Big Brother 9 Episode 24

Despite his best efforts and the belief that he was the game’s mastermind, Joshuah was evicted from the Big Brother house in Big Brother 9 Episode 23. Once Josh was out the door, Adam gained the power again, winning HOH.

Adam’s having fun watching Sharon have a nervous breakdown.

James wants to kick himself in the face. He and Sharon hate everybody in the house. They could have played this game differently and wouldn’t be in this position (not lying and getting rid of Matt would have been a start), but when you insist on dividing the house in two, this is what you get when the side you pick keeps getting its ass kicked.

Adam wants everybody to know he’s single.

One of James’ personalities tells us he’s going to win the game.

Sheila trusts Adam the most and is only able to talk to him about her son.

Sharon is hoping she’s going to be able to get someone to make an alliance with her because she’s got nobody now. Ryan wants to cover all his bases and make an alliance with her, since he has an alliance with everybody else. This is the philosophy that did Josh in.

Now that Josh is gone, Sharon’s decided to be James’ mom instead.

The food challenge is going to be a messy one. They must build pathways using only mashed potatoes to get the gravy to flow into and fill containers. For the most part, they work together as a team. They win meat & fish, desserts & snacks, outdoor toys, dairy & eggs, and bread & pasta. Big Brother lets them cheat a bit and get the BBQ grill, a nice thing to do considering they hospitalized them with the slop.

James tells Adam that he can trust him because even though he’s screwed over everybody else in the house, that doesn’t mean he’s not trustworthy. Natalie and Ryan try to talk some sense into Adam, telling him that if James doesn’t go up and wins veto, James and Sharon will control who goes home, which probably would be either Natalie or Ryan. James still can’t figure out why he’s lying in this bed he’s made. Once he starts crying, though, Adam agrees to not put him up if he agrees not to use POV.

Natalie is safe.
Ryan is safe.
James is safe.

Sharon and Sheila have been nominated for eviction. This is one of the dumbest moves of the season. Not only can you not trust the guy with pink hair, but Adam is jeopardizing his allies, none of whom are happy with the decision.

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