The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 9

As the losing project manager, Summer Sanders was eliminated in The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 8.

Holly doesn’t like that Cyndi wasn’t fired. Not only is she stuck with Cyndi, but now she doesn’t have Summer to gang up on her.

Now we find out why Trump kept Curtis around. Sharon and Maria stuck their feet in their mouths, for whatever reason saying they didn’t like Curtis despite not having worked with him. Knowing that, Trump switches Curtis to RockSolid, and Bret moves to Tenacity. They get what they deserved, not that it’s necessarily a bad thing.

Richard LeFrak, who’s involved in real estate, will be Trump’s eyes and ears this week. Each team will be given an apartment to refurbish. The task that made Omarosa a D-lister. They are looking for originality, celebrity style, ability to stage the apartment to improve its value, and overall quality of the renovation. They will be judged by Lee Curtis of BridgeStreet Worldwide and celebrity designer Jonathan Adler.

Holly is project manager because neither of her teammates wants to be. Sharon Osbourne is the project manager for RockSolid.

Bret realizes he’s stepped into a bad situation with two people who don’t like anything the other has to say.

Curtis’ goal is to have Sharon and Maria like him by the end of the task. Either that, or they’re both going to gang up on him when they get to the boardroom.

Tenacity’s theme is New York zen. Serenity now.

Holly gives Cyndi the off the beaten path nutty room. She’s not sure about Bret but likes the way he’s managing both of them.

Sharon wants a modern clean look that will appeal to the executives they’re decorating for. Maria would like to push the envelope a bit, but Sharon dismisses her as just being a kid with “truck stop taste,” whatever that is. Maria’s dismissed to go pick up the paint and similar work, for which she blames Curtis, the master manipulator.

Bret is put in charge of the crew.

Cyndi’s going completely the opposite direction of Sharon. She wants to make it as freaky as possible. Holly’s apparently predictable, as Sharon was expecting her to do exactly what she’s done. They don’t need to be overly predictable, though, for Sharon to score the details. Sharon’s phone call with the prop place gets her all the info about what the other team is doing.

Bret’s leaving early to do a concert, but he will be returning the next day and be back without much sleep.

Curtis calls a bunch of his friends in the housewares industry and asks for some free stuff. They grab about $10k worth of stuff. Sharon does one better and calls up one of her friends, so she can get whatever she wants at a store, walking out with $140k of free stuff.

When Richard LeFrak shows up, Maria wants him to know she’s not fully onboard with her team’s plan. Either she’s covering herself, or she’s setting herself up as a fallguy for not being onboard.

Maria’s worried they’re not going to have enough time to paint, so everybody calls some more friends to help them out.

When Curtis and Sharon return, there’s not very much done, which Maria takes offense to since she says she’s done as much as she can get done. All their friends show up, and they have a painting party. They also got so much furniture, probably too much.

It’s approaching midnight, and Sharon is not happy with the wall color again. Maria originally started painting in purple. Then it got switched to grey.

The next morning, panic sets in when they realize how much they still have left to do.

Bret snapped a bunch of pictures of the skyline. He seems surprised that the pictures are way too small, but we’ve seen this happen before earlier in the season. He reorders them with some specs this time, and they show up before the day is over. With the elevator out, he’ll have to go 18 flights of steps with them, but nothing’s stopping him from adding his own touch to the apartment.

Cyndi’s having something of a meltdown, when she starts yelling at the workers helping them out. Holly wants Bret to remember this in the boardroom.

RockSolid had an expensive and huge looking apartment, but their celebrity room, which was just an afterthought for them, fell short. They also didn’t have a dresser. Tenacity shrunk the space because there was so much going on. It felt more cheap than zen. Their celebrity room was infinitely more celebrityesque.

Sharon and Maria have decided they love Curtis now.

Based on the comments thus far, it comes as no surprise that RockSolid has won. BridgeStreet will be doubling the prize for Sharon’s charity, and she will get $40,000 for Cedars Sinai Hospital Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program.

Holly says she’s not particularly nervous right now.

Cyndi’s mad that she did all the grunt work. So why didn’t she step up as project manager? She may not be a designer, but neither are the other two.

Bret kind of dances around the answer, but gets to the point that Cyndi talks too much. Cyndi would fire Holly because she’s difficult. Holly would fire Cyndi, also because she’s difficult.

Bret’s surprised that they are being so easy on him. Something doesn’t feel quite right to him.

Richard would get rid of Bret, who wasn’t there for part of the task. Hardly fair seeing as Cyndi and Sharon have both done that. Don Jr. was going to say Holly until Cyndi said Holly gave her the inspiration for her part of the project (by saying she wanted a red room and letting Cyndi run with it from there).

Holly has to take credit for Cyndi’s room because she has to take credit for everything as the project manager. Hence, she also has to take blame for everything.

As the girls are tearing each other apart, Bret’s being quiet. Trump doesn’t like quiet. It’s not good TV.

Bret finally gives an answer who should be fired. Cyndi. Holly would not fire Bret.

Because Cyndi mentioned the red color being Holly’s idea, she is fired. As lame reasons for firing go, that’s sure up there. Holly has no problem walking away, but Cyndi won’t let Bret patch things up with her either.

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