The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 3

Scott Hamilton named his team’s character EEE to represent Zappos, and despite the fact that they were going on and on for an hour about the theory that there may be another alternative, the obvious happened when Scott was fired in The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 2.

This task is all about weddings. Not good news for the men, who have already lost the first two tasks. George is back and will be following a team. As planned, Tom Green is stepping up to be project manager for the men, which he’s happy to do since he has no faith in any of his team. Brande Roderick will be the manager for the women.

Tom challenges Clint Black to raise $100,000 by contacting his contacts. He agrees to it.

On the other side, Annie Duke’s already lined up a $10,000 buyer.

Both teams are located right next door to each other.

Melissa Rivers has brought Preston Bailey, a wedding planner, to help them out.

So that he understands the product, Tom Green decides to put on a wedding dress. He wants Brian McKnight to help him with his zipper.

Dennis Rodman is concerned about the lack of publicity, so he wants to go somewhere to try to generate interest in their sale. Oh, and he wants to have some drinks as well.

Ivanka believes the men are working together harmoniously. At least those who are actually there anyway. She’s not sure where Dennis and Herschel went.

Khloe Kardashian calls Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild to get him to buy a $5,000 dress.

Dennis has loosened up a bit and is finally working. It only took some vodka and cranberry juice to get him to do that. He calls up someone to get a model, and they send him a Russian model. He loves Russian bitc… girls.

The next morning, Tom and Dennis aren’t there, and the rest of the team doesn’t know why. They went down to the bar the night before with the Russian girl.

An hour later, Tom comes strolling down. The rest of the team didn’t wait. No need to waste time.

The men plan to go with a minimalistic look focusing just on the dresses. The women are just lucky this is about income rather than profit because they’re going all out.

Tom arrives at the store a couple hours before the sales begin. He’s still a bit drunk. Dennis? It’s not clear where he is. Eventually, Dennis’ guy calls and says he’s having trouble with his eyes and will not be coming in.

George visits Kotu and doesn’t think their store is very inviting, whereas the women have more of an entertainment extravaganza, rather than it just being about dresses.

In the middle of the day, the girls’ store is empty, while the men have managed to pack theirs. Joan Rivers is concerned and goes over to the men’s store and begins stealing customers. Khloe will stand guard outside to make sure nobody goes in.

Clint has managed to raise some money as he was assigned to do. The checks have arrived, and he gets $35,000.

Joan, meanwhile, has gotten $25,000 from QVC.

Herschel is still waiting for his checks with 7 minutes left in the task. At the 2 minute mark, his guy arrives with the checks.

Brande says that nobody did a poor job on her team. Melissa and Annie were her stars.

Tom was also pleased with his team, especially Clint and Herschel. As for Dennis, he had an… allergic reaction. From cats. Or dogs. Some animal anyway.

Herschel wouldn’t put Tom on his A team.

The men sold 21 dresses for $63,453. The women sold 22 dresses for $103,000. Brande has won $167,000 for California Police Youth Charities.

Trump doesn’t think Tom is a great team leader.

Herschel thinks Dennis was hungover. Tom claims he was knocking on Dennis’ door for about half an hour, which is why he was late.

If Phil Jackson were knocking on the door, Dennis would have ignored him, too. Same for Michael Jordan.

Clint would have made Dennis produce at least three doctors to tell him that he was indeed having an allergic reaction.

Jesse James would get rid of both Dennis and Tom.

After Trump asks him half a dozen times, Dennis says that he should fire Tom.

George thinks that Tom seemed unconcerned that Dennis was not there.

For some reason, Tom continues to defend Dennis, while not defending himself very well, if at all.

Clint would be okay with firing both of them.

Brian would fire Tom. He’s not ready to be a leader.

Tom has been fired on the heels of another poor performance. Dennis has to ask whether he’s safe, and apparently he is, despite not showing up for the task.

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