Big Brother 9 Episode 25

Adam followed up on his HOH win with some of the most ridiculous nominations ever in Big Brother 9 Episode 24, keeping his new buddy James safe while risking all of his allies.

Sheila can’t figure out why her partner nominated her. Yeah, me neither. Natalie’s not happy about it either, but she’s happy to be nice to James and Adam in hopes of being safe next week as well.

Sharon’s thrilled. She wants to sit back and watch everything fall on Adam’s head, making himself the biggest target in the house.

They know they have to win POV so James doesn’t screw them over. Granted, this is Adam we’re talking about here. He could always put whoever’s not safe on the block and keep James and Sharon on his side.

Adam’s now realizing he did the wrong thing. I could have told him that before Sheila blew up on him. Not only is he running the risk of passing the power over to the other side, but at best, he’s risking alienating the jury.

Sheila tells Adam she’ll forgive him but can’t promise him that about other people.

Natalie makes a deal with James guaranteeing him safety, and she wants to target Sharon. Of course, Sharon doesn’t want him to have any piece of this deal.

In the veto competition, they need to remember the day certain events happened in the house. Sheila knows she’s screwed as usual. Natalie loves numbers. James is the last one back with the first answer, and despite the fact that he gets it wrong, Natalie’s eliminated because she’s further away from the correct answer. Sharon is the last one back and incorrect, but James and Sheila are furthest away. Since James got back before her, Sheila is eliminated. James is incorrect and last back, so he is eliminated. Smiles all around him. Ryan is last back, but Sharon is the only one incorrect, so she is eliminated. Ryan is back first and correct, and he wins the power of veto against Adam.

Sharon tells Sheila that Natalie’s trying to work with James. Sheila realizes (again) that she’s all alone in this game, except she doesn’t even have Adam this time. She promises Ryan she won’t get rid of him. He’s got deals with everybody now, yet nobody seems to either notice or care. Ryan gets wind of this plotting as well.

Ryan decides to remove Sheila from the block. In her place, Adam nominates James. Sharon’s going to just keep her mouth shut like she usually does.

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Big Brother 9 Spoilers

Big Brother 9 Episode 24

Despite his best efforts and the belief that he was the game’s mastermind, Joshuah was evicted from the Big Brother house in Big Brother 9 Episode 23. Once Josh was out the door, Adam gained the power again, winning HOH.

Adam’s having fun watching Sharon have a nervous breakdown.

James wants to kick himself in the face. He and Sharon hate everybody in the house. They could have played this game differently and wouldn’t be in this position (not lying and getting rid of Matt would have been a start), but when you insist on dividing the house in two, this is what you get when the side you pick keeps getting its ass kicked.

Adam wants everybody to know he’s single.

One of James’ personalities tells us he’s going to win the game.

Sheila trusts Adam the most and is only able to talk to him about her son.

Sharon is hoping she’s going to be able to get someone to make an alliance with her because she’s got nobody now. Ryan wants to cover all his bases and make an alliance with her, since he has an alliance with everybody else. This is the philosophy that did Josh in.

Now that Josh is gone, Sharon’s decided to be James’ mom instead.

The food challenge is going to be a messy one. They must build pathways using only mashed potatoes to get the gravy to flow into and fill containers. For the most part, they work together as a team. They win meat & fish, desserts & snacks, outdoor toys, dairy & eggs, and bread & pasta. Big Brother lets them cheat a bit and get the BBQ grill, a nice thing to do considering they hospitalized them with the slop.

James tells Adam that he can trust him because even though he’s screwed over everybody else in the house, that doesn’t mean he’s not trustworthy. Natalie and Ryan try to talk some sense into Adam, telling him that if James doesn’t go up and wins veto, James and Sharon will control who goes home, which probably would be either Natalie or Ryan. James still can’t figure out why he’s lying in this bed he’s made. Once he starts crying, though, Adam agrees to not put him up if he agrees not to use POV.

Natalie is safe.
Ryan is safe.
James is safe.

Sharon and Sheila have been nominated for eviction. This is one of the dumbest moves of the season. Not only can you not trust the guy with pink hair, but Adam is jeopardizing his allies, none of whom are happy with the decision.

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Big Brother 9 Episode 23

Last night, James went off the deep end but managed to stay composed enough to win veto again. In his place, Sharon was nominated, again as a pawn. This week, however, her partner Joshuah had other plans. He tried to get her kicked out of the house and believes he’s managed to secure Ryan’s and James’ votes, which would be enough to force a tie. In order to get Natalie’s vote in the event of a tie, he’s given her a guarantee of two weeks of safety. I can’t see the logic behind why she’d stick with this plan, though.

Natalie doesn’t want to be the executioner. She says she hopes Josh can get the three votes on his own. He’s trying to get Adam on his side as well.

Natalie spills the plan to Sharon and tells her she’d rather keep her. Sharon guarantees Natalie safety. I’d trust her more than Josh. If nothing else, I’d trust her in the house more than the duo of James and Josh combined. Then Sharon brings Sheila in. The girls are worried that it’s going to be a battle of the sexes.

Ryan continues to hold to his alliance with Josh and defends him when approached by Natalie. Sharon approaches Ryan and tells him she hasn’t lied and that she’ll have his back. He says this is enough to get him to flip, so he tells Natalie to keep Sharon. Natalie’s also been plotting with Adam.

Josh’s mom says that sometimes she just wants to wring his neck when she’s watching him on TV. She’s not alone.

Natalie tells us Ryan is her closest ally now that Matt’s gone.


By a vote of 3-1, Joshuah has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Josh gives a good speech as he’s leaving, but then he spoils it when, like all the excessively bitter houseguests that have left in the past few weeks, Josh tells most of the people to stay seated except for a couple (Sharon and James). He tells Julie they made the right decision by kicking him out. He claims he’s only mean when he’s provoked. Well, that’s one theory anyway. Sharon promises vengeance on everyone for keeping her in the house kicking out Josh.

Julie hopes everybody’s been studying and counting everything in the house. The HOH competition is all about the quantity of things found in the Big Brother house. Everybody but Sheila gets the first question right. James and Sharon score a point on the second question. Sharon, Sheila, and Adam get the third question right. Everybody gets the next question wrong. Sharon is currently in the lead with three points. Everybody gets the next question right. Everybody but Sharon gets the next question right. Sharon, James, and Adam are in the lead with four points. Adam and Sheila get the next question right. Adam wins HOH.

I’m calling it now. At some point during the next week, James will say, “When I win veto, I’m going after Adam next week. Rawr.”

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Big Brother 9 Spoilers

Big Brother 9 Episode 22

Natalie took advantage of her newfound HOH power and nominated James and Joshuah in Big Brother 9 Episode 21.

James is getting tired of being on the block. It’s really simple. He played way too aggressively and lied without provocation. He made his own bed, and now he’s going to be seen as a target for the rest of the game.

Sheila’s there to tell James he’s going to win veto. Then she offers a pep talk to Joshuah as well, within hearing distance of James. Rather than just keeping his mouth shut, he goes to confront everybody. Typical James. Once this is apparently all over, he still can’t leave well enough alone. Now it’s time to go do his best Chelsia impersonation and fight with Sheila and call her a two-faced bitch, which may be true but still. Dude, somebody medicate this guy already.

James still can’t figure out why the house voted him back in if they now all want him gone. He made them want him gone. Doesn’t he get it? Wasn’t he supposed to change his strategy to something that didn’t suck?

Natalie picks Ryan for the veto (houseguest’s choice).
Joshuah chooses Sheila at random.
James chooses Sharon at random.

The veto challenge is a guessing game. They must identify how many of each item are in each container. If you don’t want to answer, you can just fold and let other people eliminate themselves. James is just going to keep folding and watch the others drop. Smart strategy. Uninspired challenge design. Sharon and Joshuah are out first. Natalie gets a point. Natalie is eliminated on the next round. Ryan gets a point. Sheila gets the next point because the other two folded. James finally stays in and gets a point because the other two fold. James stays again and gets a point again because the other two fold. For the second time in a row, Ryan was closest but folded. James gets the next point and wins the power of veto.

Good news for James. Bad news for Josh. For the first time, his ego is not showing its head.

Josh is assuming that Sharon’s going up and he’s heading home. She tries to comfort him, but the odds he’s wrong aren’t very good. She quickly realizes resistance is futile.

After some crying, though, Josh decides he’s not done after all. He goes to Natalie to make a deal. He wants to get a tie, which she will break. All this is going on while Sheila’s in the bathroom telling Sharon how great her friend is. Can’t say I blame him. He thinks he’s got James and Ryan. They’re not going to tell Adam or Sheila. He agrees to give Natalie two weeks of safety in exchange. But I do wonder: why would she trust Josh and James?

James takes himself off the block and tells people they need to start winning. Why? Losing everything hasn’t harmed Adam or Sheila any. As expected, Sharon goes up in his place.

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Big Brother 9 Spoilers

Big Brother 9 Episode 21

Following her side getting the upper hand with the eviction of an excessively bitter Chelsia, Natalie continued the momentum, winning HOH in Big Brother 9 Episode 20.

Oh, this again. How long is this 60 Minutes show anyway? Big Brother 9 is running about half an hour late tonight.

Josh doesn’t like that America hates him, so he takes the opportunity to insult Natalie.

James has finally realized that his original strategy isn’t working. Ya think?

Team Christ is in the house. God was apparently trying to take vengeance on Chelsia. Oh, like he’s the only one who got sick of her mouth.

Natalie has a new theory, again revolving around numbers. This time it’s the number 7 that’s important.

Natalie gets a letter from home telling her that her family’s closer together, including her mother and father, who haven’t talked in years.

What do a bunch of bored out of their minds grown ups do when they get tired of the place they’re living? Play hide and seek.

Josh’s parents have accepted him as being gay, even if it took a while to get used to.

Sharon wants James gone now, as they realize their alliance is as dead as the sovereign 2.5.

Natalie’s thinking now that she can’t particularly trust her alliance, and she’s considering trusting James instead, since he can’t trust his alliance either. She knows he’s stabbed her in the back more than once.

It’s time for a “smashing” food competition. The houseguests can choose between food or slop. If three or more choose slop, everyone gets what they ask for. If the majority choose food, the minority goes on food and the majority gets slop. Sharon chooses slop. Adam chooses food. Josh chooses slop. James chooses slop. To reveal the results, they’ll take a mallet and smash their watermelons.


Adam’s the only one on food, along with HOH Natalie.

Natalie takes a moment or 12 to stare at Matt’s picture on the memory wall.

Ryan wants to see James get backdoored just for sheer entertainment value because he will get really whiny about it.


James and Joshuah have been nominated for eviction. James says she better hope he doesn’t get off the block because if he does, she’ll pay. Uh, I thought his plan was to make Adam pay. Or was it Ryan? Or Sheila? Or perhaps Sharon and Josh, who voted him out the first time? This would be a lot more compelling if his target weren’t everybody in the house.

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Big Brother 9 Spoilers

Big Brother 9 Episode 20

Last night, James won the veto and took himself off the block, causing Chelsia to realize that the other side of the house was not alone in their dumbassery when they voted James back into the house. Sharon was put on the block in James’ place.

Yesterday Josh told us he was the gay Evel Dick. His ego certainly is a fair comparison.

Chelsia complains about her partnership being broken up. Yet it was okay or it to happen last week to Matt and Natalie. She now hates Natalie’s guts and wants her to know it, destroying her Easter eggs. Yeah, we know it’s pretty much a done deal that you’re going home, but there’s no reason to give them an airtight reason to not only vote you out but for that matter enjoy it. Sharon sits back and lets her continue to dig her own grave. James is trying to distance himself from her as well because she’s a “huge raging bitch.”

Adam believes he and Sheila will work together until the end of the game. He tells us he, too, would have voted for Alex over James and just said otherwise because James was sitting right next to him.

When Julie asks Chelsia why she should be kept in the house, she uses the time to talk down to them. Go away. Go away. Go away.


By a unanimous vote, Chelsia has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Good riddance. Chelsia lost the game because she failed Big Brother 101. If you’re in a team, you’re a target. If the house can’t get the male member of the team out, they’ll settle for the female member. Then she made matters worse by going a little bit completely and totally insane. As she walks out, she insults everybody. I wonder if the words sore and loser mean anything to her. She still supports both James and Josh, though. Natalie tells her she’s been praying for her so not to worry.

The HOH is based on America’s answers to a series of questions as if each of them were running for President, which frankly would not be the worst idea I’ve heard.

Recarve Mt. Rushmore with only their own face – Joshuah or Sheila – Joshuah – Everyone except Sheila and James gets it right.
Give Big Brother winnings to charity – Sheila or Adam – Adam – Everyone except Sharon and Ryan gets it right.
Lock themselves out of the White House – Sheila or Adam – Adam – Everyone except James and Josh gets it right.
More interesting biography – James or Sheila – James – Everyone except Sheila and Sharon gets it right.
Leading America into battle – Ryan or James – James – Everyone except Sharon and James gets it right.
More inspiring speech – Natalie or Joshuah – Natalie – Everyone except Josh and Ryan gets it right.
Stop motorcade to let squirrel cross the road – Sharon or Natalie – Sharon – Everyone except James, Sheila, and Natalie gets it right.

Natalie is the new HOH.

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Big Brother 9 Episode 19

After Adam won HOH, he solidified the house as being split in two sides, nominating James and Chelsia in Big Brother 9 Episode 18.

After the nomination ceremony, Chelsia refuses to hug Sheila.

James says he’s now a bigger threat than he was before. Apparently. Then he and Chelsia start dancing around the house.

CBS has decided to give away the trip to Vegas that Ryan lost the other night. That’s… unusual. Chelsia is the random winner.

It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Adam picks Joshuah. Chelsia picks Sheila. James picks Sharon (houseguest’s choice). Sheila and Adam are the only hope for their side, which is not a good sign.

In the middle of the night, Evel Dick shows up. You know what that means. Hopefully this will be the last time we’re forced to see him. He wakes them up banging pots and pans, the “hilarious” scene that won him so much both support and opposition in BB8. It’s a gross eating challenge. How appropriate. They’ll be drinking drinks for croquet shots. If they can beat Dick’s score, they’ll win a Les Paul guitar from Gibson. Josh is apparently the gay version of Evel Dick. Chelsia proves to be a proper lady with plenty of belching. James isn’t messing around and goes right through the drinks.

Joshuah – 5 shots, 17 points
Sharon – 6 shots, 19 points
Chelsia – 6 shots, 13 points
Sheila – 7 shots, 23 points
Adam – 8 shots, 28 points
James – 10 shots, 29 points

James wins veto. I have to give Dick credit. He was not as obnoxious as I remembered him. Chelsia’s starting to regret having brought James back into the house. It may well have sealed her fate.

Sharon believes that she should go up as a pawn in order to keep herself and Josh safe, a decision influenced by her partner Josh. She tells Adam to go ahead and put her up.

Natalie wants to get rid of Joshuah instead because she doesn’t trust him and wants to get him and Sharon apart. Ryan, covering his secret alliance with Josh, doesn’t want this to happen.

James has used veto and will seek revenge, adding that, by the way, Chelsia, you’re history, sucks to be you. Adam puts Sharon up in his place.

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Big Brother 9 Episode 18

The house was given a choice between evicting Matt or Ryan in Big Brother 9 Episode 17. Following a tie vote, James decided to evict Matt from the house. Then the tide shifted again as Adam won HOH.

We were on something resembling a streak. Well, the streak is over. 60 Minutes is just starting, putting Big Brother 9 behind by about 50 minutes or so. A live blog will begin once the show starts.

Winning HOH hasn’t helped Adam’s below the radar strategy any.

Natalie is mourning the loss of her partner. As Matt was leaving, he pushed her away as usual. Josh is happy to see her suffering. She tells Chelsia she wants revenge against James, and Chelsia says she doesn’t care and that people can screw over James if they want. Natalie is done with these people. D-U-N.

Josh is getting irritated with Sharon talking baby talk to the guinea pigs. He tells us they don’t have the brain capacity to understand her. Oh, now that’s just way too easy.

Adam’s basket contains baby food, whatever that’s about. Natalie is hoping he’ll share.

As per usual, Josh tells the HOH he’s their bitch if they keep him around.

Following Josh’s lead, Adam screws with Sheila’s mind and tells her he may put her on the block. He seems halfway serious about it, too.

It’s time for a luxury competition. The reward is a screening of 21. Because the movie’s 21, the challenge is Big Brother blackjack. The winner will decide which three people to take with them. Ryan gets the first chip. James is the first one out. Natalie says she can add to 21, though it may take her a little longer than some people. Adam gets his first chip. Sheila is the next one to be eliminated. Ryan gets his second chip. Josh is the next one eliminated. Natalie gets her first chip, thereby proving she can count (or is just a really good guesser). Ryan gets his third chip. Then he gets his fourth chip to win. He picks Adam, Natalie, and James to go with him. Odd to see Sheila get left out.

Now that he’s won, they’re offering him the chance to risk it all, in exchange for playing one hand that could be worth a weekend getaway for two to Vegas worth over $21,000. If he doesn’t go for it, things stay the same. If he does go for it and loses, the four houseguests not picked will get to see the movie instead.

Ryan decides to take the risk. He holds at 18. The dealer gets 19. I’m not saying it was fixed or anything…

Now that it’s down to the final 8, they get the smaller table. Speaking of 8, Natalie believes she’s caught on to something because God gave her a sign with 8 curtains. Her theory is that Evel Dick may come back from Big Brother 8 in week 8. Well, I’ve got bad news for her. She’s right. The good news is that history has shown us he’ll be forgotten shortly after his reappearance.

James warns that if Adam puts him on the block, he’ll come get revenge on him. So how many people is James going after now? 6?


James and Chelsia have been nominated. Adam says that they’re a team that needs to be split up. Somehow, Josh believes the nominations are his doing. Chelsia and James are acting tough, apparently surprised that their aggressiveness within the game keeps getting them nominated.

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