Big Brother 9 Episode 28

In Big Brother 9 Episode 27, Sheila managed to win the endurance HOH competition after Natalie quit based on a deal to keep herself and Ryan safe for the week. In Sheila’s mind, she never agreed to keep Natalie safe, though, just that she wouldn’t nominate her initially, so she plans to target Natalie in silence, putting up Sharon and Adam as pawns. Last time Natalie made a deal in an endurance competition, it bit her in the ass, as that was the week Matty was eliminated.

Sheila bashes Adam in front of the girls because she wants them to think she hates him. Granted, this isn’t entirely unusual for Sheila because she hates everybody in front of everybody else.

Everybody ensures Adam he’s not the target, but he has trouble believing them.

In the veto competition, players must use remotes to change the channel on 9 TV screens and solve a puzzle. Everybody has a good reason to win this one, though Sharon may be good to throw it and let them keep thinking she’s not a threat. Ryan tells us he took a long time because he’s mesmerized by how hot Jen looks. Sheila’s getting turned on because she is seeing Evel Dick’s body. So is the first statement worse because it’s a lame attempt at impressing a girl he’ll hate once he gets out and sees the footage, or is the second statement worse because it’s a revolting thought?

Ryan – 6:01
Sheila – 15:30
Adam – 3:20
Natalie – 12:09
Sharon – 4:56

Puzzle queen Natalie loses as Adam bails out Sheila following her pathetic effort at defending her strategy. Natalie is happy that Adam won rather than Sharon probably because she knows that if she goes up on the block against Adam, Sheila’s a threat to her in the event of a tie. Still, she knows she’s going up. Ryan continues to play both sides, and none of them are aware of it.

Sheila and Sharon don’t think Natalie’s very smart, which would explain why they’re terrified of her. Sheila decides she hates Natalie’s guts. Typical Sheila.

Natalie’s getting concerned to see Sharon and Sheila constantly together, and she knows that people may target her as a bigger threat (at this point in the game, I’m not seeing her as the bigger threat, but I could see why some might be confused and think otherwise).

It’s Sheila’s birthday, and they throw her a surprise party and sing For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow (because you have to pay Warner Chappell Music to sing Happy Birthday to You on TV, which is just plain ridiculous if you ask me). She gets a card from her mom, who she didn’t know was a huge fan of the show. Sheila says she’s the way she is because of her mother. Too easy.

Sharon tries to convince Adam that, despite the fact that she already has three votes locked up no question (two more than anybody else), she’ll lose in the end because everybody will remain loyal to their side. Ryan and Adam know this is BS but believe Natalie will be harder to get out of the game, though they know Natalie’s not well liked by the jury.

Sheila doesn’t think there’s even a choice to be made. She wants Natalie gone, and even though she wants to prove how tough she is and show Natalie she messed with the wrong person, she doesn’t want to deal with having to break a tie. She warns Adam to vote the way she wants, then she warns them if Natalie survives, she’ll be after all three of them (is there a fourth choice I’m missing?). Sheila thinks that taking out Natalie without breaking the tie will keep blood off her hands. Not content with Adam’s responses, she threatens to put up Ryan. The guys know they can do whatever they want once Natalie’s on the block.

Adam has used the power of veto on himself. As planned, Natalie has been nominated in Adam’s place. Natalie feels safe with the boys in power, but they don’t trust her any more than anybody else does.

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