Big Brother 9 Episode 27

James was finally evicted from the Big Brother house in Big Brother 9 episode 26, and we left off in the middle of an endurance competition for HOH.

As usual, 60 Minutes is running late, putting BB9 about 45 minutes behind schedule.

Sheila’s worried about not being able to trust Natalie, but no matter who wins, Sheila will probably be on the block. Ryan is also somewhat worried about Natalie. Sharon’s worried about everybody.

Not content with merely having people hang from a chain in glass boxes, BB starts sending smoke into the boxes. At 8 minutes, Sharon is out. Sheila’s pushing on because she needs to see something from home. At 56 minutes, Natalie tells Sheila she’s afraid she’s not safe, which is entirely true because neither of them trust her. Like the last endurance comeptition, Natalie just keeps talking. Ryan’s got blisters on his hands just before the two hour mark, not a good thing to have to recover from. Adam and Sharon go inside the house at 2 hours, 6 minutes. Natalie says they should all make a deal to put the other two up. Sheila agrees to put them up and if Sharon gets off the block, she’ll vote out Adam even in the event of a tie. Ryan drops at 2 hours, 47 minutes. Natalie just wants to know what Jesus would have done. She doesn’t want to drop because she’s not a quitter. Sharon advises her to drop, even though she’s not a quitter either (she quit at 8 minutes). After much debate, Natalie drops at 3 hours, and Sheila finally wins something rather than coming in last like usual.

Very risky deal to agree to. Natalie’s better off being able to participate in HOH next week… if she makes it that far.

Natalie and Ryan tell Adam about the deal.

Sheila reveals that Natalie’s her real target, and she’s convinced herself that she never agreed to not target Natalie this week. I’m not sure what point of this game would have made Natalie believe she could trust the deal. Keeping Sharon in the house is pretty stupid, though. Sharon has three jury votes locked. All it takes is four.

Sheila wants to see herself standing next to Adam at the end of the game.

Sharon and Adam are onboard to be nominated and then backdoor Natalie. Sheila tells us that there are a lot of people who don’t like Natalie, which to me further doesn’t make any sense because that makes her a great final two opponent.

Sheila goes to Ryan to ask for Adam’s removal if he wins POV. He agrees with her final three plan of himself, Adam, and Sheila.

Like Natalie, Ryan’s playing all sides (and doing it better than she is), except everybody’s too stupid to realize that’s been his game for weeks now.

Natalie is safe.
Ryan is safe.

Adam and Sharon have been nominated for eviction.

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