Big Brother 12 Episode 28

Britney was the final casualty of the Brigade in Big Brother 12 Episode 27. Part 1 of the final HOH competition left the contestants hanging on.

At 19:14, Enzo is the first person to fall. He doesn’t think either of the others will be taking him if he doesn’t win the next two rounds. Hayden and Lane both feel the same way, and they don’t intend to make deals with each other. Enzo goes inside to make some food, which he brings outside an hour into the competition to watch the show. After 2 hours and 35 minutes, Lane falls, and Hayden wins this part of the competition.

If the information provided in the TV listings were to be believed, one person would be evicted tonight, but Julie explains they’re all going to appear on the final night instead.

We go back to the jury house with the arrival of Ragan. Kathy’s still whining about Matt’s lie. Oh, get over it already. Ragan says it’s tough to watch himself getting evicted on the DVD, as if the result is a surprise. After they watch the show, Matt now has to reveal his lie to Ragan. Like Matt, Ragan also lied, about his job and the fact that he has a PhD, which he now reveals but considers a relatively trivial lie and okay because lying is okay as long as you’re the one doing it. This somehow leads to yet another argument between Ragan and Rachel. He believes that her wearing her heart on her sleeve was stupid gameplay (it was). Yeah, because he’s so calm and collected.

It’s now time for part 2 of the HOH competion. It’s morph-o-matic. They are given 2 minutes to unveil Frankenstein photos and identify the two faces contained in each one. This hardly seems like it would be Lane’s strong suit, but then again, I’m not sure we’ve found what Enzo’s strong suit is. Lane finishes in 1:13, identifying all 5 photos correctly in his first try. Enzo finishes in 1:43. That will put Lane up against Hayden in the final part of the competition.

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