American Idol 7 Episode 33

Kristy Lee Cook’s time was finally up in American Idol 7 Episode 32, which brings us down to 6.

Seacrest tells us they’re going out of their comfort zone tonight. Tonight’s theme is the music of Andrew Lloyd Weber, known for his work in musicals. This could end poorly. Simon and Randy expect this to be the toughest night of the season.

Syesha Mercado
Song: One Rock & Roll Too Many, Starlight Express
Randy: Could be a huge broadway star.
Paula: Brought the house down.
Simon: Very sexy. One of her strongest performances. Personality that hasn’t been seen thus far.
Syesha’s numbers: 1-866-IDOLS-01 or 1-866-IDOLS-07

Jason Castro
Song: Memory, Cats
Randy: Uh. You know. Uh. A little bit of a trainwreck. Too much melody. Too big of a song.
Paula: Not a female power balladeer.
Simon: Longest two minutes of his life. Like a young guy being forced to sing at a wedding by his mom and dad. Miserable throughout. Don’t vote at home.
Jason’s numbers: 1-866-IDOLS-02 or 1-866-IDOLS-08

Brooke White
Song: You Must Love Me, Evita
Randy: Not great, but at least she listened and believed what she was singing.
Paula: You must never start and stop (they told her on an earlier episode doing that was professional). She was just being her, which is why people love her.
Simon: Too tense and uncomfortable. Very brave and right to restart, though.
Brooke’s numbers: 1-866-IDOLS-03 or 1-866-IDOLS-09

David Archuleta
Song: Think of Me, Phantom of the Opera
Randy: Exactly what this show’s about. The bomb. The one to beat.
Paula: Absolutely perfect. Quite able to turn it into a pop ballad.
Simon: Pleasant but one of his weakest performances.
David’s numbers: 1-866-IDOLS-04 or 1-866-IDOLS-10

Carly Smithson
Song: Jesus Christ Superstar (following Lord Andrew’s suggestion to not sing a Phantom of the Opera song)
Randy: Bigger voices are doing better. Definitely good.
Paula: Love it. So unexpected.
Simon: A little bit shouty in the middle but one of his favorite performances of the night.
Carly’s numbers: 1-866-IDOLS-05 or 1-866-IDOLS-11

David Cook
Song: The Music of the Night, Phantom of the Opera
Randy: Amazing vocal performance. Unbelieveable.
Paula: Fantastic. Proves he’s well rounded.
Simon: Made the most of the song he was given.
David’s numbers: 1-866-IDOLS-06 or 1-866-IDOLS-12

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