The Bachelor 12 Episode 6

Following the elimination of Robin and Marshana in The Bachelor 12 Episode 5, it’s now time for the hometown dates for the final four: Shayne, Noelle, Chelsea, and Amanda.

Matt will be meeting Shayne’s parents in LA. She says he’s still skeptical she’s there to be on TV. Yeah, that’s a stretch. The first trick is to learn how to pronounce Lorenzo Lamas’ last name. He tells Matt that Shayne’s enticed by the idea of being on television. Harsh. Probably true but harsh. Shayne tells them both she’s there for the right reasons, though. Lorenzo ultimately decides that they have genuine feelings for each other.

Next stop is her not so famous mother Michele’s house to meet her and her sister Dakota. Leopard skin everywhere and dogs wearing clothing. After a British dinner, her mom breaks out the home videos. Then she warns him it’s not easy being with an actor, but he’s okay with that. They all like him as well, and he thinks he got Shayne completely wrong at first and now is falling for her.

Next stop is Colorado and Chelsea’s home. She warns him up front she’ll get very emotional since she lives a long way away from her parents. Her father Kerry likes him because he’s honest and comfortable. She tells her father that she didn’t want to like Matt but can’t help it, and he lets her know she needs to express her feelings better.

Matt goes to meet Noelle in Loveland, CO, and he hopes to get to know her better because he knows all the other girls better. She tells him that they’re so different, which is what makes them work, but she warns him they’re conservative. He asks what kind of person does this sort of thing (like his daughter). Matt admits that he’s falling in love with more than one person. Noelle’s terrified that she never lets people in.

The last stop is Amanda’s hometown of Tallahassee, FL. She has decided to hire actors who will play her mom and dad. Fake mom giggles a lot and for no reason, and she wants Matt to show off his body. They ask whether they’ve been physically intimate, and fake dad pushes the issue and says he’s a bit troubled. Fake mom forces fake dad inside so she can be his Mrs. Robinson. She touches his nipple and gets too close for comfort until fake dad comes out and breaks up the party. Amanda eventually feels bad for Matt and decides to tell him they’re not her real parents. He’s impressed she pulled off the prank. After that, he sits down with her real family. It’s unclear what they think about him.


Noelle will be going home. They got started too late. She says it’s not the first time something like this has happened to her because she tends to hold back.

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