The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Winner

Three people were fired in The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 10. First Maria was sent home for talking about Curtis leaving the bathroom stinky. Curtis followed her right out after Bill Rancic decided he was just a one trick pony. Then Sharon Osbourne broke down crying. This brought us down to a final two of Bret Michaels and Holly Robinson Peete.

Bret Michaels wants that dolly track, but it’s not happening, so he’s planning on improvising instead. Is it really that critical?

Ivanka’s confused why Bret made the decision to do twice as much work as he needed to do. We’ll see how that works out as far as the time crunch goes.

Bret hops in the van to go to the edit place because he will be finishing up the work on the two commercials. He thinks he forgot something. Ah, it’s nothing. After about 20 minutes, he realizes he forgot the script he spent the day writing that he needs to actually finish the commercials.

One of Curtis’ best mates is getting married and is asking him to go to the dinner, so he will be bailing early.

Script or no script, Bret proceeds to edit the commercial anyway. He’s decided to drop that whole two commercial idea that was a waste of time to begin with. A confused Summer doesn’t get his funny commercial at all. Then she warns him there’s a launch event the next morning, not just a quick presentation.

The day of the event, Bret gets a surprise visit from his daughter Rain, the one who is borderline diabetic.

Both project managers give their presentations. Holly seems pretty comfortable. Bret stumbles at first but gets better as the presentation goes on. Once they’re done, Trump takes a poll. Seems Bret has the most support.

The executives give no indication of a clear favorite.

Since he did not win any money for charity, Darryl Strawberry will be getting $25,000 for the Darryl Strawberry Foundation for autism.

Unlike Bret’s commercial, which starred himself and Darryl, Holly missed the celebrity boat by not including anyone from her team.

Bret’s label was too dark, whereas the executives loved Holly’s label. Trump agrees. However, the inside of Holly’s brochure was just boring information, whereas Bret’s was fun. So they’ll call that one a draw.

Holly could sit on the Snapple board, while Bret has the personality of the Snapple target demographic.

Summer has a choice to make. Does she want her teammate to win, or does she want her friend to win? She will side with Bret because she worked hard for him, although she can’t say he’s a good project manager. He was decent. After they badger her for a while, she says he was good.

Based on her emotions, Joan Rivers supports Bret, despite Holly being better. Bill Rancic says that Holly was a stronger player. Rod Blagojevich wants Trump to keep Bret around because his daughter jumped into his arms.

The question everyone’s been asking for a while is whether Bret would be here tonight, and he is, against the orders of his doctors. Even Holly’s crying for her opponent. Unlike the rigged outcome last year where Joan and her bitter daughter hated Annie Duke (who should have won), this year these two actually like each other.

Holly says she’s not as mean as she seemed on the show.

Snapple has agreed to match the grand prize, so both charities will receive $250,000, regardless of the outcome.

Bret Michaels is The Celebrity Apprentice 3 winner.

The Celebrity Apprentice has been renewed for season 4 and will be back in midseason. Additionally, regular The Apprentice will be back in the fall.

The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 10

Having been the target of the mean girls duo for months, Cyndi Lauper finally met her demise in The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 9.

Everybody’s partying and/or stripping, but the night’s not over for them. Trump invites everybody back to the boardroom.

One person will be fired right now. The remaining four will be interviewed by Bill Rancic (the first and one of the best winners) and Joan Rivers (the last and one of the most rigged winners), after which two more people will be fired.

Holly says the weakest player is Maria because she comes from the least pure place sometimes. After being pushed by Jr., Sharon agrees that Maria is the weakest, whereas Holly’s tough because of what she’s been through as a mother with an autistic child. Curtis is another vote for Maria as the weakest player because she plays the game by hitting below the belt.

Maria says that the reason why she said she didn’t like Curtis was because he went into their bathroom and used it and left the stench behind. A grossed out Trump responds by firing Maria. This is his boardroom, not a locker room. She finds this reasoning laughable, but it’s not as if she was going to escape the piling on of everybody saying she’s the weakest.

Bill questions why Curtis has only been project manager once, which raises a red flag. But he’s good at building his brand. Curtis felt Bret got sidetracked a lot but shined with creative tasks. Maria won’t be on his Christmas card list. Bill and Joan both found Curtis to be a one trick pony.

Joan thinks Sharon wants this more than anything she’s ever wanted, but Bill thinks she’s out of gas. If she can handle two years fighting cancer, she can handle this, although she hasn’t been able to pull her weight. She wants to pay it forward by giving attention to colon cancer, but she’s struggling with the notion of beating Holly, who’s doing this for her child.

Bill sees some fire in Bret’s belly and likes that he owned up to making mistakes. He acknowledges that he lives on musician and/or rock star time. His goal is to win because he deserves it, not because he throws somebody else under the bus. Joan considers him very creative but doesn’t see the fire.

Holly’s going to have to go back home and still live with autism, so it won’t be over once she leaves. Bill considers her two losses as project manager to be a big problem, despite her huge win on that one task.

Joan would like to see Sharon up against Holly. Bill points out that Bret and his child are both affected by diabetes, so he’ll give just as good a fight.

Sharon can only say she needs it badly for her charity, and that’s why Trump should keep her.

Bret thinks he brings a lot to the table, from his creativity to being a hard worker. Also, he’s fighting for a cause for a disease he’s lived with his whole life.

Holly wants to be kept around for her passion.

Curtis thinks he’s the best leader.

Based on the input from Joan and Bill, Curtis is fired.

Holly would fire Bret because Sharon’s passion is really coming out. Bret would fire Holly, but his reasoning is interrupted by Sharon’s crying. Sharon does not have an answer who should be fired.

With concerns about whether she can hang in there given her emotional state, Trump fires Sharon.

Holly and Bret meet with Trump for instructions on their final task. They will be working with Snapple to create a new flavor, extend their advertising campaign with a new television commercial and print advertisement, and launch their product at an event filled with employees, distributors, and Snapple tea fans. They will be judged on originality, creativity, incorporating their charity’s mission and message, and maintaining the essence of the Snapple brand. This new product will be sold across the country, and the winner will receive $250,000 for their charity. Unusual for there to be a no fundraising task at the finals.

Bret’s team is Summer Sanders and Darryl Strawberry.

Holly’s team is Maria Kanellis and Curtis Stone. Maria apologizes for not being Summer.

Maria tries to be helpful, pitching ideas about the logo. Holly doesn’t want to hear it. Tomorrow’s the creative stuff. Today is about the tea. Or else.

As a diabetic, Bret doesn’t want the regular drink. He’ll go for the Diet Snapple.

Holly realizes during the taste test she got lucky with Curtis, who will use his kitchen skills to help come up with the flavor.

Because they have to have totally different flavors, they will need to negotiate for them right down the middle. Both teams have decided on passion fruit as their main ingredient. Bret and Curtis will be doing the negotiations.

Bret’s negotiation style is to tell Curtis everything he wants and then go from there. Hearing this, Curtis pretends he wanted all those same things, too. The net result is that Bret agrees to give up passion fruit. For that matter, Curtis got everything else on Holly’s list, too. As he’s walking out, Curtis calls Bret a sucker.

Darryl heads off to do a taste test of their two drinks. The other team heads out with one drink, with and without basil, so all their eggs are pretty much in one basket.

Bret’s pear, plum, nutmeg bombs. It’s a good thing they had a second choice. The tropical vanilla cinnamon fares much better. The problem is that, although they had a second choice, the whole creative is around the pear plum nutty, so they’re going to have to flip it around.

Curtis calls the girl’s cell phone from the prop house. He don’t need to wait for no stinkin business hours to line this up. If he e-mails her, she’ll be all ready for the morning when they open.

Bret wants to have a funny ad, but is not sure how you shoot a diabetes ad that’s funny. With that in mind, his idea is to double their workload and shoot two ads, one funny and one serious.

Summer views getting Bret to focus as a full time job.

Holly feels so bad about getting rid of the actors she doesn’t want, so she makes Curtis do the firing.

No matter what, Bret wants to make sure he gets hot chicks in his commercial. This is going to make him even more distracted.

Curtis takes it upon himself to work on the set, and he has had every chef in the country send him whatever passion fruits they could get their hands on since it’s out of season. While Holly’s worrying about the commercial, he will take on the still shoots. For a one trick pony, he sure seems to be doing an awful lot.

Bret has a vision in his head. He needs a dolly track. He’s going to spend as much time as he needs tracking one down. The whole commercial will be on hold until he gets one.

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The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 9

As the losing project manager, Summer Sanders was eliminated in The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 8.

Holly doesn’t like that Cyndi wasn’t fired. Not only is she stuck with Cyndi, but now she doesn’t have Summer to gang up on her.

Now we find out why Trump kept Curtis around. Sharon and Maria stuck their feet in their mouths, for whatever reason saying they didn’t like Curtis despite not having worked with him. Knowing that, Trump switches Curtis to RockSolid, and Bret moves to Tenacity. They get what they deserved, not that it’s necessarily a bad thing.

Richard LeFrak, who’s involved in real estate, will be Trump’s eyes and ears this week. Each team will be given an apartment to refurbish. The task that made Omarosa a D-lister. They are looking for originality, celebrity style, ability to stage the apartment to improve its value, and overall quality of the renovation. They will be judged by Lee Curtis of BridgeStreet Worldwide and celebrity designer Jonathan Adler.

Holly is project manager because neither of her teammates wants to be. Sharon Osbourne is the project manager for RockSolid.

Bret realizes he’s stepped into a bad situation with two people who don’t like anything the other has to say.

Curtis’ goal is to have Sharon and Maria like him by the end of the task. Either that, or they’re both going to gang up on him when they get to the boardroom.

Tenacity’s theme is New York zen. Serenity now.

Holly gives Cyndi the off the beaten path nutty room. She’s not sure about Bret but likes the way he’s managing both of them.

Sharon wants a modern clean look that will appeal to the executives they’re decorating for. Maria would like to push the envelope a bit, but Sharon dismisses her as just being a kid with “truck stop taste,” whatever that is. Maria’s dismissed to go pick up the paint and similar work, for which she blames Curtis, the master manipulator.

Bret is put in charge of the crew.

Cyndi’s going completely the opposite direction of Sharon. She wants to make it as freaky as possible. Holly’s apparently predictable, as Sharon was expecting her to do exactly what she’s done. They don’t need to be overly predictable, though, for Sharon to score the details. Sharon’s phone call with the prop place gets her all the info about what the other team is doing.

Bret’s leaving early to do a concert, but he will be returning the next day and be back without much sleep.

Curtis calls a bunch of his friends in the housewares industry and asks for some free stuff. They grab about $10k worth of stuff. Sharon does one better and calls up one of her friends, so she can get whatever she wants at a store, walking out with $140k of free stuff.

When Richard LeFrak shows up, Maria wants him to know she’s not fully onboard with her team’s plan. Either she’s covering herself, or she’s setting herself up as a fallguy for not being onboard.

Maria’s worried they’re not going to have enough time to paint, so everybody calls some more friends to help them out.

When Curtis and Sharon return, there’s not very much done, which Maria takes offense to since she says she’s done as much as she can get done. All their friends show up, and they have a painting party. They also got so much furniture, probably too much.

It’s approaching midnight, and Sharon is not happy with the wall color again. Maria originally started painting in purple. Then it got switched to grey.

The next morning, panic sets in when they realize how much they still have left to do.

Bret snapped a bunch of pictures of the skyline. He seems surprised that the pictures are way too small, but we’ve seen this happen before earlier in the season. He reorders them with some specs this time, and they show up before the day is over. With the elevator out, he’ll have to go 18 flights of steps with them, but nothing’s stopping him from adding his own touch to the apartment.

Cyndi’s having something of a meltdown, when she starts yelling at the workers helping them out. Holly wants Bret to remember this in the boardroom.

RockSolid had an expensive and huge looking apartment, but their celebrity room, which was just an afterthought for them, fell short. They also didn’t have a dresser. Tenacity shrunk the space because there was so much going on. It felt more cheap than zen. Their celebrity room was infinitely more celebrityesque.

Sharon and Maria have decided they love Curtis now.

Based on the comments thus far, it comes as no surprise that RockSolid has won. BridgeStreet will be doubling the prize for Sharon’s charity, and she will get $40,000 for Cedars Sinai Hospital Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program.

Holly says she’s not particularly nervous right now.

Cyndi’s mad that she did all the grunt work. So why didn’t she step up as project manager? She may not be a designer, but neither are the other two.

Bret kind of dances around the answer, but gets to the point that Cyndi talks too much. Cyndi would fire Holly because she’s difficult. Holly would fire Cyndi, also because she’s difficult.

Bret’s surprised that they are being so easy on him. Something doesn’t feel quite right to him.

Richard would get rid of Bret, who wasn’t there for part of the task. Hardly fair seeing as Cyndi and Sharon have both done that. Don Jr. was going to say Holly until Cyndi said Holly gave her the inspiration for her part of the project (by saying she wanted a red room and letting Cyndi run with it from there).

Holly has to take credit for Cyndi’s room because she has to take credit for everything as the project manager. Hence, she also has to take blame for everything.

As the girls are tearing each other apart, Bret’s being quiet. Trump doesn’t like quiet. It’s not good TV.

Bret finally gives an answer who should be fired. Cyndi. Holly would not fire Bret.

Because Cyndi mentioned the red color being Holly’s idea, she is fired. As lame reasons for firing go, that’s sure up there. Holly has no problem walking away, but Cyndi won’t let Bret patch things up with her either.

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The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 8

Departing from the usual firing someone just because it’s fun and they’re not entertaining enough for TV, Trump opted to fire nobody in The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 7.

Clockwork Home Services has a task for three radio commercials, one for each of their brands. They will be judged on originality, brand integration, and live performance of the commercials.

Bret Michaels is the project manager for RockSolid; Summer Sanders is the project manager for Tenacity.

This week somebody will be fired, perhaps two people.

Eric Trump will be joining Ivanka this week. Just when you thought the shameless parade of Trumps was over.

RockSolid’s focus is the same as it was last week: off task perversion.

Cyndi is assigned to lyrics and music. Summer and Holly again plan to gang up on her.

Upon arrival, Bret takes their signs and puts them in their room, then he accidentally turns the other team’s around so they’re facing the wall.

The executives tell Tenacity humor can be okay, as long as it’s not at the expense of their plumbers. They decide the key is not to go too far outside the box.

RockSolid also wants to know about humor. The executives are very corporate and not laughing at all. This should be some indication to them that they’re gonna have to restrain themselves.

Summer assigns one commercial to each of her subordinates. Then she gives Cyndi a lecture. Curtis senses a different vibe with Tenacity because Holly and Summer can be bitches.

Bret has a different strategy. They will all work on all three commercials.

Curtis is out of his element. Jingles aren’t exactly his strong suit.

Bret is considering a jingle about plumbers’ cracks, apparently the wrong way to go because these execs made it known they didn’t like jokes like that.

Summer intends to jam as much information as possible into their commercials, whether it’s too fast or not.

Curtis fears his team is too vanilla. But Holly and Summer are taking the same stance as Sharon: these execs are looking for bland. Girls don’t wanna have fun.

Although she’d probably prefer not to, Summer defers the band to Cyndi. She’s horrified that she is writing jingles, but it does sound catchy. Though she does a good job of working with the band, Grammy winning singer Cyndi Lauper decides her voice is not up to par, so she asks one of the other singers to take her place.

Eric thinks that Tenacity sounds a little bit generic, but at least they’re not making jokes about cracks.

Bret is feeling limited by the live ad, which nobody does. The simpler the better because otherwise it’ll be too easy to mess up.

The next morning, Cyndi has changed her mind. She’d like to sing. Holly wouldn’t allow this if she were project manager, which she manages to convince Summer about. Curtis thinks giving up on using Cyndi’s voice is crazy. After going back and forth, Summer finally decides the correct path is to allow Cyndi to sing.

After hearing Bret’s crack joke, the executives are disappointed. He took it to the edge and came back… perhaps he should have come back a step further. The other team has more suitable humor, but as Curtis feared, they’re copy heavy and rush through the information.

The executives also didn’t particularly care for Bret’s hot and sticky heating commercial, which he felt was their most liberal. But there was one ad that could be put on the air of the three, with its very catchy jingle that made the phone number easy to remember.

On the other side, they felt they packed too much information into the commercials, and they thought they lacked originality. However, they did like hearing Cyndi sing.

One team was okay at best, while one team was fantastic. RockSolid has won. As the winning project manager, Bret gets $20,000 from Trump and a matching $20,000 from Clockwork for his charity, the American Diabetes Association.

Bret says he would fire Summer because she’s tough. Sharon and Maria want to fire the very smug Curtis.

Eric felt that Cyndi carried the team, whereas Holly seemed a bit reserved. Holly says that Summer is the strongest person on the team, despite the fact that she delegated so much. Of the three commercials, Summer thought that Cyndi’s commercial was the best. The execs just wished they heard more from Cyndi.

Curtis would fire the project manager.

Summer has to decide who should not be fired. Holly should not be fired because she is consistent. Not the smartest move. As much as Summer would like to get rid of Cyndi, it’s not happening on this task.

Trump would have preferred that Curtis fought back against Sharon and Maria. We all know how Trump likes his drama. Curtis didn’t think it would be appropriate to start screaming across the table at people who were jokingly tearing him down.

If she had the choice, Summer would fire Curtis, if Trump weren’t to fire her. Cyndi will not be fired and can go back to the suite.

Curtis would have been edgier, but at the end of the day, the decisions came down to Summer.

As the project manager, who has failed to give a very strong argument for why she should stay, Summer has been fired.

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The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 7

Despite the fact that the women are perhaps the worst team ever, the men lost again in The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 6. With this loss, project manager Bill Goldberg was sent home.

Sharon’s feeling like she doesn’t want to play any more, and she doesn’t like the vibe from her team.

Melania Trump and their son Barron are there with Donald. Please don’t tell me they’re going to let this kid take a seat at Trump’s side in the boardroom.

RockSolid has hit rock bottom. Curtis moves over to Tenacity. Maria and Sharon move to RockSolid. This is a relief to Sharon.

Apparently, the lesson in having Barron there playing golf (which technically is a sport) is to get people physical and not just mental. The task is to create and run a workout class at 24 Hour Fitness, which will donate $24,000 for the best workout. This is a fundraising task, so they will need to tap their contacts for money. Somebody must be there to take the class for their donors, or the donations will not count.

Sharon volunteers for RockSolid because she hears it’s a fundraiser. Holly wants to be the PM beause she hasn’t won yet.

Cyndi will be bailing on the task because she has a previous commitment. Again. That’ll even the odds at 3 against 3, more or less. Although she is gone, Holly tasks her with raising $30,000 while she’s away. Either she’ll contribute big, or Holly will have an excuse for wanting her fired (again/still).

Curtis takes over right when Tenacity gets into the room.

Both teams are happy teams, something we have not seen so far this season, although that won’t stop Holly and Summer from ganging up on Cyndi to the extent they are able.

Bret suggests a theme of sweating like a rock star. Then they go off track and get perverted.

Curtis suggests focusing on guns and buns. He’ll go with arms, while Summer focuses on the butt. Holly’s focus will be fundraising.

RockSolid has a goal to just make it fun. They don’t expect to have or need a professional level training experience. Although they go to meet with the trainer from 24 Hour Fitness, they pretty much just ignore her.

The graphic designer shows up while Holly is making calls. Holly tries to call Summer and hears a phone ringing on the table. That’s not good. She’s unable to get in touch with Curtis either. While she waits for them to show up, Holly rambles pointlessly, until Curtis gets back and sets things on the right track.

As a souvenir of their experience, the RockSolid class participants will be able to take away a laminated backstage VIP pass. A smart idea to go along with their misguided jokes, but they finally put the stuff about thrusting and gynecology behind to get real advertising.

Cyndi’s making an effort, but she has no idea what time or where she’s sending anybody.

Sharon assigns Bret to the task of getting bodies to stand in for those who will be donating.

Ozzy happens to be going to an event with the WWE that night, which Sharon hopes will net the money their team needs. They seem to be putting all their eggs in one basket.

When Bret goes to pick up the marketing materials from the graphic designer, he realizes he’s made some spelling/grammar mistakes. Oh well. He’s willing to live with those errors.

Summer feels like the weak link for her team’s fundraising. She doesn’t have the connections, and she doesn’t like asking for money anyway.

Maria’s demonstrating the routine to Bret, who mostly just wants to stare at Maria’s butt.

Summer and Curtis got off track to fundraise, rather than doing their assigned tasks. While it was a necessary evil, the amount of delegation Holly has done is putting them in a tough spot. They’d like Holly to do the music for them… if only Summer didn’t have the CD with her in her bag. They’ll have to return to Holly through NYC traffic.

Holly keeps plugging away at the fundraising, but she doesn’t have any illusion she can actually beat Sharon at this task.

For her part, Sharon has received $30,000 from the WWE. It could be a problem if that’s all she has up her sleeve, but her final target is $100,000.

The next day, Cyndi is back, and Holly actually has some non-negative things to say about her for a change.

Ivanka thinks RockSolid seems to be working together much better and are having a lot of fun. But this could all still end up as a total disaster.

When they left last night, they were unable to get back to the gym, so Curtis and Summer are in a mad dash to finalize their workout the following morning. They realize that they’ve got nobody for their first session, so Summer wanders around the gym and hopes to find some people, sending Cyndi to the PA to make an announcement.

Upon arrival, Holly’s still in fundraising mode. This is her main concern. Whatever else is going on around her is not her problem.

Summer starts off her first class with two people, but things improve as the day goes on. On the other side, Bret’s got plenty of people lined up and waiting.

Tenacity has a good fundamental workout, and they are able to connect to the people in the class on an individual basis.

RockSolid has a very fun class, although some of their thrusting and other moves are a little… questionable.

With time running out, Holly has a $50,000 donation from Ron Burkle that could make or break them. She’s waiting for a fax from the donor, who’s trying to find a way to make that big a donation. With about a minute left, the fax comes through.

Sharon has nothing but glowing compliments for her team. Holly, also, was thoroughly impressed with the mixed up team. But she doesn’t think they won.

If her team lost, Holly does not have an answer to who should leave, although she does think she was the star. She was inspired by her team for going to bat for her.

Holly believes based on the VIP pass that RockSolid won the $24,000. In turn, Sharon thinks that it went to Tenacity because they know how to do a professional workout.

Because the goal was an original celebrity workout and they not only had a good workout but one that was innovative, RockSolid won the vote from the 24 Hour Fitness judges. Granted, they’re gonna have to tweak it and take out some of the more sexual moves in order to be able to actually use it.

In total, including the $24,000, RockSolid raised $131,803. Tenacity managed to raise $206,090. Those two figures combined, plus Maria’s $10,000 free throw money, gives Holly $347,893 for her charity, the HollyRod Foundation.

Trump wants to know from Cyndi who should be fired like a dog. She doesn’t have an answer. Curtis wouldn’t fire Bret. Holly offers her opinion without being asked: Sharon said the other night she wants to go home. However, Holly would fire the person who raised the least money, which turns out to be Bret.

This brings us to the flaw in RockSolid’s strategy. Sharon took it upon herself to raise the money, whereas the other team all pitched in to some extent. Of course, in each case, everybody wished they had been allowed to make more of an effort at this particular part of the task.

Sharon says it was her miss, so with that said, it’s not fair for Bret or Maria to go. As we approach the end, someone with those kind of fundraising funds will prove more successful on the final tasks.

While Sharon was willing to fall on the sword for her team, in an interesting twist, nobody will be fired because everybody did such a great job. Certainly not an expected outcome, but I’d rather have that than just firing people just for the sake of firing them.

Holly has decided to donate to Sharon’s charity, the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program.

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The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 6

Two people went home in The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 5. In typical double standard Trump fashion, Michael Johnson was told to get lost when he said he had to leave and was unsure whether he would be back (but should know when his plane lands), although Sharon Osbourne and Cyndi Lauper were given free passes for the week. Then, after the men won for a change against the dysfunctional women’s team, Selita Ebanks was fired because she did not have enough passion. Translation: her unwillingness to fight makes her a less interesting boardroom candidate.

Holly’s mad at Cyndi, as usual. This time, she doesn’t think she should have said anything in the boardroom because she wasn’t there for the task.

In addition to the $20k that Curtis won for winning the task, Clyde Drexler has brought a matching donation for Feeding America from Right Guard.

Trace Adkins will be one of the people following the contestants this week. They know this means music. The task is to makeover two young country artists for an interview and performance. They will be judged on the makeover, press kit, and whatever value they can add to the artist.

Cyndi steps forward for the women. Strangely enough, Goldberg is appointed by Bret for the men.

Holly wants Cyndi to be aware that she’s a singer, apparently, and not just someone from Hangin with Mr. Cooper. Maria, likewise, wants to be a singer as well. Neither of them are getting the sense that Cyndi wants their opinion.

Curtis was expecting two young kids, but in reality they get people have been doing this for a while now. The two choices are Luke Bryan and Emily West, both artists who have already released albums and have had some small amount of success.

Cyndi wants the female singer (the one who loves her) because she’s not sure how much she can do with the guy. The other girls don’t put up a fight.

Summer tells Cyndi they’re going to have to go into there negotiating like lawyers, which is something Cyndi is not comfortable with. One thing these women do have down is how to fight with each other.

Bret makes some phone calls to people in the business. Unlike Cyndi, he’d like to get some feedback from others with experience with these artists. Despite that, he has no preference nor opinion. Pick either one.

At the negotiation, nobody wants to talk first. When they realize their plan to get the guys to give everything away won’t work, Cyndi says she likes the girl. That said, Bret says go ahead and take her.

Once that’s behind them, the women get back to arguing.

Bret wants to bring out the rock star in Luke, hopefully minus the guyliner. Goldberg starts asking questions about his eye color and whether he’ll unbutton his shirt.

Cyndi really doesn’t want to leave, but since Maria’s been complaining about how her idol isn’t paying attention to her, she reluctantly agrees to leave to go shopping. Maria will handle the hair and makeup.

Bret prepares Luke for his interview with People, while the women leave it up to Maria, who says she’s got experience from her Playboy interviews about whether she’s shaved or not.

Bret’s struggle is that Luke knows exactly what he wants. They’re going to struggle to change him very much.

In the middle of the task, Sharon has returned. She wishes she’d been there the whole time because she could do this in her sleep.

When they return from their shopping trip, Cyndi says she’s horrified by the makeup, which doesn’t look anything like the picture. With Sharon back in the picture, Cyndi at least has one person she’s willing to listen to.

Trace senses that maybe not everybody from the women’s team is onboard. If it were him, he’d give her free reign and let her do whatever she wants her to.

In contrast, the men realize that this is all about Bret. Perhaps too much. When the rest of the team is stuck in traffic, Bret’s starting to panic. They’ll be left with maybe 20 minutes for the photo shoot.

During their photo shoot, Maria’s still steaming that her input is not wanted by Cyndi.

The interviewer thinks that Emily seems to have something she really wants to say, a little more focused than usual.

Goldberg would like it if Luke said “you know” 40 times less, while he seems to have forgotten the one thing Bret emphasized, saying he’s tired. From there, it’s time to select some pictures. The problem is that Luke really doesn’t want to be made over, and isn’t too happy about most of the pictures. Trace tells him that, if this is outside of his deal, he needs to broaden his deal.

The women are worried about some things they’ve left off their press kit, but it’s too late to do anything about that now.

Looking at the press kit, the judges are not sure they get fun from Emily, even if she did take beautiful (too formal) pictures. As for Luke, they wish they’d seen the smile on his face, like Goldberg kept telling him to do.

In the boardroom, Maria says that she thinks it would have been good for Cyndi to listen a little more. Cyndi’s response is that Maria sometimes stuck herself in where she didn’t belong. Her strongest player was everybody, except Maria.

Bret reveals that he didn’t get the answer he wanted to hear, but his daughter will be fine.

Goldberg delegated most of the task to Bret, who probably should have been appointed as the project manager to begin with, but the men stick by their decision to give each person/charity a fair shot.

Never afraid to speak her mind, Sharon thinks the guys did a much better job with their press kit. Trace thinks the one they did with Emily was a little more polished, although Trump criticizes the lack of airbrushing. As for Luke, Trace thought that they men were able to get him to do something, although he didn’t go very far. In order for him to become a star, Sharon says that he’d need to be willing to change.

The music industry insiders preferred the men’s press kit. The next point of judgment is the makeover. They thought Emily was more polished and shined in her interview. The women won that point. On the whole, who pushed their artist to make them break out? The judges unanimously selected the ladies to win.

As the winning project manager, Cyndi Lauper gets $20,000 for her charity, the Stonewall Community Foundation for the True Colors Fund. Additionally, Emily and Luke will donate all iTunes proceeds for their new singles for the next month.

While the men may be the more cohesive team, one of their members will now be fired, while the women survive to bicker another week.

Bret accepts the responsibility for the loss if somebody has to be fired. Curtis would fire Bret. Between himself and Bret, Goldberg doesn’t have an answer who should go.

Because he stepped up as project manager for a task for which he shouldn’t have, Goldberg has been fired. Unlike the typical yes men by Trump’s side (usually his children), Trace disagrees with the decision.

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The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 5

Unable to text or use a computer, Rod Blagojevich was eliminated in The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 4.

Michael Johnson, who nominated Rod as project manager last week out of spite (a terrible decision), comes back to the loft doubting another of his teammates, Bret Michaels.

Sharon Osbourne is not there due to illness. Cyndi Lauper will also be away since she has to go meet the President. Those two out of the picture should give Holly and Summer less reason to be snippy. This makes for 4 girls against 4 guys.

They will be working with Right Guard to introduce their “best line of products ever.” They will create a 30 second television commercial and a 10 second Internet commercial. Their focus will be on young male sports enthusiasts. They will be judged on creativity, brand integration, and overall presentation.

Holly Robinson Peete will be the project manager for her team. Curtis Stone wants to be the PM for the guys.

Since Right Guard is the official deodorant of the NBA, Clyde Drexler and Scottie Pippen will be working with them. While they’re in the gym, the first contestant to score a basket gets $10,000 for their project manager’s charity. After almost everybody else misses, Maria comes up in her six inch stilettos and sinks the shot.

Holly’s immediate thought is of her funky smelling 12-13 year old son. The execs tell them they need to make sure they appeal to the target demographic, rather than the purchaser.

Bret has a lengthy pitch, of which his team likes some elements once he finally gets to the point. They’re learning to be patient with him.

Scottie Pippen is working with the women; Clyde Drexler is the NBA player for the men. Michael played on some Olympic teams with Clyde, so he knows him pretty well. Curtis, however, wasn’t even in this country then, so he doesn’t know who he is.

Holly calls Chris Paul, the spokesman for Right Guard, who says their idea is on the right track.

Cyndi calls from the White House wanting to help, so Holly gives her some busy work to get rid of her.

Bret received a text to call his daughter. He finds out that she is getting tested for diabetes, which he has had since he was a kid.

Scottie has to hop on a plane less than 4 hours after they arrive at the location, so the girls are going to need to work quickly.

When the men arrive, they find out that it’s just a blank room. Bret suggests rethinking everything, but they haven’t got time to do that. They’ll have to make do with whatever props they can get. After speaking with the guy handling the shoot, they’re back to rethinking perhaps shifting gears. Curtis agrees to go with Bret’s new ideas, but Bret begs him to back over him tomorrow if this fails. What this also means is that Goldberg and Michael will have to get different supplies than they were originally sent out for. After making a call to Goldberg, Curtis wants to go back to the first plan. So Bret’s got a third idea.

Maria arrives carrying everything including the kitchen sink. Where’s Selita during all of this, while George is watching? She’s talking on the phone and getting Scottie a Snapple.

When Ivanka arrives, Curtis drags Bret away from her and lies to her so he can keep moving and get her out of there.

Cyndi calls once she’s done listening to the President speak. Summer puts the phone down and just lets her talk, ignoring every word.

After the men are done shooting and get everything they wanted, Bret admits he was wrong, and that Curtis was right for sticking to his guns.

When the women are done shooting and Scottie leaves, Holly’s worried that maybe they didn’t get what they needed to get.

As the men head over to the editing bay, Bret breaks down crying, still unsure what the status of his daughter is.

The next morning, Cyndi is back for the last two hours of editing. Holly’s worried that Cyndi will have suggestions now that they’ve aleady made all the decisions. Holly is threatened by having a singer in the building to improve her jingle, but the end result is she’s pleased that Cyndi has managed to do just that.

For the first time, the men have finished before the task ends.

Holly trusts Maria to cut together the 10 second spot while Holly puts together the presentation. As for Selita, she’s sitting their yawning. Since she’s not doing anything, she probably could help Maria, but nobody wants to be bothered. They’re sure it’s great. When they’re just about done, Holly finally comes back in like Maria asked her to do earlier, and she’s immediately got a complaint. Too late. Leaving the room, Holly says she doesn’t care any more because nobody else does. Oh, somebody slap her please.

Bret says that, if the executives’ reaction during the presentation is any indication, they just got their butts kicked.

Unlike the cohesive men’s presentation, Cyndi trips over her words during the presentation, but the commercial gets more emotion from one of the execs

The executives say that the men really got what they were going after, with a message that it’s all about high performance. However, the women had an entertaining commercial. The problem is that they were thinking about this ad as moms, whereas the men focused on the target audience of 13-18 year olds. Their 10 second commercial was also just an abridged version of their 30 second one.

Michael has arrived to see Donald Trump. He will be heading back to San Francisco to take care of his son, but does not elaborate. He’s hoping he can come back but won’t know until he gets on the ground. Trump says that it would not be fair for him to return, so good luck.

Holly takes the blame for not using a second ad, and instead just using the first ad twice. The execs were not particularly impressed with what the men did for their 10 second spot either, though, saying it was not funny enough to go viral. What the execs on this show never seem to realize is that you can’t force something to go viral. Either it happens or it doesn’t, although something that’s 10 seconds long has an uphill battle regardless.

This has been coming since the women met with the executives and Holly disregarded their advice regarding target demographic. The men win for a change.

Curtis wins $20,000 for his charity, Feeding America.

Ivanka says it almost seems like Holly was a one woman show.

Who was the weak link on their team? Maria says Selita.

Summer says fire the people who weren’t there, Cyndi and Sharon. Trump wants to leave them alone. Holly’s dying to bring Cyndi back, but Trump warns Holly he won’t fire her.

Selita and Maria will be going back to the boardroom. Maria’s blamed for the editing.

Cyndi would like to say something, to which Holly responds that she should just be grateful she’s surviving and shut up.

Summer says that her buddy Holly is the strongest. She will not pick the weakest.

Holly doesn’t know who should go, as long as it’s not her.

Selita’s not willing to be a pitbull, although George wants her to be.

Selita would fire Maria for the editing.

Because she’s not interrupting everybody and making up nonsense so she can stay, Selita has been fired. If you’re gonna fire someone, come up with a better excuse.

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The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 4

Darryl Strawberry quit in The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 3, saving Michael Johnson from being fired in the process.

Michael nominates Rod Blagojevich for project manager. Selita Ebanks volunteers for the women. The project managers will be getting on a plane and be separated from their teams.

When they arrive at the airport, the project managers are given the task. They will be flying to the Universal Orlando Resort to check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction. Then they will report their findings back to their teams, who will create and present a 3D interactive display to generate buzz. After their tour, they will fly back to NYC to rejoin their teams. Per FAA regulations, they must turn off their cell phones until they land.

Cyndi has brought in a dry erase board on which they can write down their ideas. A very good plan. Unless you ask Holly, who shoots it down. Sharon tells them that, without Cyndi, they’d be like watching ice melt.

Curtis Stone has a concern. Rod has no clue how to use a computer. If the task is to manage them remotely via the web, they’re pretty well screwed. Luckily, the project managers have two choices of communication: text or telephone. We know Rod can handle the latter choice.

Selita uses the flight to brainstorm. As for Rod, well, the flight is pretty much a waste of time.

The governor finally figures out how to use his new fangled phone to call his team. He tells them the task, hoping they know what a 3D display is because he doesn’t. Bret has been assigned to manage the design, Curtis is in charge of communication, Goldberg for graphics, and Michael will handle finances and timing.

As the girls go at each other, Maria sits back, not really supporting either side’s argument.

Selita’s able to text her team on the limo ride to meet with the executives. All Rod can do is sit and look around.

Upon arrival, she’s also able to take pictures with her phone, which he presumably does not have any idea how to do.

One good thing Rod did was to assign tasks. Bret’s already got an idea developing, whereas the women are mostly just sitting around unwilling to make a decision because their project manager is not there. Problem is he delegates task, then his responsiblity ends there.

On the plane back, Selita keeps watching the DVD over and over again. Rod? He’s sleeping.

Sharon’s still sickly, and the sawdust isn’t helping her any.

George, who was Trump’s right hand man on the show until the Trump children took over, is back for the week. He thinks the women have a great project… if they can pull it off.

His counterpart is Erin Burnett from CNBC. Bret keeps talking to her because he thinks she’s hot. Her concern is Rod’s lack of technical knowledge.

Rod is happy with what he sees when he arrives, although he’s not happy that Michael and Curtis are eating dinner. Really?

Selita likes what she sees as well, but she nitpicks over some things that she doesn’t like. She also finally assigns some roles to her team.

Rod has decided to do improv for the presentation because that’s what kids respond to better. So the plan for the presentation is simple: they don’t have one.

The guys are still missing a lot of stuff, so Curtis and Michael head to the prop store. Rod doesn’t have any ideas and tells them to use their judgment. This is becoming a common theme with him.

When all’s said and done, the women’s display is a wand room, while the men have recreated a castle.

The women think they may well all have come off as crazy ladies. The men have opted to go with a fog machine, so whatever they’re doing becomes irrelevant because nobody can see after a while anyway. Bret acknowledges that it was a disaster. He hopes to win them over with free candy and merchandise.

A key factor here is that the kids will play a role in the decision. Working with kids can be difficult and unpredictable.

Michael thinks that Rod didn’t give a lot of direction. What he did give he gave mostly to Bret.

Curtis would have liked to have some more communication, either by text or e-mail. Erin got the feeling the guys were trying to fill in the gaps as a result.

Maria denies that there was a weak link. Summer agrees, for a change not tearing into Cyndi.

Trump has a question: who will Selita take back if they lose? She doesn’t want to answer that question just yet.

The executives and the kids liked the overall display from the guys. They also liked putting the spell on the tree, although they were concerned the tree looked too Goldberglike and that there were some inaccuracies.

As for the women, the audience liked the costume and the wind. However, they didn’t think they gave enough attention to the theme park.

The women are the winners again. Selita will be receiving $20,000 for her charity, Shine on Sierra Leone.

In defending himself, Rod still doesn’t know any of the words he’s talking about.

Bret will not be coming back to the boardroom. Curtis and Michael will be. This provides Trump the opportunity to debate whether Bret should come back for 10 minutes. It’s very clear that no matter how much Trump pushes, Rod’s not going to change his mind. So Trump, stop asking him over and over again.

Based on this project, Rod says that Curtis should be fired.

Curtis thinks Rod was a poor project manager who didn’t know how to communicate.

Following an excessively and unnecessarily drawn out boardroom, Rod Blagojevich has been fired.

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