The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 4

Darryl Strawberry quit in The Celebrity Apprentice 3 Episode 3, saving Michael Johnson from being fired in the process.

Michael nominates Rod Blagojevich for project manager. Selita Ebanks volunteers for the women. The project managers will be getting on a plane and be separated from their teams.

When they arrive at the airport, the project managers are given the task. They will be flying to the Universal Orlando Resort to check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction. Then they will report their findings back to their teams, who will create and present a 3D interactive display to generate buzz. After their tour, they will fly back to NYC to rejoin their teams. Per FAA regulations, they must turn off their cell phones until they land.

Cyndi has brought in a dry erase board on which they can write down their ideas. A very good plan. Unless you ask Holly, who shoots it down. Sharon tells them that, without Cyndi, they’d be like watching ice melt.

Curtis Stone has a concern. Rod has no clue how to use a computer. If the task is to manage them remotely via the web, they’re pretty well screwed. Luckily, the project managers have two choices of communication: text or telephone. We know Rod can handle the latter choice.

Selita uses the flight to brainstorm. As for Rod, well, the flight is pretty much a waste of time.

The governor finally figures out how to use his new fangled phone to call his team. He tells them the task, hoping they know what a 3D display is because he doesn’t. Bret has been assigned to manage the design, Curtis is in charge of communication, Goldberg for graphics, and Michael will handle finances and timing.

As the girls go at each other, Maria sits back, not really supporting either side’s argument.

Selita’s able to text her team on the limo ride to meet with the executives. All Rod can do is sit and look around.

Upon arrival, she’s also able to take pictures with her phone, which he presumably does not have any idea how to do.

One good thing Rod did was to assign tasks. Bret’s already got an idea developing, whereas the women are mostly just sitting around unwilling to make a decision because their project manager is not there. Problem is he delegates task, then his responsiblity ends there.

On the plane back, Selita keeps watching the DVD over and over again. Rod? He’s sleeping.

Sharon’s still sickly, and the sawdust isn’t helping her any.

George, who was Trump’s right hand man on the show until the Trump children took over, is back for the week. He thinks the women have a great project… if they can pull it off.

His counterpart is Erin Burnett from CNBC. Bret keeps talking to her because he thinks she’s hot. Her concern is Rod’s lack of technical knowledge.

Rod is happy with what he sees when he arrives, although he’s not happy that Michael and Curtis are eating dinner. Really?

Selita likes what she sees as well, but she nitpicks over some things that she doesn’t like. She also finally assigns some roles to her team.

Rod has decided to do improv for the presentation because that’s what kids respond to better. So the plan for the presentation is simple: they don’t have one.

The guys are still missing a lot of stuff, so Curtis and Michael head to the prop store. Rod doesn’t have any ideas and tells them to use their judgment. This is becoming a common theme with him.

When all’s said and done, the women’s display is a wand room, while the men have recreated a castle.

The women think they may well all have come off as crazy ladies. The men have opted to go with a fog machine, so whatever they’re doing becomes irrelevant because nobody can see after a while anyway. Bret acknowledges that it was a disaster. He hopes to win them over with free candy and merchandise.

A key factor here is that the kids will play a role in the decision. Working with kids can be difficult and unpredictable.

Michael thinks that Rod didn’t give a lot of direction. What he did give he gave mostly to Bret.

Curtis would have liked to have some more communication, either by text or e-mail. Erin got the feeling the guys were trying to fill in the gaps as a result.

Maria denies that there was a weak link. Summer agrees, for a change not tearing into Cyndi.

Trump has a question: who will Selita take back if they lose? She doesn’t want to answer that question just yet.

The executives and the kids liked the overall display from the guys. They also liked putting the spell on the tree, although they were concerned the tree looked too Goldberglike and that there were some inaccuracies.

As for the women, the audience liked the costume and the wind. However, they didn’t think they gave enough attention to the theme park.

The women are the winners again. Selita will be receiving $20,000 for her charity, Shine on Sierra Leone.

In defending himself, Rod still doesn’t know any of the words he’s talking about.

Bret will not be coming back to the boardroom. Curtis and Michael will be. This provides Trump the opportunity to debate whether Bret should come back for 10 minutes. It’s very clear that no matter how much Trump pushes, Rod’s not going to change his mind. So Trump, stop asking him over and over again.

Based on this project, Rod says that Curtis should be fired.

Curtis thinks Rod was a poor project manager who didn’t know how to communicate.

Following an excessively and unnecessarily drawn out boardroom, Rod Blagojevich has been fired.

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