Big Brother 12 Winner

If the last two episodes of filler were not enough for you, tonight we have a full two hours of additional filler. Hayden and Lane will square off against each other for the title of the final HOH of the season, and then the winner will choose whether to take the other one to the end or go with Enzo.

Hayden and Lane have a final two deal, but they don’t trust each other. Enzo, meanwhile, is upset that he made the alliance and somebody else is going to win. Well, he could have tried harder at the competitions. That said, the houseguests are focusing on how Enzo only won one competition, so because of that he can’t win. Apparently, none of them have ever heard of Dr. Will. He didn’t win anything, nor did he want to, until such time as he needed to win.

Unlike Kathy, who was still whining a week later, Ragan is making an effort to forgive Matt. Britney reveals the alliance to the rest of the jury. Somehow, they are surprised. So Ragan is once again mad at Matt. Matt, meanwhile, tries to take credit for the alliance. He still believes he’s a Big Brother mastermind. Seems he missed the memo he isn’t.

Rachel argues the Brigade got lucky. Lucky the rest of the house consisted of idiots. Britney and Ragan argue the alliance was brilliant, and nobody else had any power. Britney says that Enzo’s social game may warrant the win. Rachel gives him credit as well, although she’s not happy about it. Hayden gets support for his ability to win competitions, and Kathy thinks he’s brilliant. Rachel believes Lane played the best game, but Ragan argues that just being a nice guy doesn’t cut it. The question of bold moves comes up. There really is no answer to this question. What, alliance on day two? That’s about it. Otherwise, it was pretty well just played safe, but that can be said about the house as a whole, all season long, with the predictable nominations week after week after week.

The final part of the final HOH competition consists of questions asked to the jury.

Rachel: My favorite moment in the house was falling in love with Brendon.
Both are correct.

Kathy: The most shocking moment in the house was when Rachel returned for the 24 hours.
Both are correct.

Matt: The fatal error I made in the house was throwing my last HOH competition.
Both are correct.

Brendon: The moment in the house that I’m afraid to have my friends and family see is when I went off on Britney and Ragan in the hammock.
Both are correct.

Ragan: The houseguest who I think needs a reality check the most is Brendon because he was willing to give his waitress a half a million dollar tip. (As if Ragan himself is not due for a reality check.)
Both are incorrect.

Britney: The funniest moment in the house this summer was Rachel and Ragan’s fight.
Both are incorrect.

Tied at 4 after 6 questions. Time for a tiebreaker. Is this really what the season comes down to? In part 1 of the final HOH competition, how many times did Big Brother slam them into the walls? Hayden guesses 91; Lane guesses 55. Neither is close. The correct answer is 250. Hayden wins HOH.

With that, Hayden has the power to choose who he wants to take with him to the final two. Enzo has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I would argue he was the bigger threat, having been the key to the alliance.

Britney wants to see anybody but Lane. Matt thinks Enzo just got evicted, though he doesn’t really care. They get their wishes.

They have come up with six questions to ask to the houseguests. Since he was not involved in this process, Enzo will be able to ask his own question after they’re done.

Lane’s first question is how they can vote for him seeing as he hasn’t won much. He doesn’t really have an answer that would be useful.

The first question for Hayden is which two non-Brigade members he would like to see in the final two. Brendon and Britney.

Would Lane have chosen Britney or a Brigade member, if he had to do so? He again doesn’t really answer, but Julie forces him to say a Brigade member.

Did Hayden play a better social game? He played similarly… but his competitions separated them. Smooth answer.

What was Lane’s most significant contribution to the Brigade? Making them laugh and watching after them.

Does Hayden regret anything he may have said behind somebody’s back? If so, what? What a stupid question. Hayden acknowledges that he’s said things, but he won’t get into specifics.

Enzo asks Lane whether he was really going to take him to the final two. Kinda sorta maybe. Either way, he didn’t think he could win.

Rachel votes based on social game. Not one to think on his own, Brendon follows suit. Kathy obviously votes for Hayden. Matt votes for the person most instrumental in his demise (other than himself). Ragan’s voting strategy is murky. Britney will obviously vote for Lane. Enzo gets in one last joke, saying he’s deciding between who needs a haircut and who needs a shave.

The first four evicted houseguests have seen the whole show, and now they’re ready to share their opinions before we can proceed with the results. Monet does not apologize for trashing Rachel, nor does she believe she was inaccurate. Not that it was a secret, but Hayden and Kristen had a showmance. Unsurprisingly, her boyfriend has dropped her after what happened on the show. Hayden invites her out for some pizza. Andrew was shocked by Enzo being the leader of the Brigade (so is Matt). He also has news that Matt’s wife is healthy, which the final three are hearing for the first time, but they take it a lot better than some of the others. Annie says that this game was all Enzo. Britney is happy to learn that Lane would have brought her to the finals. Brendon hopes to get Rachel away from Vegas, and Britney is disgusted.

One last order of business before we find out who wins. The saboteur twist fell on its face. Twice. Annie reveals that nobody in the house knew each other, in spite of the lifelong friends sabotage message. Now it’s time for the unveiling of the second one. Britney suspects Matt. Enzo goes with Kathy or Matt. Lane says Kathy, Matt, or Enzo. All wrong. Nobody suspected Ragan.

Finally, the results are in.

Rachel: Lane
Kathy: Hayden
Matt: Hayden
Brendon: Lane
Ragan: Hayden
Britney: Lane
Enzo: Hayden

By a vote of 4-3, Hayden Moss is the Big Brother 12 winner. Well deserved, although I think he had good reason to fear Enzo. Brendon and Rachel, with their one brain to share, nearly derailed him, though.

The winner of America’s vote for the $25,000 prize for favorite houseguest is Britney.

It may seem a little early to announce this, but Big Brother 13 has been confirmed for next summer.

Big Brother 12 Episode 28

Britney was the final casualty of the Brigade in Big Brother 12 Episode 27. Part 1 of the final HOH competition left the contestants hanging on.

At 19:14, Enzo is the first person to fall. He doesn’t think either of the others will be taking him if he doesn’t win the next two rounds. Hayden and Lane both feel the same way, and they don’t intend to make deals with each other. Enzo goes inside to make some food, which he brings outside an hour into the competition to watch the show. After 2 hours and 35 minutes, Lane falls, and Hayden wins this part of the competition.

If the information provided in the TV listings were to be believed, one person would be evicted tonight, but Julie explains they’re all going to appear on the final night instead.

We go back to the jury house with the arrival of Ragan. Kathy’s still whining about Matt’s lie. Oh, get over it already. Ragan says it’s tough to watch himself getting evicted on the DVD, as if the result is a surprise. After they watch the show, Matt now has to reveal his lie to Ragan. Like Matt, Ragan also lied, about his job and the fact that he has a PhD, which he now reveals but considers a relatively trivial lie and okay because lying is okay as long as you’re the one doing it. This somehow leads to yet another argument between Ragan and Rachel. He believes that her wearing her heart on her sleeve was stupid gameplay (it was). Yeah, because he’s so calm and collected.

It’s now time for part 2 of the HOH competion. It’s morph-o-matic. They are given 2 minutes to unveil Frankenstein photos and identify the two faces contained in each one. This hardly seems like it would be Lane’s strong suit, but then again, I’m not sure we’ve found what Enzo’s strong suit is. Lane finishes in 1:13, identifying all 5 photos correctly in his first try. Enzo finishes in 1:43. That will put Lane up against Hayden in the final part of the competition.

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Big Brother 12 Episode 27

Following his HOH win in Big Brother 12 Episode 26, Hayden nominated Britney and Lane.

No matter how much the jury hates her or how much Lane would side with her before the Brigade (again), Britney is still the target this week.

It’s time for the most important power of veto competition of the season. Dun dun dun. History tells us it’s some sort of memory competition. They are given 8 clues on the top and 8 on the bottom, and they will have to match the faces on the double-sided movie posters to the clues. Hayden’s matching up the clues as he puts the posters up. Britney plans to lay out all the clues first and then put them up. Lane is thoroughly clueless. Enzo is just tossing up random posters without a great deal of regard to whether they’re correct. With his first guess, Enzo has 5 wrong. However, with his first try, Hayden gets all 8 correct and wins veto.

I can’t imagine what he would hope to gain by changing the nominations.

Julie tells us that all secrets eventually come out. Like the day 2 alliance that’s been hidden all summer, in spite of the fact that Kristen told the rest of these idiots about it weeks ago. Enzo and Hayden would like to reveal their alliance, but Lane doesn’t like it because that’s a vote that may be angry with him. That’s what he gets for playing both sides. He has a choice. Reveal it tonight or wait until tomorrow. Might as well let her sleep on it. With the cat out of the bag, Britney realizes she’s going home.

Hayden opts to not use the power of veto, leaving the nominations the same, and giving Enzo the sole vote for eviction.

Enzo: Britney

By a vote of 1-0, Britney has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Her initial overreaction aside, Britney says she does not harbor any ill feelings to the guys, who she never suspected because she thought she was working with them all along. They each offer up their apologies for duping her in their closing remarks.

America is granted the opportunity to vote for their favorite houseguest to win $25,000. This vote can include those who did not make the jury (who have no chance anyway), as well as those still left in the house.

The last HOH competition of the season begins with an endurance round. They’ll have to hang there the longest… while being lowered and smashing into walls. Of course, it’s never as simple as it first seems. Between the two walls is a waterfall.

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Big Brother 12 Episode 26

Ragan was voted out in Big Brother 12 Episode 25, and we left off at the start of a competition for HOH in which the contestants have to decorate their tree with 18 ornaments and a star on top.

Britney’s dropping everything. Enzo has a different strategy of taking forever so that he doesn’t drop anything. With those two running behind him, this is Hayden’s competition to lose. As much drama as they make an effort to create, Hayden’s got a lead of 4 or 5 the whole way through. Since they’re only going to 18, that’s a pretty huge lead. Hayden wins HOH.

Lane’s not too thrilled about the HOH results. He would have preferred Britney as the winner.

Obviously, Britney is the first nomination. Now it’s just a question of who goes up against her. Turnabout is fair play. Lane needs to be nominated after last week. His loyalty to Britney should cause the other members of his alliance some concern.

Now it’s time for the weekly crying tantrum. Britney had her chance, just like Ragan. They had plenty of opportunity to break this up, but they chose to just let it keep going. I’m amazed everybody was so stupid to let them get this far. I expected this alliance to implode in week two or three.

They see a pig outside. It’s a luxury competition for $10,000. Each player will be granted 90 seconds to hide a coin, and then everybody will search for the others’ coins. Enzo hides his behind a wall decoration. Hayden hides his in the bottom of a closed cereal box while leaving the top sealed. Lane places his underneath the recycling bin. Britney places hers in an empty cereal box in the garbage. Then everybody races inside to tear the house apart.

Hayden goes for the trash, as Britney promptly loses her poker face, but he takes it outside to dump it out, leaving it out there without finding anything. This should throw the scent off Britney. He even later helps her out by saying to the others he already looked through the trash, which seems good enough for them. Enzo discovers Hayden’s coin first. Lane and Enzo are both looking around theirs to pretend there’s nothing around the area. Britney discovers Enzo’s coin. After checking the recycle bin at least 10 times, Britney finds Lane’s coin. Hayden certainly did her a favor at the beginning by removing her evidence from the house, and Britney wins the $10,000. I don’t think she really needs a bigger target, not that she wasn’t already the person they were trying to get rid of anyway.

Enzo and Hayden pose the possibility of getting rid of Lane. That way they’d be able to guarantee each other final two.

Enzo is safe.

Britney and Lane have been nominated for eviction. Lane’s hope is to win the veto, take himself off the block, and send Enzo home.

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Big Brother 12 Episode 25

Enzo finally won something in Big Brother 12 Episode 24, leading to Lane’s dull decision of keeping Britney safe and using Hayden as the pawn.

Ragan is not ready to lay down and die. Unfortunately. He hopes to get Britney on his side and then get Lane to keep him around in the tiebreaker. Britney says he’s got some good points, but it’s really not overly relevant what she does. It’s up to Lane. His argument to Lane is that he hasn’t done anything yet, so his best move is to make a big bold move that stabs his three alliance members in the back, potentially throwing away half the votes anyway. I’m not sure how much sense making a move just for the sake of being able to say you did something makes.

We take a visit to the jury house. Haven’t seen that in a while. Kathy joins Rachel. Then Matt joins them, and neither of them want to see him, although they’re happy he’s been evicted. They all agree they hate Britney, which is a good reason for Lane to want to keep her in the house. These three are joined by Brendon. Oh yeah, Matt forgot to mention that there was a double eviction. And by the way, his wife’s not really sick. The women walk out of the room, treating him as if he’s evil.

Lane wants to bring Britney with him to the end, but his second choice is Hayden. He doesn’t want to be anywhere near Enzo in the finals. His lackluster gameplay aside, Enzo’s apparently played a great social game.

Enzo: Ragan
Britney: Ragan

By a vote of 2-0, Ragan has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He says they made a mistake by getting rid of him. He also says that if they kept him he would have won. Hmm.

Christmas has come early. The goal of this HOH competition is to be the first to decorate the Christmas tree, moving the ornaments on the other side of a fence up little by little and placing them on the tree. Britney’s dropping/breaking everything. Hayden is the first to place an ornament. It’s looking like this could take a while. Any time that happens, we know it’s going to get even more difficult. There’s a snowstorm on the way.

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Big Brother 12 Episode 24

Lane won HOH in Big Brother 12 Episode 23, forcing him to choose between nominating a Brigade member or Britney as a pawn against Ragan. He chose Brigade member Enzo.

Enzo’s suspicious that Lane and Britney are in an alliance.

Ragan is whining about how he’s all alone. Oh, this storyline again.

Following his week of fun, Enzo can now stop wearing his penguin outfit. He has broken the curse of the person in the ridiculous outfit getting evicted.

The veto competition is hosted by a stupid singing clam. There are CDs spread throughout the yard that must be gathered with the combined names of the houseguests in question in each round, with the slowest person to return the correct answer being eliminated. It’s bad enough we have to listen to names like Brenchel. Now we have to listen to all the houseguests’ names mashed together. In a close dash, Ragan is last, but Lane is incorrect and is eliminated. Hayden is eliminated in round 2. Britney is eliminated in the next round, dashing Lane’s hopes of the nominations staying the same. Both Ragan and Enzo know where the final CD is, leading to a no holds barred battle for it. Enzo grabs the disc and wins the power of veto. This is new.

Cue more whining from Ragan.

Punishment #2 for Lane’s Pandora’s box is the use of sock puppets while they speak for 12 hours. If they fail to comply, they will all become have nots. Ragan’s puppet is now his only friend. This gets more and more pitiful. Meanwhile, Enzo’s puppet is getting a censor over its mouth.

Kathy and Brendon did all the cleaning in the house, so now they’re left with a big mess. If it were me, I’d become a neat freak. It’s not like they have anything else to do. The show’s whole torture concept is to leave them with nothing to do but recycle the same stories they’ve told each other a few dozen times.

Punishment #3 is to boogie for the next 12 hours every time they hear music. Not music that anybody knows because that would require the producers to pay for the licensing fees, which we know they’re too cheap to do. Even Happy Birthday is a no-no.

Lane asks Hayden whether he’s okay with going up. He doesn’t trust them to keep Britney around.

Britney threatens Lane. If he puts her on the block, things might change between them.

At the veto ceremony, Enzo uses the veto on himself. In his place goes Hayden. So that’s where his loyalties really lie. He’d rather be sitting up against Britney in the final two.

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Big Brother 12 Episode 23

Big Brother 12 Episode 22 was a double eviction night. First, Matt was sent home, one week after saving himself with the diamond power of veto. Following him out the door was Brendon, who they’ve been repeatedly and boringly trying to get rid of week after week after week for two months.

Enzo makes his goal clear. If he wins, he’s putting up Britney and Ragan. That is if he wins. As we all know, Enzo’s come pretty close to last in every competition. On the other hand, Lane is not real clear who his pawn will be, whether it will be Britney or one of his Brigade members. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter since he is the tiebreaker. Just as long as two Brigade members don’t end up there against each other, which should only be an option if Britney wins the veto and saves Ragan. With that said, not nominating Britney as a pawn would be stupid.

The HOH competition is cards, only not really. It’s really a ball rolling game in which they must land balls on two cards that add up to blackjack, while avoiding the other 10 cards. Lane gets a perfect score on the first round. Ragan gets blackjack in three shots. Britney scores only 11 in her five shots. Enzo gets 21 in four shots, which eliminates Britney. Ragan scores 11 to start the second round. Enzo, who performed competently the first time around, is a disaster in round 2, not scoring anything. All Lane has to do is score something, which he does, eliminating Enzo as usual. Ragan says he’s intimidated because Lane is very athletic. Uh, it’s rolling a ball down a ramp, not an arm wrestling competition. Lane hits 21 in 5 shots in the final round. Ragan will have to do the same in 4 shots or less, but he only scores 11. Lane is the new HOH.

Hayden’s fine with whatever decision Lane makes, as long as it’s not him on the block.

Lane claims that all he does all day for work is take people out golfing and dines them. This is news to Hayden, who thought Lane worked on the oil fields drilling for oil. As smart things to say, this is not one of them. Anybody basing their vote on money isn’t going to go with somebody who says he’s already on easy street.

When he walks into his HOH room, Lane is greeted by Pandora’s box. He is shown a money tree, with over $10,000 hanging on it. Like everybody else, he opens the box. Once inside, he must select up to three cash envelopes. For each cash prize he takes, one punishment will be inflicted on each member of the house, including himself. The first envelope contains $79. The second envelope contains $12. The third envelope contains 17 cents, for a grand total of $91.17. Well, that was pointless.

So now they get three punishments. Punishment #1 is the removal of all silverware and cups from the house for the week.

Lane wants to clarify something with Britney. Would she take Ragan off the block? She says no. We’ve seen that her word is meaningless, although perhaps Lane can trust her more than Brendon could. During this conversation, he says he’s thinking about putting up Enzo. However, there’s no way he’s putting up Hayden. Knowing that, maybe she will use the veto on Ragan.

Britney is safe.
Hayden is safe.

Ragan and Enzo have been nominated for eviction. If Britney wins veto and gets wind of the Brigade alliance, she can take Ragan off the block and send one of them packing.

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Big Brother 12 Episode 22

Brendon won the power of veto to remove himself from the block in Big Brother 12 Episode 21, and in his place went Matt, the guy who believes he’s playing the whole house. Tonight is a special double eviction episode in which two people will be sent home.

Ragan says Matt’s betrayal has woken him up. So is he going to start playing for a change?

When Matt asks Britney why Ragan’s so upset with him, she plays dumb, but not very convincingly. Matt now realizes that the one vote he thought was a sure thing no longer is. So Matt goes to Ragan and tells him that people think he was campaiging for Matt to stay last week, or at least that’s how Ragan took it so that’s what I’m going with. Ragan goes out in the backyard to try to defend this. In the process, Hayden and Enzo say they decided to split the votes last week, leading Ragan to discover the Brigade alliance. Kudos to Ragan for figuring it out. Only took you two months, and just three weeks after Kristen told you about it.

Matt’s new hope is that he can tell his non-Enzo allies to keep him around so that he can control Ragan and get him to nominate Britney and Brendon.

Brendon: Matt
Hayden: Matt
Ragan: Matt
Lane: Matt

By a vote of 4-0, Matt has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I give him credit for playing hard (even if he never was the mastermind he viewed himself as), but he did himself in by playing too hard.

The HOH competition will have the houseguests digging through packing peanuts for two names. The question is: which two houseguests have held the title of HOH twice? Rachel and Matt. Well, I thought the competition would continue with multiple rounds after that (who really listens to Julie?), but apparently it’s one and done. Hayden wins HOH with a good strategy of finding both the names, delivering one, then running right back with the other.

At the top of the show, Hayden made it clear his target here is Ragan, so it’s a matter of promptly choosing a pawn, or so Brendon’s told. Brendon and Ragan have been nominated for eviction. He says he’s keeping his promise to Britney to not nominate her or Lane, and there’s no way he’s getting rid of his buddy Enzo. This is new. Brendon’s not the target for the first time this season? Yeah, that was getting old.

Since we are down to six, everybody will participate in the veto competition. This competition is before or after. Everybody gets the first question right. And the second question. On the third question, somebody finally is incorrect, that being Enzo. Brendon is eliminated next. Britney is the next to go. As the only one to get the next question right, Ragan wins the power of veto. There goes that plan.

Ragan uses the power of veto to save himself. Then he does an impression of Janelle, a player who I was sure everybody would have forgotten by now. Britney goes up in Ragan’s place, confident she has the votes to stay.

Enzo: Brendon
Ragan: Brendon
Lane: Brendon

By a vote of 3-0, Brendon has been evicted from the Big Brother house. They finally got him, without even trying. At least somebody else can finally be nominated now. That should mix things up a bit. With two weeks left in the season.

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