Survivor: Micronesia Episode 7

Chet had the opportunity to take control of the game for his allies in Survivor: Micronesia Episode 6, but he was too interested in whining and ended up being voted out himself. Following his injury at the poorly designed challenge, Jonathan was eliminated from the game for medical reasons.

Tracy wants to kill the chickens. For some reason, Ozzy is completely opposed to this and rules it out. Nonetheless, Ozzy remains the provider of his tribe, so she’ll just bite her tongue for now. Erik, meanwhile, wants to be Ozzy.

The reward challenge involves money stones, which were the currency in Micronesia at one time. Reward is a trip to an island for a spa and food. Natalie sits out for Airai. Tribes will guide their giant round stones through a course while blindfolded. Two people who are not blindfolded must guide them and recover the stones under tiles after they’re broken. Airai is the first to finish and move to the puzzle. Malakal passes them on the puzzle and wins reward, though. They send Jason to exile island, along with Tracy (at Ozzy’s request, meaning she misses out on the reward).

While Amanda and Ami strip and take showers with Ozzy in paradise, back at camp, the other tribe is suffering through a monsoon, as Kathy takes on the role of whiner. After about three minutes straight of this, I get the point already. I’m sensing our next quitter here.

The other girls try to talk her out of it, but Kathy has her mind set on leaving the game. Jeff Probst comes to pay her a visit. She says she can’t feel her family, but I’m not sure how heading off to a sequester house will change that.

Prior to the season starting, Probst had this to say about Kathy, “We almost put Kathy on Vanuatu and we didn’t. It’s one thing to have a positive attitude, it’s another to survive 39 days eating some rice, clams, and an occasional fish. I think Kathy’s going to be tested enormously, and the longer she lasts, the tougher it’s going to be unless she can embrace it. It’s not an easy season out there. It rained almost every night we were there, and if you get sent to Exile, it can be brutal.”

This puts the teams even at six and gives us yet another two elimination episode. This also follows on the heels of Jonathan’s exit last week, as he was on this same tribe, keeping things roughly even for the tribe that keeps losing.

Cirie’s getting people around to her way of thinking: that Ozzy’s just out for Ozzy.

The immunity challenge will again be collecting puzzle pieces then solving a puzzle. Tribes will run across a bridge and hook up puzzle pieces, then their teams will reel them back to shore with the rope they attach. Ozzy gets an early lead and is allowed to go a second time, giving Malakal a big lead. Ozzy takes a breather on the third go but goes again on the fourth, and Malakal laps Airai. Malakal is the first tribe to get all five pieces. Airai manages to get their pieces while Malakal is still untying theirs, but they still have a good amount of ground to make up. Despite being behind, Airai once again catch up on the puzzle part, as Eliza and Jason finish the puzzle to win immunity for Airai.

The girls apologize to Ozzy, but he doesn’t seem real concerned because he feels safe. Once again, there’s a plan to go against Ozzy. Ami approaches Tracy to take out Ozzy, who doesn’t want Erik gone unlike the other girls because Erik worships him. Ami’s thinking of a 3-2-1 vote.

Ozzy’s name is brought up a bunch at tribal council, but he again doesn’t appear overly worried.


Once again they didn’t have much choice, even if they’re probably going to regret it in the long run.

Unlike this week’s schedule change, it appears the next episode will be delayed a week and still air on Thursday.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: Micronesia Episode 8, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on CBS.

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