in concert. Jesse also suggests producing a video connecting with the troops, so they’d have to head to West Point, about 50 miles away. Clint is opposed to making the trip, but Brian’s got Jesse as his second in command.

The women, who don’t have an actual star, want to write a story about a family. Melissa Rivers wants her mom to perform for a few minutes.

T-Boz, who’s apparently been on the show the last few weeks, although I haven’t seen her, is getting frustrated during the brainstorming session. Brande, likewise, is confused as to what’s going on. They’re running into a problem that they’ve given Joan Rivers such a big role, yet she won’t be there until the morning. To make matters worse, she will be arriving later than previously scheduled, and since the women lost the coin toss, it will be too late for them to be able to utilize her at all.

Time for a plan B. The women realize they still don’t have a star, so they’re still stuck with Joan on the brain, even if she’s still not really a star either. Natalie Gulbis has a private plane that can pick her up whenever she wants.

Clint feels he’s excluded and is still not happy. Brian doesn’t feel like sharing because he’s already got his show ready. Clint will be making the phone calls to line everything up, including the pizza order for lunch.

Melissa tries to take control of the women’s task because Claudia doesn’t seem to have any ideas. Claudia basically tells Melissa to shut up, which Melissa finds insulting. Without Joan Rivers, there would be no Melissa Rivers, although to be fair, I’d never hear of Melissa Rivers before this show.

Eventually, Dennis Rodman strolls in, deciding he hasn’t actually quit the show. Brian would prefer he stay downstairs or elsewhere. Ivanka comes and asks Dennis to come join the group. She feels like Brian should humble himself and ask Dennis to join them. At least they can’t blame Dennis if they lose.

Brian gets hit by a bill of $4800, mostly for the monitor system. Dennis pipes up. He can get the monitors for them for free. Brian refuses that offer. Okay, now Brian’s taking this attitude of his too far.

The women are attempting to film, and all they’re getting is footage of a screeching baby. They get nowhere.

With the traffic, it takes them about 2 hours to get to West Point. Well worth it, though, because this is something that will hit home with everybody.

Dennis tells Clint he just had a bad day and that it’s behind them now, even if it’s not behind Brian.

While Claudia doesn’t appreciate the work Melissa’s trying to do, there are team members who realize she’s got experience producing shows.

Clint’s enjoying his great lack of responsibilities. If the men lose, they really can’t blame him either. Granted, it seems highly unlikely the women have any prayer anyway.

The women take 45 minutes out of their 1 hour of rehearsal time they have to get through it just once. Khloe Kardashian finds their whole thing confusing because they have too many moving parts. Brande doesn’t have much hope either. However, Melissa is attempting to make a last ditch effort at a recovery with just a few minutes left until showtime. Claudia reluctantly gives Melissa a backhanded compliment.

The women have managed to turn what little baby footage they managed to get into a decent video. Joan Rivers is happy to see that people can finally see her face that she’s spent so much money on. They’ve also got a film that ends with Brande going right in the audience to get proposed to. Finally something good seems to have come out of the women’s presentation.

Clint Black opens up the show for the men. He introduces the video of the soldier utilizing the phone in a real world environment, then he introduces the Brian McKnight performance. The audience enjoys the performance, but there is valid criticism what this has to do with the phone. They’d have done better to spend some more time on the soldiers.

Brian says that most of his team worked together as a team. Clint feels he’s patched things up with Dennis. Dennis agrees that he’ll get along well with him. However, Brian didn’t want to use him. At all.

Dennis says that, if the team lost, they can’t blame him. Clint says that Brian took command and would need to be blamed. Brian agrees that, if they lost, he should be fired.

Claudia says that Joan was the star of the team, despite only being there for about an hour. Melissa doesn’t think she was fully utilized. Annie thought it was total chaos and would have to blame the project manager for that chaos. Claudia continues blasting Melissa for no apparent reason. Melissa asks her mom to jump in to defend her, which Joan does to say that Claudia is the weakest link.

Dennis has been waiting for the women to implode.

The audience voted almost 85% in favor of the men (386-61). Brian has won $20,000 for his charity, Youthville USA.

All of the comments reinforced the idea that the vignettes were boring.

Annie points to the chaos in the room as evidence that Claudia could not control her team. Although she thought there was obnoxiousness on both sides, she gives Melissa credit for just putting her head down and doing a great job with what she was allowed to do.

Claudia tells Melissa that she knows she doesn’t like her. She’d better not like her anyway. Additionally, Melissa is very loud and obnoxious.

The men want to know why Melissa didn’t step up to be project manager if she’s got so much experience. A valid question.

Claudia acknowledges that she doesn’t like Melissa, but as much of a personal issue as she’s making it, she has to realize that attacking someone who everybody else says did a great job isn’t going to work. When pushed, she says that Khloe was the least effective person in the group. Ivanka doesn’t think Khloe’s done anything that necessarily determines a win or a loss.

Khloe would fire Claudia because of the lack of control. Joan would fire Claudia, due to her performance since day one (aka because she attacked Melissa). Brande didn’t really see all the fights because she was just doing her thing. Natalie would fire Claudia because she was the project manager.

Melissa and Khloe will be returning back with Claudia.

Although Claudia’s been blasting Melissa for the better part of the past hour, she has finally realized that Melissa won’t be fired, so she would fire Khloe.

Unsurprisingly, Claudia has been fired. She didn’t leave him any choice.

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