The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 2

Andrew Dice Clay pretty much did nothing in The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 1 and was eventually eliminated because he wanted to quit (or at least that’s what Trump said).

Clint Black wants to see the team be able to be subordinate, although in order to do so they actually need a project manager telling them what to do.

The teams will be working with Zappos to create a comic character communicating their focus on customer service. The women pick clothing company owner Khloe Kardashian. She doesn’t get the connection between herself and shoe seller Zappos. The men pick Scott Hamilton. CNBC news anchor Erin Burnett (no apparent relation to show creator Mark Burnett) will be following one of the teams.

They first meet with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. He wants to convey their brand and culture. They can decide what to do with it from there, and he offers little insight beyond the customer service team. The girls can’t even figure out whether he likes blondes or brunettes.

Khloe very quickly loses control of her very talkative group. Claudia Jordan wishes for one superpower: to shut up the rest of her team.

The women have wasted their morning talking and have nothing to show for it.

Annie Duke suggests a design group and a script group. She suggests being in the script group, and she wants Claudia to be with her. Joan doesn’t like this because she says she’s written some things.

Dennis Rodman and Tom Green are talking about having a transvestite comic book character who turns into a woman. Sadly, that’s about the best idea they have.

Khloe is slowly becoming more able to speak her mind.

Clint Black wants to talk a lot, and he doesn’t want anyone else talking when he’s talking. Dennis isn’t having any of this, so he yells back.

The girls have settled on having a female character because that will appeal to both men and women. Joan comes up with the name Mizz Z. Claudia’s idea is an average Jane, cute but not beautiful, which goes against their original concept of appealing to men with a hot chick. At least it sounded like her idea, until little Donnie walks into the room, when Melissa Rivers says it’s her idea.

The focus group, typical comic book readers, finds it odd to be discussing comic books with a Playmate.

Because Scott has no control over things, Tom Green goes on a tangent that turns into a performance. They pitch some ideas… except they’re not really ideas at all.

Tom wants Senor Zappos. Clint wants every woman at her best. Jesse James mostly just wants to be able to get out of there and get a costume done. They all need Scott to make a decision. Doesn’t look like he wants to.

Joan asks Natalie Gulbis to be Mizz Z. Those two and Tionne will be going off to work on the costume. Joan’s still bitter that Annie offered to be the writer.

After another 3 hours of arguing, the men opt for a normal every day woman who’s got a smile on her face after being sucked into the computer and shopping.

Clint, Herschel, Scott, and Tom will be working on the character, while the rest of the team does the design.

Erin believes the men are disorganized, but that they at least took some time to figure out what they are doing.

Scott is tired of hearing Tom’s voice because Tom is actually coming up with ideas. Ignoring starting their character name with a Z, Scott instead opts for the name EEE (everywhere, everything, every time), believing there’s no way they can come up with another name. Tom hates the name. Clint is not crazy about it but is willing to support his project manager.

The costume team for the women apparently get Natalie to dress up like a dominatrix.

The costume design team for the men doesn’t have measurements or really much to go on. They get a call from Scott, who tells them the name is EEE. They’re confused.

Claudia claims she’s sick. She asks to go home.

Tom wants to be of some use. Scott, Clint, and Herschel don’t want his assistance on anything. So he just keeps talking just to keep himself entertained.

While Scott’s bashing Tom in his confessional, Tom interrupts, like he’s been doing all along.

Dennis wants someone animated making the presentation, rather than Clint, who he considers boring. Jesse considers Clint to have too big an ego.

Brande Roderick is wearing inappropriate footwear, so she runs barefoot through 5th Avenue.

Somehow, it comes up that Tom should do the presentation, and so Scott gives in and asks if he wants to do it. He agrees, but he doesn’t like that he’s not involved in the writing of the presentation, like he wasn’t involved in anything the day before. Herschel calls him a liar and says he was involved.

The teams will be making the pitch to the Zappos CEO and Donald Trump.

Claudia gives the presentation for the women. A regular woman like Claudia and Tony… oh wait, he’s not a woman… is frustrated with the customer service she’s been getting. When she’s pulled into her computer, she’s transformed into Mizz Z. She has inspired the customer service employees she’s come into contact with. Claudia is fumbling over her words and gives herself a C. Donald asks Natalie if she would wear the outfit at the US Open. She responds that she wouldn’t wear it in the hallways, although she would wear it on this show with 10 million viewers.

Tom Green does the pitch for the men. Their concept is every woman at her best, who is transformed into EEE by Zappos.

Tony liked the men’s presentation in that they focused on the customer. However, he did not like that they focused on the letter E. He wants to focus on the letter Z, like Tom suggested.

As for the women, they focused on the obvious letter Z and captured the core values of the company, although Claudia stumbled and did not know the name of the company she was pitching, saying Zappo instead of Zappos.

Trump tells Khloe he’s a little surprised. He heard she did a very good job.

Tom feels they got behind schedule, and he blames Scott. When he says that they didn’t allow any of his ideas through, Scott starts laughing.

Brian believes they have too many chiefs.

Joan thinks that Khloe grew into the project manager role, but would have grown into it faster if the beginning weren’t so chaotic. They have too many chiefs as well. Yeah, she’s still bitter at Annie about the writing thing. When Annie tries to defend herself, Trump cuts her off.

Cut to Melissa, who again takes credit for the idea. Khloe, however, says that Claudia came up with the idea.

Natalie realizes that her comment about the outfit may have swayed their decision. Why wasn’t Brande in the outfit instead? In her defense, but not so much that of her team, their idea was about normal people, who probably wouldn’t flash that much skin.

Trump passes around the comics. They realize that they both did similar concepts. Natalie can’t make any sense out of this EEE character, though.

Tom doesn’t think they won. EEE was not a good name.

Trump points out that Claudia stumbled during her presentation, which she knew he would. She was “sent home” (aka asked to leave) and blames being sick. Brande’s version of the story is that Claudia didn’t want to go home.

The women have won. With that name, the men really had no chance. Since the women have won, their project manager Khloe Kardashian will be able to give $20,000 to her charity, The Brent Shapiro Foundation.

Tom fought the name, but Scott pretty much just chose it to go against what he was saying.

Herschel would fire Tom.

Brian would fire whoever came up with that name. If you notice on the costume, there’s a Z.

Dennis would fire Scott for being too soft.

Jesse would fire Clint. That’s different. Clint just wants to argue with everybody other than Scott. Joan thinks Clint’s a snake, and Claudia thought there was something mean about him when she met him.

Clint would fire Tom because he was undermining Scott on purpose. Scott agrees.

Scott asks: do I have to pick two? The people who have not picked as many people as Trump wanted them to pick got fired because it angered Trump. Scott only wants to pick Tom, but he will also bring back Herschel because he will support him.

Outside in the waiting room, Tom’s still talking, and he’s still being ignored.

Erin can’t imagine continuing with both Tom and Scott. Don Jr. doesn’t get why Herschel is coming back rather than Clint.

Scott suggests that maybe Tom’s ideas weren’t good. Yet EEE was.

Trump tells Herschel to get lost because he shouldn’t have been brought back. That was kind of pointless. He thinks Scott may be fired.

Tom wants Scott fired because he was unable to control the team, and he wants to be the next project manager.

Scott didn’t bring back Clint because he did as he was told. He wants Tom fired because he derailed everything.

At this point, we’re pretty much just going in the same circles we’ve been going in for the past hour. It’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen here, so make a decision already.

Regardless of whatever else happened on the task, the name was just too big an error. Scott has been fired.

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