Heroes Season 3 Episode 21

Hiro kidnapped baby Matt Parkman and regained his ability to freeze time in Heroes Season 3 Episode 20.

As for Peter, he’s just saved his mom. He’s not saving her because he’s a good son, though. He just wants answers. She says she wants answers, too.

Danko may be off the case as far as Nathan’s concerned, but that won’t stop him from having agents. Granted, three of his agents are now no longer living.

Sylar shows up in Danko’s car. They both want the same thing: killing people like him.

Angela wants to have some dreams that matter, but she can’t get to sleep. She always found peace in the church where she was married, so that’s where they’re at now.

Nathan’s trying to earn some money with a drinking game. $100 a hit. Last man standing wins.

Danko hears a phone ringing. It’s from Sylar. He didn’t have much trouble sneaking in there. He’s got an answer for him. James Martin, the guy who killed his men, is a shapeshifter. We see how he changes form as he makes his getaway. He just has to touch someone, then he morphs into them. He could be anyone.

Angela thinks Peter must hate her for what she’s done and how she’s raised him, but he says he doesn’t.

Danko believes that shapeshifting would be Sylar’s escape hatch. Despite the fact that Danko has a gun pointed at Sylar and is trying to act tough, Sylar still wants to work with him.

Peter doesn’t get the point of all this, and he wants to know if God even cares. He wants to see God live up to his end of their deal and just show up. He doesn’t get an omnimpotent deity, but what he does get is a group of guys hunting two fugitives.

Martin’s trying on personalities like clothes. Sylar believes the common denominator is power. The roles he takes on give him power like he would never get in real life. What they’re seeking is men of power with women of allure. That narrows it down.

Nathan’s passed out, but that hasn’t stopped Claire from getting the money back. It’s like she’s not even affected by the alcohol.

Angela’s lost everything. Her friends, her husband, her boys. But that’s the price she chose to pay to save the world. As she’s saying that, HRG busts in on her in the confessional, and he just pretends that it’s all clear.

When they arrive at the night club, Sylar finds Martin. He thinks Danko will recognize him. Either Danko’s got a twin, or they’ve got themselves a shapeshifter. He’s after power. For some reason, he thinks Danko has that. Regardless, he’s a better Danko than the real thing is.

Nathan gave Claire a free pass because he hoped to win her over in one move. He’d do better to fix this mess he’s created.

Danko shoots someone who looks like Sylar. It’s Martin apparently. Now that that’s over, it’s Sylar’s turn to play.

Although Nathan said he would fix everything the night before, the next morning, he says he was just drunk. He doesn’t have any plans to fix this. Claire still believes in him, even if he’s lost belief in himself. He’s supposed to be Superman.

Angela has managed to get some sleep and have a dream. After they find Nathan and Claire and bring the family together, they need to go visit her sister.

Danko shows HRG the body in the body bag. Dead ringer for Sylar. The guy in Danko’s car who just shapeshifted into Sylar is as well.

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