Big Brother 9 Episode 17

Last night, James went back on his promise to Natalie and nominated Matt as a replacement for Sheila, putting Matt and Ryan in danger of leaving tonight.

Natalie’s obviously upset over the possibility that Matt will leave the house, but in retrospect, she’s ultimately responsible for the outcome this week. All she can do is seek revenge against James.

Sheila assures Ryan: when she makes a decision, it’s a decision. Whatever that means.

Adam’s advice to Matt is to aggressively pursue the others for their votes. He doesn’t care whether it’s a sympathy vote or not. The approach doesn’t work. He gets a bunch of I don’t knows. So his next idea is to confront them and tell them he’s never done anything bad to any of them, whereas Ryan’s a rat who’s screwed over everybody who wants to vote for him to stay. At least it’s better than telling people he doesn’t want to be in sequester for his birthday. Matt does appear to have enough support for a tie, but James is still whining about people lying, so he hates them both.

Julie wants to know why James is a hypocrite. He doesn’t give an answer that makes sense.

Three people believed Allison was going to be in the box. They’re told that Alex was the actual choice. Four people say that if they knew it was Alex in the box, they would have voted to let him in.

It’s Dick and Danielle. How come these people are on my screen again? I may throw up in my mouth again. Danielle tells us she’s no longer dating Nick, though not surprisingly we’re not told that he dumped her for Jen, who Dick was also obsessed over.


It’s all tied up, which means James as HOH must decide who leaves.

Considering the way his entire alliance (of sorts) voted, it’s no surprise that James votes to evict Matt, who is the first member of the jury.

The HOH competition is a Q&A about things the evicted houseguests have said in the diary room. Two people will compete, and whoever proceeds chooses which two people go next. Joshuah and Chelsia are up first. Joshuah gets it wrong and is eliminated. Chelsia selects Natalie and Sheila to face off. Natalie gets it right, and Sheila is eliminated. Chelsia and Sharon are next. Chelsia is correct, and Sharon is eliminated. Adam and Natalie go next. Adam is correct, and Natalie is out. Ryan and Chelsia are next. Chelsia is correct, and Ryan is eliminated. Adam steps up for the final round. Adam is correct and wins HOH. The battle lines are pretty clear here, so I would expect Adam would go after the other side, but you never know with this guy. It was interesting that nobody decided to attack Ryan during this competition. It appears both sides believe they can swing him.

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