The Biggest Loser 5 Episode 15

The girls stayed strong in The Biggest Loser Couples Episode 14, so the guys were forced to choose one of their own, as the two brothers fell below the yellow line. At Jay’s request, they voted him out, bringing us down to the final four: Ali Vincent, Mark Kruger, Kelly Fields, and Roger Shultz.

Because the trainers are too busy working on The Biggest Loser Australia, the contestants won’t have trainers for their last week.

Rocco DiSpirito of The Restaurant is back. He spoke to their loved ones to find out what their favorite dishes are. Rather than having them continue to eat these meals that are bad for them or just simply avoiding them forever, he’s going to show them how to make healthy alternatives. By making substitutions like chickpea flour instead of white flour and brown rice instead of white rice, he cuts Roger’s dish down from 1700 to 385 calories, Kelly’s from 1300-1500 to 500, Ali’s from 1500 to 511, and Mark’s (ice cream no less) from 810 to 270.

Allison’s got some fat suits for them, which are precise replicas of what their bodies weighed when they first started. They’ll run to the end of the beach, shed the weight, grab a flag, and run to the top of the mountain. The winner will receive specially prepared food every day until the finale, along with $10,000. Mark gets off to an early lead as usual. Roger arrives at the shedding station just as Mark’s done taking his fat suit off. Ali’s right behind him, with Kelly in last. This is how the order stays, and Mark wins the final challenge.

Jillian and Bob are back for the final day and a pep talk. Allison warns them she’s got a special surprise for each of them. They get to see videos of themselves from when they started and their journey throughout the season.

It’s time for the weigh-in.

Roger: 219 pounds (-15, 6.41%), down 39.66% from his starting weight of 363 pounds
Mark: 169 pounds (-12, 6.63%), down 40.70% from his starting weight of 285 pounds
Ali: 135 pounds (-11, 7.53%), down 42.30% from her starting weight of 234 pounds
Kelly: 178 pounds (-13, 6.81%), down 34.31% from her starting weight of 271 pounds.

Huge numbers all around and a new record for Roger with 144 pounds lost on campus. Ali has also set a record, with 99 pounds lost on campus, and she’s also unquestionably kicking ass when it comes to percentages. Two boys end up below the yellow line again.

Roger assumes he’s going home, but as we knew, there’s a twist. The girls don’t have the power here. America will decide whether it’s Roger or Mark who go forward. I don’t like America having a vote like this, but there are a lot of ways this can be played. Is it based on who was the best competitor? Nicest guy? Most weight lost? Who will be the most threatening to Ali’s quest to become the first female Biggest Loser?

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of The Biggest Loser: Couples episode 16, where we will find out who the winner is, which airs Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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