Heroes Season 3 Episode 22

Danko teamed up with a Sylar looking shapeshifter in Heroes Season 3 Episode 21. Meanwhile, Angela had a dream that she needs to reunite the family and go see her sister.

HRG’s examining what appears to be Sylar’s body. Danko says to trust him and that he’s not getting up this time. Funny how HRG’s tried all these years to capture him, yet Danko managed to do it this quickly.

Hiro and Ando are searching for big Matt Parkman. It’s their duty to unite the two Matt Parkmans. First they have to overcome the mystery of how to get the baby to stop crying. That and why their new car all of a sudden has stopped working.

Parkman’s looking for revenge on Danko.

Sandy comes to see HRG, and she’s not leaving town until he finds Claire.

The shapeshifter plans to destroy HRG.

Noah gets a call from Angela, talking about Coyote Sands. For 20 years, he’s asked about it but been told not to ask. She has spoken to Nathan, who will meet her there with Claire. He needs to meet them there as well. Noah, however, would apparently prefer to do some more digging into Sylar’s dead body.

Ando and Hiro are now hitchhiking. They’re picked up by a guy who looks Japanese but speaks redneck. His truck is now broken, too. Must be the baby.

HRG pulls the object out of Sylar’s skull. He wants a DNA analysis, but he does not want the body cremated.

Sandy brings some papers to sign. She wants to get a divorce because he’s a liar who’s endangered their lives. If only it were the real Sandy and not some shapeshifter.

If they can get the baby to stop crying, they’ll be able to proceed on their way. Until then, they’re stuck making funny faces. Ando probably can’t stay like that all the way to New York.

Parkman follows Danko to someone he apparently cares about. Except it turns out to be an escort.

The DNA matches James Martin, the shapeshifter. At least he was the shapeshifter until Sylar came along.

Matt tells the escort, Elena, that whatever Danko’s told her, it’s all a lie.

Suresh has gone to his apartment and finds some items in storage. There’s a place called Coyote Sands.

Sandy gets a visit from an angry gun-toting HRG. The signature on the divorce papers doesn’t match hers. If she’s really a shapeshifter, though, she probably wouldn’t have her phone and know where the dog’s pills are. His explanation about Sylar’s shapeshiftingness, which she believes, doesn’t ease her mind.

Elena has found where Danko really lives, thanks to Parkman. His fantasies of a normal life don’t change the fact that he kills people for a living. He really does care about her, though. Still, Parkman can’t kill her, so he drops the gun. Danko, however, has no problem killing Parkman. In the nick of time, Hiro arrives to stop time and wheel Parkman away. He lost the girl and didn’t hit the target.

Sylar’s gotten his hands on HRG’s old Primatech files. Only it’s not Sylar. It’s the real HRG. He wants Sylar on a platter. He’s on assignment as the leader of team six.

Matt Parkman didn’t want to be rescued, but perhaps he’ll change his mind when he meets Matt Parkman.

HRG goes with Danko to confront the leader of team six. After he shoots him, he insists he’ll heal. He doesn’t. Not until everybody else is out of the room anyway.

Danko calls Elena to explain his being a mad dog killer type. Jakob is the man he really wants to be, and he wants a chance to prove himself.

Angela, Peter, Nathan, and Claire have arrived at Coyote Sands. Whatever has happened, Nathan’s still his brother. They have to understand the past, which means grabbing some shovels and digging. Whose skull is that? Perhaps if they keep digging, they’ll find more. During this body hunt, HRG arrives as well.

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