Survivor: Micronesia Episode 8

We’re now past CBS’ successful effort at confusing everybody as to when Survivor would actually be on. Two weeks ago on the Wednesday airing of Survivor: Micronesia Episode 7, two more castaways were once again eliminated from the show. First, Kathy quit, bringing the tribes even at 6 apiece. Then Malakal lost the immunity challenge as usual, and a plan to the shake up the game never went beyond the plan stage, so Tracy followed Chet out the door.

Erik’s afraid he will be the next to go, but he remains Ozzy’s pet, so he has potential to stick around.

Ami and Cirie have figured out that they can get plenty of food on their own.

Ozzy’s freaking out about the previous night’s tribal council, and his paranoia continues to grow as the hours pass.

Airai’s got a rat to eat. Breakfast of champions.

James hates his new island, and he feels like he and Parvati are pretty much on their own over there.

Parvati wants to secure Alexis and Natalie, whoever they are, and then get together with Amanda for a girl power alliance. She knows she can’t beat James or Ozzy in the end.

The tribes can pick one person at the other tribe who won’t compete in the immunity challenge but also will have individual immunity. This is in preparation for that night’s tribal council, despite the fact that they just went to tribal last night. Airai selected Ozzy; Malakal selected Alexis. They chose Alexis because they think it’s about balance. Tribe members will run across a balancing obstacle course while members of the other tribe swing bags at them. Parvati will sit out for Airai. Eliza and Jason run for Airai; Erik and Amanda run for Malakal. Jason takes a slight lead for Airai. The girls both fall off, and Jason extends his lead. Eliza falls. Amanda doesn’t fall, and she and Jason are now neck and neck. Eliza has a lead over Erik by seconds, retaining her lead over him as they both score points. On his next go, Erik takes a hard fall, and this is enough to let Airai get a lead they won’t look back from. Airai wins immunity (again), pizza, and beer.

Jason still thinks his hidden immunity idol is real. I’m thoroughly impressed he’s dumb enough to fall for this. Ozzy’s happy someone took the bait.

Erik asks Cirie and Parvati how much they trust Ami, telling them she’s been trying to screw them over, which is true, though I wonder to what extent she was really serious about making that happen. Of course, they don’t trust him because he’ll flip quicker than she will. Ami knows what he’s doing and approaches them to talk.

Ami blames their lack of approaching her for what she’s done. She thanks Erik for helping her get closer to them.

As Ozzy’s boat approaches, Erik’s a lost puppy dog looking for some help from him. He tells Ozzy the same story he told the girls. Unlike the girls who don’t trust either of them, Ozzy without question trusts Erik.


Can’t say I blame them for getting rid of Ami. She proved last time she plays this game hard. Granted, they have ensured they’ve got one less favorite and a potentially dangerous duo in Ozzy and Erik at merge.

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